WIP Studio Ghibli Re-Textures

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Crazy_Leen, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. SarahKik

    SarahKik Pangalactic Porcupine

    Ooh that's a great idea for Turnip Head! Love them all :D

    It would be really neat to see a mod for this guy, maybe a big Totoro plushie/stuffed animal instead:

    I can't wait to see what else you come up with :D Your pixel art is on point!!
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    • Abokado

      Abokado Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Yes, that's fantastic! I was getting quite bored of the regular scarecrows, so this is great. :)

      Would also like the Totoro bear!
      And maybe a Tanuki statue instead of the grizzly bear statute? Or, hm... different paintings? Because some that we have are kinda boring and it seems easier to change them instead of whole sprites.
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      • miryuo

        miryuo Zero Gravity Genie

        I added these to my game today and have to say they are lovely :)
        the turnip prince was a good idea!
        • Crazy_Leen

          Crazy_Leen Phantasmal Quasar

          Welp, I have quite some problems finding that darn witch in the files xD If anyone knows where she's hiding, please tell me but I put the dang folders upsidedown and still can't find her sprite @_@

          So for now, have some random new pictures for all your house-decorating purposes~
          Since they are so small it's a little difficult to get a lot of details in but I hope it's still at least kinda possible to see what each represents :'D
          But I'm getting those out of the way first, still being under craftables. I found the big pictures in furniture and can hopefully make something a little more recognizable there :'D Some famous scenes maybe. Also working on the "make Bear into Totoro" thing, since funnily enough that was something I had though t of too and since you suggested it as well, why notX3

          So here's the small update for now:
          https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u...tardew Valley Forum/Tilsesheet/Craftables.xnb

          *coughcough* also totaly no self-adverstisement, but maybe check out the little somthing I did yesterday, too. It's edits and remakes of some character portraits. Especially the dwarf might be interesting since I completely remade his portrait:
          • CosyAlligator

            CosyAlligator Aquatic Astronaut

            basically what this mod is telling me is that I need to get my butt into gear and finally watch princess mononoke ^^"

            great work though, I am in love *-* <3
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            • SarahKik

              SarahKik Pangalactic Porcupine

              Oooh they turned out so cute! :D Definitely gotta go find them in my game!

              The portraits look awesome too!
              • Abokado

                Abokado Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Love the tiny pictures, thank you! <3
                • Highwind

                  Highwind Void-Bound Voyager

                  I am completely in love with this mod <3
                  Thank you so much, sweetheart!
                  • Cytona

                    Cytona Void-Bound Voyager

                    love these, thanks
                    • dem0z

                      dem0z Star Wrangler

                      dude am so happy right now am gonna cry, please make more :D
                      • jedikitty

                        jedikitty Aquatic Astronaut

                        I love these ! Am I right in understanding that "Zip with all xnb files coming soon" means we'll be able to pick and choose which ones we replace ? Or is it all or nothing ?
                        *still squeeing over Jiji*
                        • Crazy_Leen

                          Crazy_Leen Phantasmal Quasar

                          It'd be a zip with all the xnb files for when there are more thigns to replace than just the craftables. I didn't plan to seperate all the single scarecrows and such :'D That would be a LOT of files and also be still problematic if someone wants several of the scarecrows. The only thing they could do is edit the file themselves and add back the scarecrows I replaced.
                          • jedikitty

                            jedikitty Aquatic Astronaut

                            Ah, I gotcha ! I wanted to keep the witch, but my love of Jiji, Totoro, Turniphead, and Baron overrules that desire. :)

                            One last question (I think !) - I'm new to the game still, so I'm wondering what the pictures replace exactly ?
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                            • SarahKik

                              SarahKik Pangalactic Porcupine

                              This would be great to know, if possible :D I looked at the pictures I already had and was disappointed to see that none had been replaced haha :( Gonna have to keep visiting Robin's shop until I see them! :D
                              • Crazy_Leen

                                Crazy_Leen Phantasmal Quasar

                                They replaced pictures that were also under craftables. Things like a smiley face and just a bunch of colors. I'm... actually not entirely sure how you optain those either :rofl:
                                • SarahKik

                                  SarahKik Pangalactic Porcupine

                                  Hmm I think most are obtained either by buying them from Robin, the traveling merchant, or being rewarded them via donating to the museum. I'll keep a look out xD

                                  Another random idea is replacing the little worms that you can dig up? Maybe either with a little raccoon head popping up (from Pom Poko) or a large gleaming acorn (idea from My Neighbour Totoro)? :D
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                                  • XxhexerxX

                                    XxhexerxX Phantasmal Quasar

                                    Soooo cute!
                                    Sadly, I couldn't find the pictures (looked under craftables already), the scarecrows are showing up fine though. :wut:
                                    • cure

                                      cure Big Damn Hero

                                      ..Catbus... Do... Catbus <3
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                                      • Triforce Goddess

                                        Triforce Goddess Seal Broken

                                        I am really Looking forward to this!! I am a huge fan and would make make cry of happiness :)
                                        • Crazy_Leen

                                          Crazy_Leen Phantasmal Quasar

                                          Alright, just a litle headsup:
                                          I tried to figure out a way for making hte catbus work, but i'm not sure I can. The bus's dimensions are a bit too off, so the head would be really tiny compared to the rest and it would be out of proportion and jsut not look that well. So I guess for now that idea will have to be abandoned, even though it woul really have fitted :/ But maybe I can find another way to make it work; maybe by jsut giving the bus the catbus colors, while still being the bus.
                                          I also planned out some more things I will retexture next and I hope to add them soon, so stay tuned : >

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