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Stuck at 99%

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by coronaking9, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. coronaking9

    coronaking9 Space Hobo

    From a few threads I've looked at, it seems this is the current limit, due to the in-game achieve that unlocks the Fireman's Boots, not being in the unlocks in the menu. You can get the boots after meeting the requirements, but the unlock doesn't show in Scores and Unlockables > Achievements. So, can't get to 100%. I have everything done, except that, unless I'm missing something in the game that doesn't show anywhere in the logs/achievements. I've read a few forums around with people with the same problem, and I know it's not game breaking. But... MY OCD DEMANDS IT. Seeing that 99% there, drives me nuts!
    • mageblood

      mageblood Big Damn Hero

      One way to fix that is editing the save.ini file found in your Risk of Rain folder under Steam/steamapps/common. There is an old thread somewhere on this forum that gives you a list of the achievements, but that's for an older version and things were renumbered when new items were added, meaning you will need to figure out what unlock number is missing and add it in. Of course, this isn't the legit way of doing it, but for that specific item it may be the only way. If you don't want to 'cheat' the game like that, go stand in the lava on the magma stage for about a minute, or longer if you want to be more satisfied (but just don't jump out until after that minute passes, otherwise it won't count), as that is what the achievement demands, finish the game (win or lose), then exit and edit the value into the file and return to the game: 100% completion and you didn't actually cheat assuming you DID stand in the lava that long (because it's a glitch that you need to work around).
      • coronaking9

        coronaking9 Space Hobo

        Yeah, I know that at ANY point, I could just give myself 100% by editing that file, that's easy. I want to get it, legit, via gameplay, lol
        • KichiK

          KichiK Void-Bound Voyager

          I think the point was most "if you've already achieved it but a bug makes it not register properly, why not just manually register it?"

          As far as I'm concerned, you HAVE 100%'d the game, and if it doesn't say so because it failed to register something, correcting its mistake is a perfectly reasonable solution.

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