Bug/Issue Stuck in fishing minigame at Stardew Valley Fair

Discussion in 'Support' started by natelovesyou, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. -Stephan-

    -Stephan- Poptop Tamer

    Same by me, using the PC Beta. Restart won't really help, it freezes again after I tried it next time.
    • justinwaters

      justinwaters Tentacle Wrangler

      I've found a temporary solution to your problems!

      If you are using SMAPI you can type world_downminelevel and it will warp you to the mines and it fixes the issue. There are probably other debug commands that can fix the problem...but that is the one I use.
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      • Yusuke Urameshi

        Yusuke Urameshi Cosmic Narwhal

        Also experienced this on the beta. Twice. Entered the game, tried to cast my fishing pole, immediate freeze. Time ran out and nothing happened. Still frozen. Restarted the game. Same thing. Had to earn my tokens through the slingshot game.
        • Dave LeDev

          Dave LeDev Space Hobo

          Bug persists in latest beta build.
          • Blorp

            Blorp Big Damn Hero

            For the devs - a fix:
            Just add at the start of FishingGame.tick:
                if (!Game1.IsMultiplayer)
                    this.location.updateEvenIfFarmerIsntHere(time, false);
                    Game1.player.Update(time, this.location);
            Location update is needed to make background animations work. Player update is needed for fishing to work. Multiplayer check is needed as these things run from Game1.Update and Game1.UpdateLocations when multiplayer and doing them twice results in everything running in double speed (slime hutch may have a similar problem, from reports of turbo slimes there). Anyway, with this fix, it works fine in single and multiplayer.
            • Dave LeDev

              Dave LeDev Space Hobo

              Where could I add this manually?
              • Shinjubu_Hood

                Shinjubu_Hood Orbital Explorer

                restart the day twice!!! well now i guess i try to use the script you give... it has to work! :/
                • Blorp

                  Blorp Big Damn Hero

                  You can't...
                  As I said, it was for the devs, and you'd have to wait for them to fix it and release a patch before it'd do any good. If you have been playing in multiplayer and can play that day with a second person, it may work already, but if you've been playing in single-player and are already on the fair day, it's too late for that, and you'll have to get your stars another way.
                  • moogloogle

                    moogloogle Space Hobo

                    This bug STILL exists - in the winter ice fishing contest. I was about to start uninstalling mods before I checked and found this thread.

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