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StilleBound - Which path would you take?

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by SexualRhinoceros, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. ColeWalsh

    ColeWalsh Space Hobo

    Yeah, youll need to be fully updated. I would assume V 622
  2. Skyros

    Skyros Intergalactic Tourist

    I still can't join, it keeps telling me there is an error :(
  3. Jack Cobalt

    Jack Cobalt Space Spelunker

    its not updateing for me D:?
  4. Skyros

    Skyros Intergalactic Tourist

    ughh the server still isn't working for me :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  5. TheFoxyPablo

    TheFoxyPablo Space Hobo

    isnt working,just updated it and says cant connect port 21025
  6. Skyros

    Skyros Intergalactic Tourist

    How do you update it? >O>
  7. ColeWalsh

    ColeWalsh Space Hobo

    This update is taking a very long time.
  8. Lord Fatso

    Lord Fatso Void-Bound Voyager

  9. ColeWalsh

    ColeWalsh Space Hobo

    Well I just wasted all of my play time for tonight waiting on this. Be on tomarrow I guess.
  10. TheFoxyPablo

    TheFoxyPablo Space Hobo

  11. doomtrigger

    doomtrigger Void-Bound Voyager

    It was a green cube
  12. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    My internet was having non of the server tonight, got it up and running! I apologize for any down time!
  13. Kirigaya Kazuto(Kirito)

    Kirigaya Kazuto(Kirito) Phantasmal Quasar

    Mind adding some chests so we can stuff all that extra stuff in :rofl:
  14. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    I could, but I figured your ship's inventory served that purpose. I mean, if you still want one, I'll just add a chest to the first quest. :)
  15. Firedancer0x

    Firedancer0x Big Damn Hero

    Server is down again :C
  16. nellysaur 326

    nellysaur 326 Void-Bound Voyager

    can you make a gun that has a fire rate of about 15 shoots rockets that do 420,000 damage please ;)
  17. vhmercenario

    vhmercenario Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I have one say a server and i give you
  18. nellysaur 326

    nellysaur 326 Void-Bound Voyager

    oh servers down?
  19. Getsuga1Osho

    Getsuga1Osho Void-Bound Voyager

    Server's down :( first time trying to log in to it. twinksrus.dyndns.org?
  20. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    its back up, apologies
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