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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Blue, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. Blue

    Blue Former Staff

    This thread is no longer updated and exists only for historical/archival purposes. It has been replaced by the Suggestions System on the main site.

    This is a compilation of ideas that have been suggested in this Forum Section. Please read through here and see if someone else has also had the same Idea you have before you post a new thread. This thread will be updated as regularly as possible. Please do not fret if you idea didn't make it here yet or if someone else's thread about the same idea made it and yours didn't. It also takes a lot of work to collect everything in one place and a lot of time to keep it up to date.

    (also a note - If you wanted to make a "suggestion thread" and have all your ideas in one place, but then noticed that the suggestion forum is now split in many ways to separate all ideas. I would suggest making a thread in each section for each idea and putting links to each of your other ideas at the bottom of each thread so people can jump from one to the next. So all your ideas will be in one place, but also be in the right section. Lets try and keep things as organized as possible, for the devs sake, and for us mods.)

    The link to each ideas original thread will be attached to the name of the idea.

    Game Mechanics / Physics
    • Liquid Tanks - Allows your spaceship to siphon water and such into a large tank to be used for Terraforming / Research / Crafting, etc.
    • Gravity - Differing between planet. (Many Suggestion Sources)
    • Sneaking - So you can sneak by enemies. - Announced as in game!
    • Wall Moves - Wall Kicks, Wall Sliding.
    • Crawling/Prone - Duck, to avoid incoming fire, crawl into small passages.
    • Quick Travel - Different ways to move from one side of a world to another to prevent having to walk so much.
    • Coords to Solar Systems - Instead of coords linking to a single planet, have them link to a solar system. (A star, and multiple planets.)
    • Procedurally Generated Plants - So every planets plants are almost always different looking.
    • Player Run/Owned Shops - Sell some of that procedurally generated gear to those who may need it more than you. Supliment your income.
    • Clones - When you die, you respawn as a clone.
    • Teamwork Dynamics - Give your friend a boost up to that place you both can't reach alone.
    • Galactic Time - Time that is set for the whole universe. Even if a planets night day cycle differs.
    • Aggro - Enemies target the player who hurts them more.
    • Power Sources - Requiring things like Solar Panels or WInd Generators to power your nearby base equipment.
    • Other Playable Races - Each with their own pros and cons, like Androids.
    • Light as a Weapon - Not all creatures can stand light, why not have it blind or hurt them?
    • Anti-Light Sources - Creating darkness where light is.
    • Radiation and Pollution - Be sure to manage your waste. Wouldn't want to kill your own world.
    Game Modes / Events
    • Battles in Space - The ability to obtain spacecraft and battle space pirates/other players while not on a planet via ship to ship battles. It has also been suggested that space battles be a different mechanic, and be a turn based mini-game.
    • Survival Mode - Alien race tries to conquer the universe, and you must stop them or last as long as you can.
    • Worm Holes - To allow travel from planet to planet. And also be an explorable environment.
    • Realism Mode - You need to eat, sleep etc, every so often.
    • Built In Minigames - Mini-Games based on the Starbound universe to play with your friends.
    • Tutorial - So you can learn how to play if you want, or skip if you know how already.
    • Alien Sports - So the game isnt just straight up combat.
    • Unlockable Rewards - Such as new Races to play as.
    • Scientific Names - Based on their generation give each creature a scientific name. Ex : Cyclopica Slimulus, would be a one eyed slime of some kind.
    User Interface
    World Generation
    Planet Type / Biomes
    The following are from multiple threads, linking each would be too complicated.
    • Temperate Flatlands
    • Volcanic - Prehistoric, Lava or a planet still in the in the throws of forming.
    • Unstable - Steam Vents, Earthquakes, Lava Eruptions etc.
    • Deserts / Dunes
    • Arctic Wastelands
    • Urban Cities (Hostile, Friendly, Ruins, In a Constant Battle/War)
    • Mountainous Forest
    • Swamp Lands
    • Ocean Planets - All Water
    • Living Plant/Creature Planet. - Ground is alive.
    • Shattered Planet - Floating Chunks of Land held together with gravity. (Think Avatar)
    • Moons - Some moons can be like planets but much much smaller.
    • Gas Giant - Requires rocket packs or similar floating equipment to explore.
    • Crystal Forests
    • Earthlike - Contains many different temperate zones.
    • Tribal, Dark Age, Industrial - Planets that have races in an earlier stage of development.
    • Strange, Fantasy - Planets that have certain elements in their periodic table that give rise to things not found elsewhere. Like magical creatures.
    • Radioactive, Dying - Someone nuked it, or there was a solar explosion.
    • Space Graveyard - Junked ships left over from a battle have been pulled together due to their mass/gravity.
    • Machine Planet - Run by AI supercomputer at its core.
    • Storm Planet - 24/7 Stormy Weather.
    • Black and White Planet - Lightrays are effected by the atmosphere oddly and all pigments appear monochromatic.
    • Giant Planets - Plants and Giant insects bigger than houses! Everything here seems to be massive.
    Space Station / Homeworld Features
    • Industrialization - Continuous money flow from factories, either over time or each time you visit your homeworld.
    • Satellites - Launch into planet orbits to give players on the surface buffs/abilities or cause events.
    • Bio-Spheres - To bring home a momento, like... a peice of the planet itself.
    • Rec Room - To play minigames, play discovered game music at will.
    Server Features
    • Everything Really - Kane made a thread listing almost everything a server could need. Check it out.
    Quest Ideas
    Last Updated - 4 / 17 / 2012 at 12:55PM EST
  2. Blue

    Blue Former Staff

    I decided to open the thread to comments.

    Please only make comments or disscuss currently listed items, and/or point out mistakes with URLs in my list. Don't say things like "Hey you should add mine to the list!!!"
  3. Emeraldman70

    Emeraldman70 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I think that the alien invasions would be very fun. xD Having to defend your Homeplanet with your friends would be very entertaining.
    Edit: Heck, all the planet suggestions sound fun too. xD My favorite would have to be the ocean planet. Now THAT would be fun to explore.
  4. cdogcdl

    cdogcdl Cosmic Narwhal

    Love the idea of the ENTIRE planet attacking you in the living/AI planets
  5. nic329

    nic329 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i like most of the side quest ideas listed here but it think ghost ship is the coolest. if they can only add one of these side quests that would be the one.
  6. Bine

    Bine Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Theres a broken link. The coords -> solar systems doesnt have a link in it. Just brings ya back here.
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  7. Blue

    Blue Former Staff

    Thanks, fixed.
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  8. Bine

    Bine Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Oi, my search skills be crappy! xD Thanks blue.
  9. saracresp

    saracresp Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like the war and peace ideas. Make war with the evil gun holding slimed and befriend the PENGUINS!!!!!
  10. Disreputable Dog

    Disreputable Dog Void-Bound Voyager

    I love the idea of biological lights. Some of us might want to build homes that are organic, and being able to avoid using electric lights would be amazing! Also, I love the idea of alternate races, with pros and cons. would make it fun to play as a certain style of character if we get benefits from the race, making it easier or more unique to play a certain way!
  11. Trash Bones

    Trash Bones Void-Bound Voyager

    How about being able to salvage certain parts of the ships in the ship graveyard area? Upgrade your own ship or sell it for cash or even break it down into materials.
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  12. Jackson

    Jackson Space Spelunker

    I like the machine planet idea
    You could also have advanced blueprints to find because of the advanced technology (maybe found at the supercomputer, or after destroying it if its a boss)
    And all the npcs would be robotic or mechanical, NOTHING organic.....
    That would be awesome too
  13. LLama

    LLama Tentacle Wrangler

    What catagory(I probably misspelled that but whatever) would I create a thread on how hitting different parts of the enemy affect how much damage they get
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  14. Jackson

    Jackson Space Spelunker

    I'd try the "Mechanics" section because it seems that posts about gameplay and stuff are in there
    Hope it helps:)
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  15. LLama

    LLama Tentacle Wrangler

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  16. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox Existential Complex

    Looks like someone liked my Terraria thread ;) Nice work!
  17. The Red N

    The Red N Astral Cartographer

    i really hope it isnt an MMO game, it should be like Terraria, where someone hosts a game and you join it, or you play by yourself. Lots of people post ideas assuming you are going to run into other players, like owning a shop. there isnt going to be anyone shopping there...
  18. Speno1

    Speno1 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Totally agree!
    You could use defence systems, produce war craft, and stop the land invasion! There could be really complex ai and game mechanics involved too, because aliens don't just teleport to the ground and run at you and attack you, and they might not attack you specifically at all due to your 'reputation'.
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  19. Speno1

    Speno1 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Or you could be in the midst of a battle!
  20. saracresp

    saracresp Subatomic Cosmonaut

    of course.... Leading the penguins to KILL!!!
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