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StilleBound - Which path would you take?

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by SexualRhinoceros, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. blaze2149

    blaze2149 Void-Bound Voyager

    13 Male
    North Aurora
    I love the computer and starbound is my favorite game, but I like to get the best ASAP
    Of course i will follow the rules

    P.S. i keep trying to join the public server but it says that i cant use my character even though i just created him
    I am still using Sean on the public server.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
  2. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    we have a wrapper that goes off of usernames so someone probably took the sean username.

    Added too!
  3. blaze2149

    blaze2149 Void-Bound Voyager

  4. Rhasq

    Rhasq Void-Bound Voyager

    Public is down...?
  5. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    accepted! password sent
    just noticed this, fixing now
    EDIT: It turns out that our host fucked something up and they ran out of hard drive space even though we were at 33% full. Looking into switching hosts with the little bit of donation money we got. If we got like $20 we could get a fast server with a lot of RAM in the middle of the US but nonetheless, expect us to be back up within the next few days. Our private server is still running though!
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
  6. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    Just as a heads up, we turned the private server into the public server so if you want to join before the DNS change takes place which should be in about a half an hour, use private.stillevande.com, other wise the public is back up! Also, if you frequent the private server, we backed up all the files for it and will restore them when we move the public server onto a new, faster dedi. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Theshadowquake

    Theshadowquake Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    you should give the player ship lockers instead of chests they are much bigger and are easier to store also can you add the red hood to the vanity quest? also i noticed the stinkhorn hat wasnt added im not sure if it was a bug that it wasnt added or you just forgot but i just wanted to let you know
  8. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    Our host stole all our new files so I had to go off old copies I made in early December so I did lose them.:(

    I'll add the stuff in now for you!
  9. Fluffy Wuffle

    Fluffy Wuffle Aquatic Astronaut

    Character's Nickname: Fluffy Wuffle
    Your age and gender: 20, Male
    Where are you from: Malaysia
    Description of yourself: Tend to play alone most of the time, but also desire to have someone to talk to. Also very shy IRL. :v
    Will you follow the rules?:
  10. Theshadowquake

    Theshadowquake Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    For me when i beam to spawn i crash :C
  11. kamilion

    kamilion Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    #1: Minecraft is single threaded (can only use one core). Starbound is massively threaded. You're paying for the additional CPU that starbound will suck up.

    Here's a screenshot of sb.zurfa.net, with no greifing going on and about 30 players connected with about 12 hours of uptime since the last starbound_server restart:


    Over 2000 players came and went, to cause that memory leak.
    As you can see, it's *VERY* easy to bring even a massive server to it's knees. This is a dual socket, quad-core-with-hyperthreading xeon with 48GB of ram.
    I'm shortly moving back to a quad socket eight-core opteron with 128GB of ram, once I get the replacement parts from 'the last try' when the power supply exploded.

    #2: After running a SB server since launch; I set the pricing on http://zurfa.net so that customers would get their choice of what they wanted their VM to focus on.
    Our prices are nominally about $10 per GB of RAM.

    Minecraft customers get a 2X ramboost, so paying $40 for a 4GB VM gets you 8GB of RAM, 10GB of disk, and 2 VCPUs, because minecraft is rarely capable of using more than that.
    It REALLY wants one or two very fast (high Ghz) cores, a bit of memory for holding the world state, and some disk to save it on.
    We also throw in 'free backups' for MC machines, because TBH, most of our MC customers have ~1GB-2GB of world files on disk, so a week's worth of backups is only another 10GB.
    They come pre set up, with ubuntu linux, openjdk-7-jre-headless, and craftbukkit, spigot, or MCPC Plus preinstalled.

    Starbound customers get normal ram, but double the CPU cores for every plan. Our basic $10/mo *starts* with 4VCPUs, our medium plans from $35 to $55 come with 6VCPUs, and our really big VMs come with 8 VCPUs.
    You get the same 10GB disk as a minecraft customer, because starbound isn't really a disk whore. For any of our medium or large plans, we load starbound_server and it's assets into a RAMDISK for you as part of the plan, which will eat up about 900MB or 1GB of your allocated ram.
    They also come pre set up, with ubuntu linux, mono 3.2 if you run starrybound, and starbound_server preinstalled (And gets updates from steam, using zurfa's own steam account with steam_cmd)

    Our third set of plans is generic Xen Linux that you can install anything on. Like a webserver or team fortress 2 server. That doesn't get the minecraft 2X ram boost, or the additional VCPUs the starbound plan does, but you get lots of disk space with the generic plan.

    So basically:
    If you pick a minecraft plan, you get hella RAM, but not a lot of CPU or Disk. MC Doesn't use it.
    If you pick a starbound plan, you get hella CPU, but not a lot of Disk. Memory-to-CPU ratio is balanced for SB's needs.
    If you pick a generic plan, you get hella Disk, but not a lot of CPU or Memory. Webservers and Source-Engine game servers need very little resources.

    Source in specific; because all of the level data is set in stone for both the client and the server, so the only real traffic is "Person X is at <coordinates> and is firing in <direction>".
    Sometimes you need to download the map first, but they just point you to a standard HTTP webserver for that, which can even be another server or VM entirely.

    Meanwhile, Minecraft and Starbound both need to describe the entire world around the player, not just the player's position in the world.
    Transferring all of that world information constantly can take a large toll on resources.

    Anyway, if your VPS providers keep dicking you around, SexualRhinoceros, come talk to us on our webchat. We actually know what we're doing and why. :)
    Not in the position to offer a freebie like I did last month; but we can certainly cut you a decent discount for namedropping us.
  12. CJillWill

    CJillWill Void-Bound Voyager

    Character's Nickname: Sorbe Melotis
    (Optional)Your age and gender: 19 Male
    (Optional)Where are you from: Northwest USA
    Description of yourself: Typical college kid, Love playing games and messing around with their mods. Also like to RP.
    Will you follow the rules: Of Course!
  13. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    Accepted! PM's sent!
    We fixed the memory leak on our server. And I never realized MC servers took less Ram, thanks for that info. I'll definitely take a look at your service, especially with any type of discounts. Also the webchat doesn't seem to work. I shot you a PM instead
    Is anyone else experiencing this? I'll get to work right away if anyone is!
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2014
  14. Paillan

    Paillan Existential Complex

    Yes, I started sufering planet beaming problems to.
  15. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    I just made a new character and warped to the spawn planet. Try typing /spawn while on your ship and see if that makes a difference
  16. SexualRhinoceros

    SexualRhinoceros Existential Complex

    just found out public.stillevande.com is down. private.stillevande.com redirects to the public server still so in case anyone was wondering, use that. Also, bumping this because the forums are dead right now. WE NEED SOME LIFE!
  17. CJillWill

    CJillWill Void-Bound Voyager

  18. YaMomIn3D

    YaMomIn3D Intergalactic Tourist

    Le SERVER est down
  19. Kozue

    Kozue Space Spelunker

    17 Male
    Study,play,play,eat,play,sleep,eat,study,eat,play,play,play,eat,play,study,sleep ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ
  20. Kung Fu Pandrew

    Kung Fu Pandrew Big Damn Hero

    Hey man, what's a rough estimate of when the server will run on V. Furious Koala?
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