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Successful Risk of Rain executable rebuild

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HexZyle, May 8, 2014.


What sort of things would you like to see most in Risk of Rain?

  1. File Loader for enemy, item, and player stat modification

  2. Level Editor

  3. I don't care about how difficult it will be, MULTIPLATFORM, PL0X!

  4. Multiplayer-specific content (PvP Additions, Character Colors, etc)

  5. Specific bugfix (please comment)

  6. Other addition (please comment)

  1. Sarf

    Sarf Yeah, You!

    Oh, it would be great! I'd really like to see the fixed 'oDirectorControl', because I can't fix it by myself, it's a big failure...
    • Lusid

      Lusid Pangalactic Porcupine


      Also, a way to turn off some items from appearing would be nice. Can't tell you how boring it is to pick up headstompers or spike strips number 15

      Edit: Aww, sadface. Got excited and replied before i saw the last thing. Ah well.
      • darkevilmac

        darkevilmac Space Hobo

        It would be nice to see if you would be able to implement a scripting language like lua with gmlLua or something similar with events for chests opening and such.
        • buffalojoe99

          buffalojoe99 Void-Bound Voyager

          if the source code is still around, can you upload it? some of us idiots would like to have a look and a crack at it :p
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          • bkroo

            bkroo Yeah, You!

            We really need a fix to the netcode - the latest version completely broke it to the point where you can expect multiple players dropping per game, and if you loop the game it's pretty much going to crash at some point. Only way to fight Providence is to rush to him and hope the game doesn't crash before then. It's rather unstable compared to the previous release.

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