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RELEASED StarReader: Starbound Web-Based Player Save File Editor

Discussion in 'Other' started by Gear, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. McSimp

    McSimp Orbital Explorer

    Just made a quick script to dump all the items and their image path from the asset folder.

    Output in JSON format: https://gist.github.com/McSimp/7955426
    Python script: https://github.com/McSimp/starbound-research/blob/master/ListItems.py

    "jetpackTech" is the item name if that's what you mean.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
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  2. Phaze

    Phaze Big Damn Hero

    For SBSE I ended up uploading the entire assets folder and then recursively load each json file in it like the game does. Takes a fraction of a second and you can cache the results for even faster loading.
  3. Shasow

    Shasow Space Spelunker

    Works very well, great work so far! I am looking forward to more features.
  4. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    FYI if you want to give yourself techs, you need to add "-chip" to the end of the tech name found in assets folders
  5. kik4444

    kik4444 Phantasmal Quasar

    When will we be able to save the changes made to items? And in future versions, will we be able to put stuff in ourselves in an empty slot?
  6. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    you can put items in yourself on this version, if you look up the item name in assets\items
  7. kodkodkub

    kodkodkub Void-Bound Voyager

    This is Bug ? I can edit save only 1st time on new character
    1st time I can edit everything pixels / item
    Later i can't edit anything
    A new .player file have the same profile as 1st edit save
    When I create new character I can edit but only 1 time
    sorry for my bad english
  8. mickybubbles

    mickybubbles Space Penguin Leader

    you must be doing something wrong
    make sure you upload it again each time you want to edit. and then replace the file in your game folder when you're done, and downloaded it again
  9. Milavelo

    Milavelo Big Damn Hero

  10. kodkodkub

    kodkodkub Void-Bound Voyager

    i try but it same happen
    i can edit 1 time in 1 character
    if i don't create new character i can't edit old character again :(
  11. Scorchedpotato

    Scorchedpotato Yeah, You!

    Im still getting the playerexception error
    How do i fix?
  12. DiamondLink

    DiamondLink Void-Bound Voyager

    can someone help me the items are turning into perfecltey genaric items these are the items im trying to add rainbowcape and the outsiders set and cronw please help!
  13. Gotcha

    Gotcha Space Hobo

    Doesnt work, character wouldnt show up after saving it even if i just add pixels
  14. Milavelo

    Milavelo Big Damn Hero

    Maybe they've (the devs) changed the save structure already?

    Hmm... I haven't had a chance yet to test this myself, really... we'll have to wait and hear from the creator.
  15. Gotcha

    Gotcha Space Hobo

    I can do it on another char but i cant do it to my current one kinda annoying
  16. TGameCo

    TGameCo Aquatic Astronaut

    When will inv editing be available? I really want a clarinet.... I tried editing one in, but i still don't have it after two tries
  17. Turner3210

    Turner3210 Lucky Number 13

    Can you change gun fire speed and damage? I cannot figure out how, every time I think that I got it, the gun turns into a completely generic item.
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  18. Blitz o fWrath

    Blitz o fWrath Space Hobo

    Does this allow you to edit your characters appearance?
  19. Phaze

    Phaze Big Damn Hero

    I don't think Gear's has any of that yet beyond adding armor, but I do have a tool to change the colors of your character and it's currently worn armor here if you need it.
  20. Blitz o fWrath

    Blitz o fWrath Space Hobo

    Awesome. I settle for a color change. Do you know of anything that lets you change head pieces or stance?

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