Bug/Issue steam acheviements not being achieved

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    Note: These issues are translated by Google Translate might be intermittent sentence.

    Game achievements has been achieved, there has not been achieved Steam achievements information.

    * The Beloved Farmer
    20160413043335_1.jpg 20160413043339_1.jpg 20160413043343_1.jpg 20160413043348_1.jpg 20160413043350_1.jpg 20160413043354_1.jpg 20160413043419_1.jpg

    * A Complete Collection
    20160413043426_1.jpg 20160413043428_1.jpg 20160413044055_1.jpg

    * Mystery Of The Stardrops (508 Current Energy)

    I was wondering if you could measure in order to achieve the Steam achievements.
    20160413043430_1.jpg 20160413043529_1.jpg

    Thank you.

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