RELEASED (Storm) Cheaters Toggles (Time Pause and More)

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  1. Krutonium

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    Open Source Mods FTW!

    Please note that before anything in this mod will be active, you must activate it in the config file that will be created when you run the mod.

    Default Keys:

    r - Reloads Config, Enabled by Default
    n - Sets the next Weather (Tomorow) - Check via Console or TV.
    Numpad + - Gives you the amount of money you specified in the config file
    Numpad - - Removes the amount of money you specified in the config file
    Space - Pauses time. Note that NPC's will not move with this implementation. I plan to replace this with a version that will allow NPC's to move later.

    You can also enable the following:
    Health Locked at Max
    Stamina Locked at Max
    Speedrunning - Supposedly a Multiplier, but seems to be capped internally.

    Download Link!
    If you have any issues please feel free to ask, or contribute code :p
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    • GamerAmelli

      GamerAmelli Poptop Tamer

      Tracking this. Look forward to the Time pause NPC moving update.
      • Krutonium

        Krutonium Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        I am about to push an update to fix that :p

        You will have to build it from source though (for now. I am still working on it.)
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        • Tetsero

          Tetsero Void-Bound Voyager

          Put an option to configure key bindings easily. Play with the R key in use (ESDF for movement, A for the action key, R for menu key). More specifically--Let us know what each key/number is in the config file so we can change them appropriately.
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          • Krutonium

            Krutonium Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            In the config file (Created once the mod is run once) there is numbers representing keys. Those numbers are Keycodes. You can find a list of them Here.

            Unfortunatly the JSON does not support comments. :/
            • goldenmanner

              goldenmanner Void-Bound Voyager

              after testing the mod i found an issue
              the game doesn't pause by normal means anymore like talking to someone or opening inventory etc, it just the clock stops so the animals around will still be roaming/the villagers will keep walking and some actions for example hugging your spouse, he/she won't hug back they will just freeze in place till the action is done and if im talking to an npc they stop when i first approach them but then in the middle of the dialog they start walking off and i be talking and they replying back but the npc themselves are already walked off the screen also time still ticks during cutsecnes
              and due everything stated above, the monsters are also affected by this so for example they will keep attacking even if you open you inventory or try to eat something in mid fight
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