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Bug/Issue Stuck at Saving

Discussion in 'Support' started by Yokaza, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Yokaza

    Yokaza Lucky Number 13

    Just download the game today, which is 1.00 for android on playstore. After playing for few days in-game play time, when I tried to pass the day throught bed, the game keep stuck on loading screen, it keeps saving on the screen and after few minutes still the same. Than I create new account and same thing still happen, it keeps stuck on loading. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    • Perryjane

      Perryjane Space Hobo

      Have the same problem, it occurres at Day6 when going to bed. Doesn't matter if I start a new game always stuck on Day 6. Using oneplus6
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      • trinitycrites

        trinitycrites Seal Broken

        Same here. Spring, Day 6, Year 1. I go to bed, end the day, and it just fades to a black screen. No loading, nothing at all. I tried putting my phone down to see if it just needed some extra time to save and load but nothing. I even tried passing out after 2am but the same thing always happens. I'm playing on IOS.
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        • pacmaniac

          pacmaniac Space Hobo

          I got the same issue. Playing on iphone xs..

          Plzz fix this
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          • basaurio

            basaurio Master Chief

            Same issue here, same day, same year, playing on iPhone 6.
            I reset the game after it crashes and it offers to load from last
            checkpoint and starts doing so, only to crash again.

            I hope they release a fix update for this.

            Hey guys, I don't know if this is useful for you,
            but I tried doing nothing on Spring 6, year 1,
            just going to sleep, without going outside, and it loaded.
            I'm on Spring 8, year 1 now.
            Please let me know if it works for you!

            PS: Not trying to spam at all, LOL
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            • ZaakNeerOrok

              ZaakNeerOrok Space Hobo

              Unfortunately this solutions is not working for me. Still stuck on day 6 winter year 1.
              So annoying...
              • Yokaza

                Yokaza Lucky Number 13

                I just update the game to the 1.04 version this morning, the game seem to solved the problem, no more stuck on saving screen. The development team seem act fast.
                • Ceil

                  Ceil Aquatic Astronaut

                  I can't get past day 6 on my iPad either. Just going back to sleep didn't work either.

                  iPad Air V. 12.1.4
                  • gorge

                    gorge Space Hobo

                    Didn't work for me still stuck on year one. Spring day 6 . so frustrating love the game what do I do. I have a LG fiesta runs on android.

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