RELEASED [Storm] BerryBoost!

Discussion in 'Cheats' started by ThatNorthernMonkey, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Nice! Do you think you can make a similar mod for JoJa cola, perhaps? Maybe an even stronger speed boost, but for only half the time of the berries? Sort of like the manner of a caffeine rush?

    Edit: Oh! Better yet, give it the same exact speed boost and duration as the berries, but then cause the cola to inflict a speed *debuff* on the player when it runs out, to reinforce the caffiene's 'unhealthy' effect on your body. And the only way to cure the debuff is to wait it out for an hour and a half, or sleep... or drink yet another JoJa cola. ;P
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      Nice way to add buffs to food. But I hope there is a way to add new buffs to the existing buff system and don't rewrite it. This will solve problems with showing food's stats and buff's icon.
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        @C0smicMisfit: I'll give it a look, shouldn't be a problem :)

        @keyten: To be honest I haven't looked much into the buffs system yet, hopefully isn't too difficult to work with!
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          BerryBoost v0.02 - 09/03/2015 - Added JojaCola with a config file. Defaults to disabled, so you need to edit the BerryBoostConfig.json that is generated on first run and change "EnableJojaCola" to true to make this work. After consuming JojaCola you get a faster speed buff than berries for 4 hours, but after it wears off you are fatigued and move slower for an hour (or until you eat a berry or drink another JojaCola!). Credit to C0smicMisfit for the idea.

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