[SUGGESTION] Some Improvements.

Discussion in 'Other' started by Kyugara, Aug 2, 2016.

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    I will write some Suggestion that I think it would otimize the game, please don't take that so seriously, it's just SUGGESTION, if you like it, you can say, if you don't like it, you can say, you don't need to fight because of it.

    PS¹.: Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Brazil.
    PS².: Sorry for the TLDR Forum.

    01 - "Fuel" to "FTL Fuel"
    I think you should change the "Fuel" to "FTL Fuel" in the Navigation Console, there's tons of players that think they can't travel around Planets because there's no Fuel. I think you could let players now that Fuel it's only to use to another Star.

    02 - Actual Price
    Really, why the hell the price of the items are 5 times more than the actual price when you go sell it? I don't think that should be this way, I think you should show us the real price, that way we can chose the right items to sell and buy what do we need, I don't see a reason for that.
    A player told me it's something like your character doesn't know the real price and think it's overvalue... But once you sell that item, your character should learn the real price... So... Yeah, no sense.

    03 - Dual Dagger
    Once you hit your enemy, the enemy receive a kind of "stun" station that stop him in his animation, and doesn't allow him to finish the animation while this "stun" is on. If you use some weapons with fast rate of fire, you can stun him forever... Dual Daggers do that real easl. I think you should change that, I can use Dual Daggers that hit only 1 damage but has 300 Rate of Fire. I will kill any enemy dealing only 1 damage without being hit, just push him to the wall and gg.

    new > 04 - Inventory Window
    I think the Inventory Window shouldn't return to the center every time we open a chest or any kind of storage item... I mean, we drag the Inventory Window to the corner to open our vision in the middle, but once we open any kind of storage, it pop up again in the middle... After that, if we close and open again, it's in the middle... The heck? We need to always drag the Inventory Window to the corner or don't open any kind of chests... This is annoying.
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    Being able to light oil on fire and it drains like your draining it with the MM.

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