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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Blue, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. Rene6305

    Rene6305 Star Wrangler

    I'd like space pirates that can randomly appear on your ship when you don't expect it and they will try to kill/kidnap your npcs and try to take your pixels. You can fight back and if you prevail you can have parts they have stolen to make upgrades or even get new or unique items.
  2. Raz0r0x

    Raz0r0x Orbital Explorer

    I think that there should be different currency's used by different alien cultures, and possibly a common Galactic currency that has a varying value compared to a planets local currency. A richer, thriving species currency should have a higher value than the Galactic currency, and a poorer species currency is less valuable.This would enable a player to earn profits by trading with the right currency in the right area.
  3. Skeith

    Skeith Void-Bound Voyager

    The ability to have armour accessory slots, so you can have the best armour and look the way you want is often something players will never turn down. I think there also should be a ranking system for races that, as you play the game and get to a certain point, you "upgrade to the next rank and unlock a new race, having some races that are more OP at the top and the less OP at the bottom. Cool idea would also to be able to have more than just one main character in one save. You unlock this playable NPC and he comes on board and goes into cryogenic sleep and when you want to change race, you wake them. :D
  4. hazzary453

    hazzary453 Big Damn Hero

    perhaps we could have planes you can drop bombs from and shoot with like fly over an enemy town dropping fire bombs and shooting people
  5. Epicface

    Epicface Heliosphere

    My bounty hunting link is up there :up:
    +5 billion good sir.
  6. RandomosityFV

    RandomosityFV Big Damn Hero

    Wow this hasn't been updated for some time huh?
  7. Tyr

    Tyr Pangalactic Porcupine

    It was made by blue, who isn't here anymore.
  8. Astatine

    Astatine Space Spelunker

    i think that integrating a chat into the forums section would be helpful, because i have no clue how to do the built in chat.
  9. Symbolz

    Symbolz Void-Bound Voyager

    God this game will be amazing :D soo looking foward to it
  10. hazzary453

    hazzary453 Big Damn Hero

    I agree. I am almost dying in want:fireball:

    perhaps your character would sleep like minecraft to pass to pass the night:zzz: and things might rob you unless your house is secure:ninja:
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  11. Falcon42

    Falcon42 Starship Captain

    I can't tell you how many times I wanted to sleep the night away in Terraria... I think it would be a good addition to Starbound. And the robbing idea is intriguing, yet annoying. I used to think Goblin Thieves would steal from my chests in Terraria, I'd gather all of my friends and yell "PROTECT THE ARMORY" because I had this big 'ol building with all my chests and mannequins in it.... And my hellevator, lol that was a good trap for the Goblins... :lolwut:
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  12. Gumdrop Meadowz

    Gumdrop Meadowz Cosmic Narwhal

    The turn-based mini-game for space battles seems a bit off the feel of the game... I feel it could use something more like "I'm in a tiny fighter trying to help this cause, flying around and shooting, protecting certain ships and whatnot. The reward for saving certain ships then would be pixels or NPC mercenaries, tech tree advancements or specific device engineering knowledge..." All depending what side you are fighting for, and how effective you are in the battle.
  13. hazzary453

    hazzary453 Big Damn Hero

    coins are fine in chests but not piggy banks. however your base sounds good.:notworthy: perhaps we could have alarms that wake you up to stop the robbers:poo:. why must we wait for this game:cry: however i love the anticipation its exiting.:love:
  14. Falcon42

    Falcon42 Starship Captain

    Me too. Joined the forums to add to that anticipation.
  15. Coolitic

    Coolitic Big Damn Hero

    so far, so good
  16. Tea Mate

    Tea Mate Existential Complex

    Has any moderator taken it up to update it in Blue's place? If not it would be nice if someone did.
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  17. Vaidred

    Vaidred Phantasmal Quasar

    This is quite a lot of features, hopefully it has most of them :lolwut:
  18. Tentacle Wrangler

    Tentacle Wrangler Starship Captain

    im not exactly sure how a wormhole would be an explorable terrain.. should they just spit you out somewhere random :DD
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  19. Bobot The Robot

    Bobot The Robot Space Spelunker

    Blue, are you doing Race suggestions on here as well? I didn't see anyone elses from the page.
  20. TehLonelyDonut

    TehLonelyDonut Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Umm.... don't know how to tell you but.... Blue left a while ago.
    He was getting trolled hard and left because they were personally insulting him and his comrades. (friends)

    Yeah, Blue doesn't operate this thread any more, the updating was given over to a mod/admin... I think.
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