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    Dear Chucklefish,

    Starbound is very player friendly and it is easy to get along with your progress in the beginning, as well as in the late game. This is wonderful! However, the game also appeals to the younger players and some things are a bit tougher for them.

    In the beginning of the game you start with a broken sword, and that is your only weapon. And that could be a bit of a problem if a 7 or 8 year old child is playing – they tend to lose their sword in all sorts of ways – dropped with Q, or stored somewhere deep underground, or all sort of ways to lose it. Then they are left in the world alone and with no weapon.

    So my idea is simple – a cheap weapon made by 1-2 wooden logs, like a simple staff, a walking stick or a club, crafted by the player, without the use of any crafting stations. Like rope or salve is made. This would make the gaming experience more balanced in the very beginning of the game.

    Thank You for all of your hard work!

    Kind Regards!
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    I can see how this will be useful to new players.

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    When my son plays he's constantly throwing away my weapons by accident (he's six). I think it will be less of a problem on the console (I hope). Throwing out the stuff from your hot bar is almost never what you want. Maybe pressing Q when the hot bar is locked shouldn't throw out stuff.

    The only time I want to throw stuff at other people is when I'm dragging it out of my inventory in the first place, like sharing blocks for a build or something.
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