RELEASED [Storm] Inventory Rotator v0.3

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  1. Hobbit9797

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    This little mod allows you to cycle through your inventory. It was developed for the new Storm API.

    Current Compatibility:
    StardewValley: 1.05
    Storm: 0.1.1


    You can cycle either through your complete inventory(Secondary Key+Key or RB+L:cool: or the inventory collumn you have currently selected(Key or RB or L:cool:. You can rebind the keys by changing the corresonding values in the Config.json file in the mod folder. A list of possible keys can be found here.

    Key - Tab
    Secondary Key - LeftControl




    1.Download and install the newest Storm Build.
    2.Download the mod.
    3.Move the directory in the .rar to %AppData%\Roaming\StardewValley\Mods.
    4.Start the game with StromLauncher.exe. Enjoy!

    Please report any issues or bugs.

    Version changes:

    • Ability to cycle through a single inventory column
    • Added a secondary keybind

    • Rewrite for Storm
    • Compatibility for XBox Gamepads
    • Ability to rebind keys
    • First Release for SMAPI
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    • Kyler45

      Kyler45 Space Hobo

      Can you please upload this elsewhere from MEGA? It's a horrid downloading service, and it needs a decryption key which isn't provided.
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      • asdasdgfrw

        asdasdgfrw Title Not Found

        MEGA is cool. But yeah, there's no decryption key.
        • Kyler45

          Kyler45 Space Hobo

          I guess I didn't think to realize that this is only a couple of KB in size, for smaller files like that MEGA works, but for bigger files it just seems silly, haha!
          • Hobbit9797

            Hobbit9797 Poptop Tamer

            @Kyler45 @asdasdgfrw Sorry, the key is now included in the link. Do you know any better upload services?
            • Kyler45

              Kyler45 Space Hobo

              You could use github, or mediafire would work well!
              • Kulturbanause

                Kulturbanause Phantasmal Quasar

                Ok tested your Mod and its working as stated. Thank you very much!
                • CJoker3221

                  CJoker3221 Pangalactic Porcupine

                  Can you make it so it cycles through the hotbar you selected? Also, make the key re-bindable? :3
                  • fuN.

                    fuN. Space Hobo

                    I can think of a few ways this will be super useful - thanks for sharing.
                    • orb_outrider

                      orb_outrider Big Damn Hero

                      This is a god send. Thanks!
                      • xjapanboy

                        xjapanboy Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Please upload it to MediaFire/DropBox/GoogleDrive/Attached it to your OP?

                        Thank you.
               isn't works for me
                        • CJoker3221

                          CJoker3221 Pangalactic Porcupine

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                        • cantorsdust

                          cantorsdust Existential Complex

                          Added to mod list!
                          • JaiantPanda

                            JaiantPanda Guest

                            Ohboy, I've been hoping for a mod like this for ages, but I use the xbox controller... is there a way to make it so that the shoulder buttons on the gamepad would do this as well?
                            • Hobbit9797

                              Hobbit9797 Poptop Tamer

                              I'm sorry, but SMAPI doesn't support controller input at this point. We can only hope that Storm, the new API, will support it.
                              • hitachihex

                                hitachihex Void-Bound Voyager

                                SMAPI doesn't support it but you can add it yourself in the Update() loop with GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex.One).IsButtonDown(Buttons.(?button?)
                                • JaiantPanda

                                  JaiantPanda Guest

                                  Aw that's too bad, thanks for the info, though! I'll keep an eye out.
                                  • ClxS

                                    ClxS Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    I'll add it for 0.37.2, I had forgotten that it wasn't added yet. (D'oh)
                                    I'll be out in a couple of days, I'll let you know!
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                                    • opsoren

                                      opsoren Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Thanks for this! It definitely deserves to be an in-game feature.
                                      • Hobbit9797

                                        Hobbit9797 Poptop Tamer

                                        Yeah, I know. But I'm waiting for the first Storm release to rewrite my mod.

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