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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by warbrand2, Aug 6, 2016.

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    In my current play through I have been finding a lot of

    And with each one found I kept wanting the mini drones more and more. Though I lack the skills to mod, or sprite work for my idea. so I will just post the suggestion and details here.

    info: ever wanted an automated defense for your more high tech colonies, and thought that the turrets where not enough here is the solution for you mini drones ripped strait from Miniknog's hands.



    Getting started: requires wiring bench and a Minidrone intel rack.
    how to start: first locate a minidrone intel rack, second craft a wiring bench, third use the wiring bench to craft a minidrone control rack (intel rack, when on drone is gone, when off drone returns and uses it as a "bed")

    Minidrone control rack
    info: your basic intro to the world of drones, by default your minidrones will not be able to attack and will only recon the area. doing so will cause them to "paint" a map on their racks display. (similar to love this mod but seems OP to me as it instantly shows the area, the minidrone will take its time and only show areas it can access, as well as ore and crate markers)

    Minidrone base stats
    tier one(explained bellow): HP 25, speed high, energy low
    tier two: HP 50, speed high, energy medium
    tier three: HP 100, speed medium, energy high

    upgrading your minidrone
    as noted, by default your minidrone will only act as a scout, but it can be upgraded with modules crafted at the wiring station, each module changes its function and adds new tools. upgrades will have 3 tiers at the start your drone will only be able to use tier one, and you must upgrade its rack to equip it with higher tier items. each drone has 2 item slots.

    slot one: undercarriage slot
    slot two: AI slot.


    defense cannon I
    slot: one
    info: attaches a low grade pistol to the undercarage of the drone, said pistol is energy based and does 5 damage per hit and fires in bursts of 3 shots, can fire 4 bursts before energy runs out.

    spot light
    slot: one
    info: attaches a search light to the bot, other then that nothing to say really.

    Alarm mechinism
    slot: one
    info: if spots a hostile plays the alarm loop, summoning the closest gaurd type settler to its location. (good for spread out colonies)

    recon AI
    slot: two
    info: programs the bot to patrol around settled areas on the planet.(anywhere with a settlement deed)

    defender AI
    slot: two
    info: programs the bot to "attack" any hostiles it sees, this is the only way to get a none armed one to attack, and it rams for 7 damage to hostiles.


    info:to get to tier two you need 3 AA batteries, 20 wires, 20 ram, and a hardened carapace

    defense cannon II
    slot: one
    info: an upgraded defense cannon, adds a fully automatic machine pistol to the bot, deals 20% more damage and fires much faster.

    burst cannon
    slot: one
    info: a shotgun that does laser damage

    defense cannon II [fire]
    slot: one
    info: fire damage version of defense cannon, can not be crafted is found in apex locations rarely.

    medical systems I
    slot: one
    info: deploys bandages on hurt settlers/crew/players, only uses standard bandages.

    storage system I
    slot: one
    info: gives the drone a 3x3 storage space

    extraplanital AI
    slot: two
    info: allows the player to take the bot on missions acts similar to crew members, limit one minidrone at a time (so you don't have an army with this and your crew)

    controller AI
    slot: two
    info: causes the drone to stay with a settler, and never leave their side
    note: requires drone control rack to be in a settlers home, best for gaurds on hostile planets


    info: requires 2 batteries, 20 ram, 2 static cells, 10 silicon boards, and 20 duristeal

    defense cannon III
    slot: one
    info: an upgraded defense cannon now fires at the rate of a minigun, though it burns through the bots energy twice as fast

    grenade cannon
    slot: one
    info: adds a grenade launcher to the bot, uses fire based energy grenades, deals 40 damage + burn and linguring cloud.

    medical system II
    slot: one
    info: an upgraded medical system, instead of bandages uses red stimpacks

    shield system
    slot: one
    info: when a settler/crew member/player is attacked near it the bot grants them a shield with 60 HP, can only defend on person at a time.

    storage system II
    slot: one
    info: gives the drone a 5x5 storage space

    Advanced scouting AI
    slot: two
    info: an improved variant of the standard minidrone AI, allows its imaging software to see through rocks. (can shot caves and ore in the chunk it was in)

    Assault AI
    slot two
    info: drone seeks out and attacks hostiles.

    ok, I may be going overboard with the idea at this point but one last section on the idea, and thats on their health, healing control rack.

    when you build a minidrone rack the fires thing you will notice is it automaticly deploys its drone. though it can be recalled through the interface, said interface would have the following options.

    info: recalls or deploys the drone

    Drone health
    info: shows the drones health, only heals while recalled and in the bay.
    note:if drone is destroyed, you must use a single vehicle repair chip from the outpost to repair it, tab overlays health when it is destroyed.

    Drone map
    info: another tab shows the area the drone has mapped.
    note: if has a weapon module, medic, or shield module will not have this tab

    drone pod: tier three only
    info: allows you to pod the drone like a pet, the difference being a podded drone is one use, and will be counted as destroyed after the player teleports.

    follow mode on/off
    info: tells the drone to follow you, if you leave the planet, teleport, or die, will return to its rack then commence normal AI practical.


    well that is all of this for now, depending on if some one likes the idea, or picks this up I have more for the concept of controlled drones. these being an idea set for the following
    concept in short: defender, not capible of following player or other NPC's but seeks out hostiles
    concept in short: off planet collector, when activated is shot into space (requires air above like terramart shipments), will return and deposit ores, uncommon crafting supplies and other things into its racks storage.
  2. warbrand2

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    And I guess no one thinks this is a good idea or worth trying to make?
  3. fernworrier

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    i like it and think it's a good idea, we would just need to see how hard it would be to code it.

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