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  1. GuardianJohnITA

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    Advance Wars was one big game for the era of turn based strategy on portable consoles but one thing that distinguished it from the rest of strategy games was a well placed storyline, a huge world with great armies and COs and of course a true bad villain.
    Let me show you my list of suggestions:

    -Return of the Black Hole (in a sort of way):
    Wargroove has most of things that Advance Wars had but one thing is missing is certainly a fifth faction, which was always the true bad faction of the game and the Black Hole Army of Advance Wars is one good example for it.
    An entire army full of bad guys and awesome COs, Black Hole was led by also an awesome CO, Sturm (perhaps the best CO of Advance Wars an one of the best villains ever created), who was the true face of evil, with a destructive CO Power and a cool theme.
    Unlike Valder, who cares about his skeleton army of the Felheim Legion, Sturm only cared about himself, to conquer all of Wars World and destroy all who stands on his way. He was always a force to be reckoned with, a plan genius and a tough opponent (in every final battle with him, it took 3 whole armies and all the principal COs of the four faction at the helm to take him down!) and it's a shame that a true bad guy like him to miss in an awesome game like Wargroove.
    I would like to see a black faction to return but there are signs that shows there might be still a chance: on the PAX West trailer of Wargroove, the only way to see the Campaign selection, we can see that there are 3 COs for the 4 warring factions but there is also an unknown ? mark with a black corner; another sign comes from the color palette, where we can clearly see different grades of black color; the final sign comes from the huge Campaign Map and its territories: we can say for sure that the Felheim Legion comes from the snow region on the south-west (based on the info of Valder), the Cherrystone Kingdom is most likely on the south-east region, the area with most of the mountains, the Heavensong Empire is placed on the desert region on the north-east (based on the Empress Hakuchou and the background of their units), while the Floran Tribes are on the huge forest region on the west-center with the big tree (probably their capital).
    When making all the territories, to us remains the question about that volcano island, away from the mainland; could it be that volcano is the ''main factory'' of the war machines of the black faction? Could it be that this black faction, led by a true bad guy, is the true reason behind the war between the four nations? I don't know, that's what Chucklefish should think; I just made my point about my idea of campaign.

    -Modern War Mod:
    On Twitter I saw some images that caught my eye of the early version of Wargroove before its official announcement: a modern war version, like Advance Wars, of Wargroove so I thought ''why not? ;D''

    -Starbound Mod
    To see Nuru joining the action was quite a surprise to me but there also other characters of Starbound that would be perfect to join Wargroove, like the Baron, not to mention the other races: the Glitch as the Cherrystone Kingdom, the Avian as the Fellheim Legion, the Hylotl as the Heavensong Empire and the Occasus as the black faction. Do you think and wish the same?

    -Custom Commanding Officer (our Avatar)
    I think it should be cool for Wargroove to even have our own custom avatar, leader of a indipendent and mercenary army (it's just my opinion of course).

    Feel free to leave a comment :) and to you, Chucklefish Games, feel free to judge and think about my suggestions ;)
    • Private_Kero

      Private_Kero Intergalactic Tourist

      I don't share your opinion. Don't get me wrong Advance Wars is a great game, one of my favorite games, but Advance Wars Days of Ruin was the best Advance Wars in my opinion.
      I think this classic evil is boring. Besides, is there a campaign planned for Wargroove at all? There will certainly be maps etc. before, but is a big campaign like Advance Wars planned?
      Regarding Mondern War Mod, do you have a link to it? I'd love to take a look at it.
      • GuardianJohnITA

        GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

        Days of Ruin? To us Italians and Europeans is Dark Conflict (much more epic in my opinion); you think that the last game of the series was the best because was more realistic and more balanced than the other games (I really like Brenner and his theme, which I took my catchphrase ''Never Give Up!''), which I must agree as well, considering that I played that too (when I heard that Earth was destroyed by meteorites, I thought it was caused by Sturm's Super CO Power :p ). Classic evil is boring? You mean that madman of Caulder (oh, correction......that clone who killed his own original!) is not classic evil like Sturm? There will be campaigns for Wargroove, 12+ to be precise, although we can clearly see 13 slots on the campaign mode selection so there is clearly a 13th commander that is from a fifth faction (the black corner confirms it and it's on the campaign selection mode so that is no way to be the random symbol); there will be campaigns focused on every commander of Wargroove but perhaps no one is a big one so we can create our own campaigns with our imagination, which I want to use to create a long campaign like Advance Wars; you should check the blog if you have doubts about it.
        If you insist then I will show it to you by giving you the link and the images that inspired me about a Modern War Mod for Wargroove
        It seems that Wargroove initially was set to be on a modern setting like Advance Wars but then it was changed to a fantasy setting like Fire Emblem
        • ppm4587

          ppm4587 Aquatic Astronaut

          GuardianJohn, wait for the mods, I think that the mods and the campaings did by the players are going to satisface you.
          • GuardianJohnITA

            GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

            Allow me to reply to your answer, ppm4587. Like I said before, Chucklefish is planning 12+ campaigns, each one for the commanders of Wargroove, but that ? symbol with the black corner on the PAX West trailer is making me think: ''a fifth faction, unlockable once you completed all the campaigns?'' (it's on the selection of the campaigns so it's very doubtful that is a random symbol)
            If Chucklefish really wants to create and Advance Wars like game then they should worry for a nice soundtrack and the CO's themes (the thing that made Advance Wars unique) and in order to surpass TINY METAL, an another heir of Advance Wars with good elements and well received, not to mention with the develop team still trying to make it better.
            I'm afraid that the campaigns created by the players won't satisfy me, my friend.....because I plan to make a long campaign just like Advance Wars......all I need is to wait for the game to come, more info and materials about commanders and units (it looks like that every commander has their own strength and weaknesses, just like on Advance Wars), my imagination and I'll give you a wonderful long campaign of Wargroove (I hope they will give us the chance to control different armies at the same time, f.e. like on the final mission of Advance Wars).
            As for the mods I can wait but I inform you that the Modern War was initally how Wargroove was planned before his official announcement but it was changed in the end, so they can still give us the materials to make that possible.
            • Colony

              Colony Void-Bound Voyager

              At first, I was very doubtful that it was a secret character you can unlock by completing all the campaigns, But they you said
              Then you got me thinking, why would there be random character selector for the campaign? That sounds a bit ridiculous to have, but it could possibly for people who can't decide where to start, but also don't care about playing in sequential order. It could also be that the developers forgot to remove that box from the campaign selection... And in custom play, its role is just a random character selector...
              But there still could be a chance.
              • GuardianJohnITA

                GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

                You made so valid I will reply with another valid point, Colony. Most of players, especially new ones of turn based strategy, want to know how to play basic and on the trailer it shows clearly the level difficulty of the different campaigns, not to mention the fact that the only characters unlocked are the only ones we know (perhaps Nuru was showed at the end as a surprise for us fans of Chucklefish Games) and when we know that when we start from the beginning we have access only at one commander and an easy one, like in Advance Wars or Battalion Wars 2, and the only one with one star is Mercia.
                Another thing that kept me thinking is the color on the corner of ? block; I initially thought it was for the neutral color, grey, like you claim but with a deep analysis of the new images of the game with neutral structures I noticed that the color of ? block is completely different! another shade of grey mostly close to black (if you think about Black Hole, it was not really black as their units were grey and their structures purple) and the Wargroove color palette (a small fragment of it of course) shows signs of colors very close to yes, Colony, like you said yourself: there still could be a chance :p

                P.S. and.....if Chucklefish really wants to leave the game to our imagination for the campaigns....they should create a bad guy and I know that Valder, deep down, is not. (we thought the same of Olaf on AW but he was not the bad guy and curiously the symbol of the blue Felheim Legion is a moon :p )
                • Private_Kero

                  Private_Kero Intergalactic Tourist

                  I should probably have explained it in more detail. Sorry about that. But you understand me very well. Clauder is the classic evil, but the game would be much better balanced if Clauder were not there. Don't get me wrong. I like KOs, but Clauder is just unbalanced in the game and therefore (imo) pulls the game down.
                  I have to admit I criticize more at gameplay level and less about the fact that it could make the campaign quite nice. But I can see the risk that a campaign makes a KO unnecessarily stronger because the story says so.
                  • GuardianJohnITA

                    GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

          's true that Caulder was not really balanced with the game (on the story was quite some trouble with the Nest and his huge army while we were alone and in less numbers) but on Advance Wars the true bad guy was always meant to be a real troublemaker....just think on Sturm, that he had an incredible Super CO Power, but also capable to even give us some trouble when we control 3 whole armies!
                    It seems that the CO Power won't return on Wargroove, but every commander will have their own strength and weaknesses, so the only thing that remains is the appearance and Sturm was still the best of it; I admit that when I first saw him it looked to me a lot terrifying (almost like a second Darth Vader to me) and maintained this cool and dark look in all of his incarnations. That's what really I want for Wargroove: a bad guy who really looks terrifying and cool at the same time, a thing that Valder is really not. (and the blue moon of the Felheim Legion don't remind you of something? :p )
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                    • SamuriFerret

                      SamuriFerret Tallest Artist

                      This has been a fun thread to read through! I like the mod suggestions - I sure hope we end up surprised by the cool community created content that is made one day!
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                      • GuardianJohnITA

                        GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

                        It is a pleasure and an honor to see that I even caught the attention of Chucklefish Games, SamuriFerret. I just thought that those mods would have add more fun to the game and I too hope to see that a reality, though I'm most curious about the black army; strangely, you didn't say a word about a possible return of a black faction or a comment about all the points I made that shows the chance of a fifth faction.........are you hiding something from us? :nurutease:
                        • Dessa

                          Dessa Intergalactic Tourist

                          I suspect the ? in that screenshot was added after the screenshot it taken. Color-wise and resolution-wise, it doesn't fit in with the rest of the image. My guess is there's a 5th Commander there that they haven't seen fit to reveal to the public yet, but who will be available to play from the outset.
                          • GuardianJohnITA

                            GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

                            On one point you are correct while the other is wrong, Dessa. It's true that there is another CO from a fifth faction possible for Wargroove and I can't wait for it, but that screenshot was taken directly for the PAX West trailer of Wargroove so there is no way for a person outside Chucklefish or Nintendo to add the ? symbol; check the trailer yourself if you don't believe me :nurutease:
                            • Thrifty K

                              Thrifty K Aquatic Astronaut

                              Yeah nah, fam. Whilst the ? box could interpreted as a 14/10 lit-factor 13th secret commander, I think it would be far more likely for this to just be some mad random character selection button, which isn't that rare for strategy games, yo.:badger::koala: An example of a random character select button in a stickity-strategy-game:cookie::cookie: would be the civilisation franchise (or at least civ 6) which is a game where selektin' ya homies is a proppa important decision (most likely just like wargroove). :devil::party::party::devil:
                              • GuardianJohnITA

                                GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

                                Tsk, tsk.......that ''random character selection button'' is an Unknown button; how do I know it? Just look at the Wargroove wiki when you look on commanders and units that we still didn't see; and you can clearly see a black corner around that ''random character select button''. Most of players, especially new ones of turn based strategy, want to know how to play basic and on the trailer it shows clearly the level difficulty of the different campaigns, not to mention the fact that the only characters unlocked are the only ones we know (perhaps Nuru was showed at the end as a surprise for us fans of Chucklefish Games) and when we know that when we start from the beginning we have access only at one commander and an easy one, like in Advance Wars or Battalion Wars 2, and the only one with one star is Mercia. In addition I add this link that shows you the detail of Wargroove by Chucklefish ; you can clearly see ''Choose from one of 12+ groovy commanders from the 4 warring factions, unlocked as you progress through Story Mode'' and it says the same on the Nintendo site of the USA region.
                                You wanted solid proof? There you go, party-crasher:nurutease:.......and for pity's sake, speak some clear English please, ''fam''.
                                • Thrifty K

                                  Thrifty K Aquatic Astronaut

                                  Mr. GuardianJohnITA, whilst this is a very valid point, I would like to point out that one: for Chucklefish to say "Choose from one of 12+ groovy commanders from the 4 warring factions, unlocked as you progress through Story Mode'' does not provide a definitive, "solid proof" answer to your theory (nor does it provide a definitive answer to my counter-theory), and two: I would like to politely ask for you to provide a reason for callin' the big K™ a "party crasher"
                                  Regards, Thrifty K :fishbowl::fishbowl:
                                  • GuardianJohnITA

                                    GuardianJohnITA Void-Bound Voyager

                                    What matter is that is proof; I admit that is not a solid one, especially because Chucklefish has remained silent about this and new info is very rare on these days (especially about gameplay views).
                                    I know that you don't like the idea to have a black official faction on the game but when is enough is enough, I don't like people who try to crush a simple suggestion or an idea that is not a bad one so that's why I'm calling you a party crasher because you try to counter everything I say and so, like a knight, I respond to every attack that you launch.
                                    I respect other people and I've just made my point in all of this; if you don't like my suggestion or my Wargroove Long Campaign project then just ignore it. Also the big K for me is not ''the big K™'' but for ''Kongregate'' the creators behind the Battalion trilogy (Battalion Nemesis, Battalion Ghosts, Battalion Vengeance), the most recent Advance Wars-like strategy game series that I liked.:nurutease:

                                    Best Regards,
                                    Veteran Tactician and Captain of the ''Dawn of Retribution'' on Starbound, age 21.
                                    • Bamboozler

                                      Bamboozler Space Penguin Leader

                                      @GuardianJohnITA I also don't share your opinion. I feel like Chucklefish is going in a great direction. Wargroove should be it's own game - and shouldn't be known as 'the fantasy version of Advance Wars'.

                                      Wait for mods, a lot of the community will surprise you with what they can create.

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