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    I know, I am horrible at keeping all my work together, If there is a way to merge all similar posts I make, I would definitely do so.
    Other than that, I have decided to post a thingy with all of my characters from my Starbound's, and hopefully upcoming story Storybound, histories and such. I have a blast writing these and I hope y'all enjoy reading them...

    • Caddy
    • Kurundam Kuruvinda
    • Τοpáziοs Kuruvinda
    • Jimmy Cool

    If you are ever interested in checking the progress of my character histories or just their bios in general, you can check them out here (Warning, Spoilers). You may also find the finished ones in here in a probably better font and easier to read:
    Just a heads up, There are some serious and dark tones and stories with these characters, You have been warned.
    Now, here are the dudes!
    He already was posted, but Imma place it right there for those interested...

    He was born in one of the poverty regions as a result of rape. The region was called Hel. It was often considered the bottom of the barrel when it came to the city. Organized crime and other illegal acts were common in this area. Kurundam many poor experiences in the city. Be it interactions with the mob, dealing with kidnappers, or even his own mother, who resented Kurundam with every fiber in her being. He only had his step-father on his side. Rubais Kuruvinda was a nice man, loved his family. He worked effortlessly to keep food on the table. He worked for the mob, and was often caught in difficult scenarios, at home and on duty. When Kurundam was 5, he was caught up in a shooting at a store. He and his mother were the only survivors, his father was killed while trying to keep his family safe. It was the first of many similar events that shape his past, present, and future. He often found himself the target of many shootings, kidnappings, and other vicious crimes after that incident. The mob was no longer protecting them. When he was 9, he got swept into a child trafficking organization, but was swiftly let loose after the uprising in that organization. When he was 12, he was shot in the chest by his own mother but survived due to his internal molecular structure in the rocks. After all of the hardships and attempted life taking scenarios, Kurundam ran away at the age of 15. During the 7 day excursion away from home, he found a kitten. It was no ordinary kitten. It was a kitten who could speak. She called herself Frozacia. They grew close, she filled the gap that his mother and others neglected to fill. After about a year after they met, Kurundam and his mother had a fight which resulted in Kurundam running away. He vowed never to return after this time. They lived out in the wilderness for 4 months before the planet entered it’s second stage of destruction; It had begun its collapse into the star. Gravity was weak and the days were ruthless. They only had the ravines and crags of the rough terrain to stay safe in. A few days before they were able to leave, Frozacia was about to die of dehydration and the nearest pool of water was a mile away through the scorching star. In a last effort to save his only friend and family, he put his clothing over her and carried her through the scorching wasteland, the whole mile. When he got there, he put her in an area where there is only enough shade for her. He then cupped water in his hands and gave it to her. He eventually passed out from the heat and hit his head on the way down. Between the trauma of his life and the intense heat, Kurundam developed a severe case of Hysterical Amnesia, A type of amnesia the makes you forget, along with everything you know, who you are. When he awoke, it was the middle of the night. Frozacia was curled up next to him and there were bright flashing lights above him. Before he knew what was going on, someone had picked him up and set Frozacia on him. The only thing going through his mind was ‘Who am I?”

    Now he lives with his savior from that planet, Dimethyl Cadmium, and Frozacia, helping in anyway he can while working on his bar in the Ethoi System.

    Long before the collapse of the Avarii Thetuin, There was a matriarchal monarchy in place. The surname Adamasdamao was given to the Queen. The royal family at the time was the Kuruvinda. They were a ruthless, vile bunch who sought after the world’s riches and didn’t care about the people they ruled. Τοpáziοs Kuruvinda, Kurundam’s mother, was the ruler of this matriarchy. She ruled for 25 years before the uprising removed her from power and removed said matriarchy, converting it into a polyarchal democracy. This forced her to relocate to the poverty stricken region of Hel. While she was stuck in the region, she bought residency, she had remarried, and she had four children. Three of which she had at once. Tlaqus, Spærstān, and Collophane Kuruvinda are the triplets that Τοpáziοs had. The children grew to be about five before Kurundam was born. However, Kurundam was not of the same father. Τοpáziοs was a victim of a rape, and Kurundam was the resulting child. She hated him. She treated him as if he were the violator. Halfway through the year Kurundam was 12, she had tried to kill him via gunshot to the chest. Though the bullet merely deflected off of Kurundam’s unusual rock composition, the emotional trauma was there and scarred them both. Kurundam became more reclusive and scarce at that point. Τοpáziοs became more cold and self-hating after the incident. Three years later, Kurundam had brought a cat, Frozacia, home from one of his attempts at running away. Reluctant, she let him keep her. Months pass as Kurundam and Frozacia grew closer, the relationship between Τοpáziοs and Kurundam deteriorates. A fight breaks out between the two. It was about a silly thing, but it escalated into throwing words that couldn’t be forgotten. He asked why she never loved him, why she treated him as garbage. She responded with the truth, she told him that she could never love a child born of rape. Hurt by those words Kurundam, along with Frozacia, ran away back to the surface and never returned. She felt no remorse for what she did. Whenever one of the other children asked about him, they were promptly smacked and sent to their room. The final year before the collapse of the planet was rough for her. Collophane, her only son from the triplet, had died and Talq had been crippled in an accident that resulted in the deaths of hundreds. A building had collapsed on them. After the funeral of Collophane, they left the planet in a ship meant to preserve their species. As they left, they watched the planet, their home, fall apart as it got too close to it’s parent star. They left to a place called Outpost, trying to live their life, at least, until they see Kurundam, alive, and has a severe case of amnesia.

    JimmY Co0l is one of the pioneers of space travel. He helped design the FTL drive and test it out. During one of the tests, the warp managed to be hit by a GRB (Gamma ray burst).

    Of course there wouldn't be much of a story if he died... Though, he died. In a last effort to revive their captain, they had to stick his body in a stasis pod until they collect enough bio-matter to either re-stabilize his condition or activate the prototype cloning station. After thirty years of sitting in stasis, the pod began to fail. What is left of the crew maneuver the ship to a nearby planet and scoured it for life. Nothing was spared, plants, animals, even other sentient beings were caught. The planet had a lifeless scar left in the crews wake. However, 'twas not enough. In a state of acceptance to their old age, some sacrificed themselves for his revival. They had enough only for the cloning process. It was a success, although, there was one thing wrong. He couldn't die. When they scoured the planet, they managed to get a type of Cnidarian (Jellyfish) that has immortal cells. Those cells merged with his DNA and made him undying. That began his journey. His painful journey that led him to find Sten and Tiritinium (Two other immortals).
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