REQUEST Suggest me the best mod made in this forum?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Diotheawesome, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Beside the tractor mod, Time edit/change, and cheats.
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      Starting off with visual mods:
      • I personally love eemie's stuff the most, tons of stuff to look through.
      • The Get Dressed mod by Advize and Jinxiewinxie is really neat to use, I just have 5 or so outfits I switch between as the seasons change.
      • Karmylla's Immersive Map Overhauls are my favorite so far, though as of right now a few bug fixes have been delayed due to her computer being janked up atm (v.v). EDIT: her computer is back. so the bug fixes will be arriving soon!
      • MysticTempest's Tea Mod, as well as their work in keeping the More Crops Mod up to date has been one of the best mods I've used in terms of expanding the scope of what you can do within the game (especially the tea, they make excellent buff items).
      • Additionally, here's an older thread with a couple of links to Studio Ghibli content (e.g. scarecrows, building and painting retextures, etc) if you're into that.

      As far as mods that change the actual mechanics of the game:

      I don't consider any of the above to necessarily be "cheats", as the full functionality of the mod is not initially available (e.g. for the Extended Minecart mod, you still have to unlock the new locations before you can take the minecart there) or the objects affected scale up in price or resources needed (e.g you'll require more items to craft sprinklers if you expand their range via the Improved Sprinkler + Scarecrow mod).

      I also didn't add any character or farm map mods to this list simply because there are so many variations in artistic style and utility that it's better for you (or anyone else who might use this post as a reference point) to just go through them yourself and decide what you like best.
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        Missing a whole lot of Longevity in this thread!
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