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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Blue, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. Maixan

    Maixan Big Damn Hero

  2. Gleil

    Gleil Void-Bound Voyager

    Let us play as the penguins
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  3. Mikele97

    Mikele97 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    but a modality'' waves'' could not be done? possibly on a planet on purpose, I think it would fucking awesome.

    if there is someone interested, where I open a topic??
  4. Antumbra

    Antumbra Void-Bound Voyager

    The items added to the shop could go onto the "Intergalactic market", a hub that could be accessed from the space station with an internet connection that stores and displays items, auctioning them off every minute, starting with an assumed retail price supplied by the system and from there players could press a button to bid higher. It is doable and could be a wonderful addition to the game if done correctly, I am just not sure the devs would include it.
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  5. Jedesis

    Jedesis Ketchup Robot

    Antunbra, I too was once thinking about an idea along the lines to yours the other day. Like similar to Diablos Auction House but not too crabby.
  6. Jedesis

    Jedesis Ketchup Robot

    Maybe you could make a thread about it. But it might already be done...
  7. Antumbra

    Antumbra Void-Bound Voyager

    Jedesis, I do like the idea, but what would stop new players from buying high-level equipment? Not sure the devs would want to have to come up with a system to control the distribution of stats on randomly generated equipment. I suppose it may be worth a try, I will go check for existing threads.
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  8. Jedesis

    Jedesis Ketchup Robot

    Maybe a level requirement or range and a high price tag only end-game players could only afford?
  9. DrChemistry

    DrChemistry Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Pop culture References. Pop culture references everywhere please
  10. Slender

    Slender Aquatic Astronaut

    Two player mode? Two player 1 computer. 1 uses the mouse another one uses a button to shoot straight only. Powerups randomly spawn anywhere? Btw is this the right place to write my suggestion?
  11. Crazyon

    Crazyon Master Astronaut

    Wow, Another person named Slenderman? :rofl:
    To answer your question...
    This place is not were you drop your idea in.
    You create a thread and fill it with your ideas.
  12. Slender

    Slender Aquatic Astronaut

    Then what is it under?
  13. Crazyon

    Crazyon Master Astronaut

    Ok, Click the forums button, click suggestions, you will see a variety of what your idea is under, click whichever one you choose and create a thread in it.
  14. Slender

    Slender Aquatic Astronaut

    Ok I will just click any of it anyways a staff will move it for me :p
  15. Osaka

    Osaka Poptop Tamer

    It would definitely be cool if as part of a sort of "endgame" there were a few currency sinks in the game...

    The ideas that I'm pitching, are something that folks can do while chilling out in their home after a long day of adventuring and accruing lots of fantastic goodies that I'm positive will be in game :p

    -Armor / Weapon modification via deconstruction/reconstruction...
    Basically, you find a weapon that has a sweet looking attack animation, but does not have the stats you're looking you deconstruct it, which gives you several "parts" (name them whatever you like)
    So you take these parts, and use some sort of re-construction station, like a Tinker's workbench from Terraria, except maybe put some hi-tech looking stuff on it, like laser drills, robotic arms, and more lasers, because lasers are AWESOME.
    Upon activating said workspace, you get a sort of interface allowing you to take several components and either add them to an existing weapon / armor piece, or craft something entirely new.

    I know that the gear in the game is supposed to be some of the most diverse content that we'll be seeing, so why not expand that notion even farther by allowing players to create gear too? We're all bound to like different aspects of the gear, so the diversity is preserved, and players are still 100% happy with their gear, and doubly so, seeing as how they made it during "downtime" in between adventures that would have otherwise been spent just chatting.

    So for an example, lets say that you have a rocket launcher, but rather than launching your standard run-of-the-mill rockets, you want it to shoot exploding penguins. You'd have to adventure for days and days on end to find *SOME* kind of weapon that uses this sort of penuin-projectile. Upon looting of this fabled weapon, you'd haul it back to your hideout, load up the's call it an awesomification station, for the sake of this example. So you'd open up the awesomificator, and select the option to "deconstruct" your penguin-shooting gun. Upon deconstruction, you receive several parts of the gun, like an automatic-fire modification for the firing mechanism, a laser target painter - again because lasers are awesome - and a penguin-loaded magazine. These components get placed directly into your inventory, and again, you open up the awesomification station, but instead, this time you select the reconstruct option. Here you'll have the option to either input several components to craft a new weapon completely, or load - and modify - an existing weapon. So seeing as how we're trying to modify our rocket launcher to use penguins for ammunition, we'd opt for the latter option, and drag-n-drop our rocket launcher into the window, along with the penguin magazine from the deconstructed weapon. Hitting the "GO" button would fuse the two items together, and suddenly you've got the ability to rampage throughout the wilds with a weapon that launches exploding penguins and cause the entire universe to run in fear from your fantastically evil sense of humor.

    As far as the money sink, and I'm just pulling this out of thin air, but let's say that for each component involved in the re-construction process, the cost is multiplied by....i don't know, 500 pixels. Note that I am unsure how easy/difficult it will be to gain this currency so I am just assuming that 500 pixels would be what you could earn from a full day of adventuring, just to keep players adventuring as often as possible....

    The example here will be the same weapon, and the same desired effect. We want a penguin-launching explosive weapon. So again, we follow the steps above. Upon reconstructing the item, since we're only replacing one component, it's a flat charge of 500 pixels. On the other hand, if we were to add a laser targeting array from a deconstructed weapon, the cost would be multiplied by 2, totalling 1000pixels.

    IDK, it sounds like a cool idea that could add even more dept to a game that is already blowing my mind in it's developmental stage. You guys may already have this or may already be working on a similar project, but at the moment I'm too tired to sift through all of the forums searching for it, and if someone has already had this idea, they will at least be happy knowing that someone else can relate to their logic.

    I seem to remember hearing something about being able to research and create(?) pets from DNA and stuff, so it sounds like a similar system is already in place for the creation of hybridized items....might just take a bit of tweaking and looking at the numbers to get it to work.

    Anyways, I'm exhausted. Good night.
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  16. Speno1

    Speno1 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is not the place to post ideas.
    You need to create a thread in the relevant section.
    Good idea though!
  17. Osaka

    Osaka Poptop Tamer

    yeah, I noticed that after getting some sleep, it's been re-posted in the proper channels, and thanks for the tip!
  18. dnmr

    dnmr Space Spelunker

    The machine planet ideo sounds kinda cool.
  19. This needs to be updated...
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  20. Crazyon

    Crazyon Master Astronaut

    Nah, it seems fine to me :D
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