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    so... hi!

    if you're like me, shane's ragged look, even after he says he's going to "clean up" his act, was driving you nuts. and seriously, a joja hoodie? who wants to go around bearing the logo of the corporation that stole their soul! I felt like shane's plotline was underloved in the art department just a little

    so I made some changes... combed his hair, patched up his hoodie, gave him a shave if that's your thing. my goal was to keep a similar look as the vanilla sprites, just edit them in a way that made sense for his character development (and who he is as a person, so none of them are TOO tidy). I also made a few changes I felt were logical (for example he's now actually HOLDING the chicken in both of the chicken sprites). walk sprites are included. hope people can get some enjoyment out of these!

    these are designed to be swapped out at certain points of the story, but if you want shane to undergo major life evaluation in a chicken hoodie, you can do that too

    Six Heart Event
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Post-Marriage (or when you complete the Community Center quests)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (I know the yellow is a bit of a risky move, I just so badly wanted to see him in a bright and cheery color!)

    this is my first time messing with xnb files, and my first time editing pixels in like ten years, and I had a fun time doing it! I've also... never posted with much substance here before. so hi! I'm jack

    How to Install in case anyone needs it
    1. Unzip the file attached to this post.
    2. Find the version you want to use - and save anything else you want to swap in later! You will need the related XNB files in Characters and Portraits.
    3. Go into the Characters and Portraits folders in Stardew Valley/Content (in your Steam folder) and SAVE the two files that say Shane.xnb (and label them so you know which one came from which folder!) in case you ever want to get rid of this mod or make your own with the game's original files.
    4. Put the files from this mod in the related folders - the Characters file in the Characters folder and the Portraits file in the Portraits folder.
    5. That's it!

    while I'm here, here are some other shane mods I really like:

    Stop Shane from trashing your house

    and if you really can't stand the yellow...
    Shane alternate clothing

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      Love it :love:
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