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Successful Risk of Rain executable rebuild

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HexZyle, May 8, 2014.


What sort of things would you like to see most in Risk of Rain?

  1. File Loader for enemy, item, and player stat modification

  2. Level Editor

  3. I don't care about how difficult it will be, MULTIPLATFORM, PL0X!

  4. Multiplayer-specific content (PvP Additions, Character Colors, etc)

  5. Specific bugfix (please comment)

  6. Other addition (please comment)

  1. AngelofSilence

    AngelofSilence Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah, thats the tool I used. Not a clue why thats not working for you. The only reason I can think of as to why that would happen would be if your dlls and ini files aren't in your working directory.
    • SmasherPT

      SmasherPT Tentacle Wrangler

      Got it, I forgot to check the error report option and the game was always executing with errors. The problem was that the function draw_self() doens't exist in gm 8.0.
      All is working fine now :)
        Last edited: May 13, 2014
      • Biomatter

        Biomatter Subatomic Cosmonaut

        I know this isn't quite what you asked about OP, but I'd like to see actual code-dived numbers for stats on all the characters and items. The information on the wiki is sometimes wrong, and I'm the kind of guy that begins to doubt the whole system after that. Personally, I am most interested in:
        • Lvl 1 stats for all the characters
        • Stat gain per c.level
        • Item stats
        • Item stacking stats
        • Base enemy stats
        • The effect of time on enemy stat scaling
        It would be a lot of work to compile all the data in a readable format, but if you can pull the data I am willing to do the formatting and get the wiki up to date. Please let me know if this is even feasible - I don't want to get my hopes up, haha :p
        • gamerzap

          gamerzap Orbital Explorer

          The data is already accessible easily. The game isn't hard to decompile, it's getting it to work that is hard.

          For example, for character speeds, commando, enforcer, bandit, engineer, and huntress have 1.3 and acrid, miner, mercenary, sniper, and HAN-D all have 1.4.
          • Biomatter

            Biomatter Subatomic Cosmonaut

            That may be so, and yet some of the info on the wiki is still incorrect. For example, it says that the 'Rapid Mitosis' item only stacks up to 4 times. This is not true - I had 8~9 of them last night and a 2 second cooldown on Voodoo Doll. (I was trying a silly gimmick - it was pretty fun, and I beat Providence in around 12~ casts, including the worms and bodyguards.) Like I said in my first post, if I can find one error that easily, I can only assume there are more.

            Fake edit: Another example just came to mind - it says that Aghanim's Scepter stacks. Really? There are two comments on the article's page that say this is not true.
            • Burby

              Burby Phantasmal Quasar

              I'd say trying out the stack effect with a character that would get very clear stacking possibilities is the best option here. The miner comes to mind. Maybe it only works with characters like those, anyway.
              • Biomatter

                Biomatter Subatomic Cosmonaut

                For most items, that is too difficult to be feasible. It really would be easier and more accurate to pull it from the game.
                • gamerzap

                  gamerzap Orbital Explorer

                  Yeah, but my point is anyone can look in the code and find out these values. For example, I just looked at the mitosis object (oTwins) and found that they have no stacking cap, and every one you get just multiplies your use item cooldown by 0.75.
                  • Biomatter

                    Biomatter Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Would you mind explaining how you divine this information? Like I said when I first asked, I am willing to update the wiki on all this, but I don't know how to pull the information. Rather than tell me that it can be done, why don't you show me how so I can do it myself? ;)
                    • elipod

                      elipod Industrial Terraformer

                      Code reading and ingame testing, together, provide best results. Sort of cheat engine could help, although command artefact made testing much easier, already.
                      I started some research on game mechanics, but then got distracted, by other games, work... Maybe will continue on weekend.
                      Here's something, you might find interesting.

                      Armor items don't work as described
                        if armor >= 0
                        other.damage=ceil(other.damage*100/(100 + armor))
                        other.damage_fake=ceil(other.damage_fake*100/(100 + armor))
                        other.damage=ceil(other.damage*(2-(100/(100 - armor))))
                        other.damage_fake=ceil(other.damage_fake*(2-(100/(100 - armor))))
                      So, Tough times will add 14% effective health, not 14% mitigation. at 100 armor - you'll receive x0.5 damage, at 300 - you'll receive x0.25, and so on.
                      Repulsion armor gives 1000 armor.
                      Temple guard buffs himself for 100 armor.
                      There's also BUFF_SUPERSHIELD with 999999 armor, which is, probably, used by Providence.
                      Since generic monsters don't seem to have any armor, full stack from Shattering Justice multiplies damage by 1.2

                      Damage randomization and crit seems to be done within following function
                              #define damage_default
                      That means damage is multiplied by random value between 1 and 0.6

                      Ingame descriptions often say how many times damage is multiplied, but make really poor job at explaining where it was inherited.
                      Skills inherit player damage, and most procs inherit skill damage, but there are so many conflicting exceptions, i don't think developers themselves kept track of it.
                      Missile Mk1 inherits skill damage, including crits.
                      Missile Mk2 inherits raw player damage, there is no randomization and no scaling with skill damage, which makes them good on commando, and pitiful on sniper.
                      Will'o wisp inherits player damage.
                      Gasoline inherits monster damage, which means: it does more damage from dieing elites, but does not scale with glass.
                      Glowing meteorite calculates its damage as =ceil(35*enemy_buff) where enemy_buff is one of the values affected by difficulty scaling.

                      Glass multiplies starting character damage and damage on lvlup, does not seem to affect any items, that add damage, most notably Hit list, does not affect items, that not inherit player damage
                      Glass multiplies starting character health by 0.1, but lvlup health by 0.25, also it multiplies commando's starting health by 0.25.

                      Distortion should not lock sniper's 1'st ability //didn't test it
                      Distortion gives 0.25 cooldown reduction, it's the same stat, that is affected by Alien head, it's capped at .6

                      Google for Gamemaker 8.1 decompiler and download free version of Gamemaker 8.1 from yoyogames.com/legacy
                      to open the decompiled project.
                        Last edited: May 14, 2014
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                      • Biomatter

                        Biomatter Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Dude! That is super cool! Thanks for providing that information, that's another thing I wonder about - how damage and items interact. As you note, it's impossible to tell if an item is even functioning correctly because item descriptions are so vague as to the strength of their effects. I'll definitely try to decompile it when I get home. At work right now... Don't tell my boss pls.
                        • gamerzap

                          gamerzap Orbital Explorer

                          Yeah, google a gm8.1 decompiler and download gm8.1 so you can open the decompiled risk of rain build.
                          • HexZyle

                            HexZyle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            Um, I've been backed into a bit of a bad financial situation IRL so I've needed to move to a cheaper apartment.
                            Problem is there's no internet set up here and I might not have it up in some time, so I can only really use the limited internet on/through my mobile.
                            Since we use a git client to share the code, and all the objects in RoR come to a reasonably large size, I won't be able to make any actual progress or push changes for at least the next month.
                            I can still modify the game and test my modifications but AngelofSilence and I won't be able to collaborate on our changes for a bit.
                            • wall57

                              wall57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              add a ingame console or some sort of pre-game editor that could change attributes in game or after teleport spawn. y know? i saw up there that att edit has been created, but only for chars, like an Master Game Editor.
                              • hirakhos

                                hirakhos Phantasmal Quasar

                                A fix for the CreateDevice error? I've had it with the exe since a random point, and the issue is for not enough RAM but I have a very high end machine. Could I try this rebuild? Even with literally not a single change, there's a chance it'll get around that issue, as it seems to happen to less than 1% of players and they don't share any particular software or hardware.
                                • RingmasterJ5

                                  RingmasterJ5 Aquatic Astronaut

                                  Multiplayer idea: Take the Worm's already-implemented system of items dropping on random players, and use it to make an (optional, like the current one is) "item sharing" mode that actually works with dead players as well. It would prevent the "snowballing" problem that crops up now and again, where the last guy alive ends up with twice the items everyone else has combined.

                                  Edit: Oh, also, see if there's a way of letting co-op players get to Boar Beach.
                                    Last edited: Jun 2, 2014
                                  • SmasherPT

                                    SmasherPT Tentacle Wrangler

                                    Hey, I've been busy with school but it's over now so I got some free time. How did u guys fixed the collision problem? Everything is working except that.
                                    • RiokuTheSlayer

                                      RiokuTheSlayer Phantasmal Quasar

                                      Huh, so this is that post about a successful recompile.... neat.
                                      • SmasherPT

                                        SmasherPT Tentacle Wrangler

                                        Bump, I really want an answer and I don't want this thread to die.
                                        • AngelofSilence

                                          AngelofSilence Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Oof, this is a pretty dead thread.
                                          Sorry guys, We've both kinda moved on to other projects, HexZyle and I are on almost completely reversed timezones, so the window in which we can work together is very, very small, making co op development a problem. SmasherPT, IIRC, I modified the hitbox of the basic object, oB. Back up your source beforehand though, i broke my source in the process before i managed to get it to work. I'm considering just releasing this version's source, as the new version will be un-decompilable, due to their moving to GM:S. Thoughts, everyone?
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