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RELEASED Stargate Invasion WIP v0.8.4

Addition of components from the Stargate franchise

  1. swefpifh

    swefpifh Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    • Compatibility : Starbound 1.4.4 / Frackin Universe and others mods

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The objective of the player is to embody a character from the Starbound
    universe while meeting or interacting with different objects or entities from
    the Stargate franchise. In spite of my poor knowledge in programming,
    I don't let myself down because I aspire to design a mod as complete as
    possible with innovative mechanics and elements.
    At the beginning, I wanted to make a small mod for personal use. And I thought
    that sharing my passion for this franchise could maybe bring some nostalgia to
    the community. I chose to add the Stargate franchise to Starbound because
    I am one of the biggest fans on Earth and if I could, I would love to work on
    a game based on this great franchise.

    After completing the main quest of Esther Bright which will allow you to scan
    the objects in game. You will be able to interact with Dr. Lyllin at the Outpost,
    next to the "2 Shop Teleport". To differentiate the mod quests from the vanilla
    game quests, the exclamation marks are blue.
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  2. Adler_Ship

    Adler_Ship Aquatic Astronaut

    Hi, I can't dowload your mod on Starbound
    Stargate Invasion WIP v0.6, I do not load MEGA, but I want to play very much
  3. sucubica

    sucubica Big Damn Hero


    Afraid im bearer of bad news. After testing every single mod from my list i pinpointed that the latest update of Frackin Universe (5.6.414 ) , generates the invulnerability/energy not charging BUG when paired to this mod

    [21:50:27.302] [Error] Exception while invoking lua function 'update'. (LuaException) Error code 2, [string "/stats/player_primary.lua"]:161: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value (field 'ouchCooldown')
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in metamethod '__sub'
    [string "/stats/player_primary.lua"]:161: in upvalue 'catUpdate'
    [string "/stats/cat_primary.lua"]:25: in global '_update'
    [string "/scripts/mm_player_primary.lua"]:42: in upvalue 'tileEffects_Update'
    [string "/scripts/basictilegroundeffects.lua"]:84: in upvalue 'oldUpdate'
    [string "/scripts/isn_geldetection.lua"]:12: in upvalue 'FR_old_update'
    [string "/scripts/raceEffects.lua"]:17: in function <[string "/scripts/raceEffects.lua"]:16>
    [0] 7ff7f167a213 Star::captureStack


    Probably something to do with the goa'uld race or ja'ffa. , and inclusion of FrackinRaces into FU

    So basically It sucks :(

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