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Discussion in 'Other' started by Atri, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Atri

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    Hello there , I am kinda new to this forum , but I have a suggestion for the future of starbound multiplayer , and yes as the title says steam multiplayer. I think it would be much easier to get up multiplayer through steam , becouse some people (me and my friends included) might not be able to set up a server. Whether it's becouse of the router not being able to port forward or just some other complications. It would probably be the best if Starbound got steam multiplayer , like in terraria , we couldn't get a server up , but when the steam multiplayer came we were happier than ever. So I think it would be in the best of interest for starbound to get the steam multiplayer. Thank you for reading.
  2. teilnehmer

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    This has already been confirmed to be in the pipes for version 1.0. So you're right, it's a very good idea, and also, this thread is already obsolete. :)
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  3. Atri

    Atri Void-Bound Voyager

    Thank you , I am very happy to hear that. And sorry , didn't know that it was allready confirmed X(

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