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Outdated Starfoundry v1.3.2

Automation megamod including energy, pipes, magnets, data transmission and more!

  1. Ristellise

    Ristellise Void-Bound Voyager

    Is this updated to upbeat giraffe?
  2. Dzony_B

    Dzony_B Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I guess not... :chucklefish:Starbound didn't had a stable update in a long time and mod makers fell a sleep:zzz:. we have to wait or make some hype for the game again.

    HYPE:party: HYPEE:headbanging: HYPEEEEE!!!!! :lickitung:

    :gooby:plz update mod for us :rofl: we love it. :love:

    R.I.P. :koala:Updates.
  3. kamstew

    kamstew Astral Cartographer

    They didn't fall asleep. If you read the previous page, they've been working on it over the holidays.

    At some point I said I would give suggestions though and I never really did because I realized there's allot that can be simply extrapolated from the game (X thing is done in game, make machine to do X thing if possible, move on to Y thing and so on). The following is brainstorm and possibly worthless unless you guys are really stuck, in which case god help us:

    To fill in for the power smelter, and I have no idea what you guys are working with but, I imagined a powered 3d printer thing, insert a series of vanilla craft-able items and then pipe in the ingredients. your dismay over the removal of smelters makes me think you haven't been able to automate tables which would be pretty lame on starbound's part.

    what about a JK latch with 2 outputs and 3 input? or with the C input hidden? -- Powered Healing Station --Allow pipes to accept modded fluids(tabula rasa exists so idk)

    Make extractor work off block name as to accept modded blocks -- multiplication/addition box with many inputs -- large equation box with many inputs and an operator between each

    powered tools in hand, maybe a mining laser that requires you to be standing in your power grid, battery backpack that acts as a node. these both rely on it being possible to transfer power directly to/from a player somehow

    Powered defense turrets / electrical fence-ish thing (monster and player) -- nuclear reactor that takes uranium fuel and boils away water, -- chemical generator that takes copper bars submerged in acid, maybe change the thermoelectric to be water input submerged in lava. the formation of magmarock would be an issue which leads me to my next idea

    finer tuned block removal and placement machine(s) (ive thought about 2 binary inputs that stop the X/Y movement of the placer which could also be used as 2 number inputs that designate coordinates within the placer's working space and something similar for removing blocks).

    a powered version of skyrails, maybe a little platform hanging from cables kind of deal so that it has ~48-64 storage space and can be moved around tracks( the chunk loading problems though, technology is a real bitch)

    a block material that only allows power to pass. likewise a background block that denies power.

    PLC (programmable logical controllers) in some simple form and i don't mean like the game already has. maybe being able to create a series of logic gates in a lua menu that can be printed as a single placable item similar to existing logic gates(which is possibly a bad idea since that seems like a hop/skip/jump from programming computers in the game since you could have the lau menu be huge and able to hold hundreds of logic gates or some shit)

    as for power expenditure; not to imply you haven't already thought of this, I would suggest doing some research on heavy machinery and trying to pick out things that might be useful in space. here's some of what I saw that might be good (a few of these aren't expenditure)

    liquid Refinery. Sawmill. Water Wheel. Geothermal Generator. Macerator. Incinerator(powered trash). Vending Machine. some kind of actuator or piston. A more complete deployable computer that does....something. Windmill. Refrigeration unit. Steam turbine. Dam. Harvester/Thresher. Air pump(power to create the impression of no air as best as possible within the confines of a room). Hydraulic mining. Drill. Oil Derrick. Compressor. Freezer. Hydraulics.

    okay ill stop but after that sci-fi should have some great semi-plausible machines (force fields come to mind)
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  4. jimmyjack

    jimmyjack Phantasmal Quasar

    This is the greatest mod of all mods, it was kind of buggy at times. But it was great I need this badly so badly I would pay for it and thats crazy. I hope this comes back, but seems like I heard somewhere the mod dev works for chucklefish now. But don't quote me on that.
  5. Taiine

    Taiine Pangalactic Porcupine

    I love mods like this, although buggy I hope it continues to be worked on.
  6. jimmyjack

    jimmyjack Phantasmal Quasar

    Yea it just seems starfoundry fit the starbound world, like it needs to be implemented into the base game because of the technology used to fly to planet to planet. You would need this tech on the ground to.
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  7. Markelius

    Markelius Space Kumquat

    kamstew made some good suggestions above, I've been thinking of how this mod could be somewhat redesigned or build around the new liquid functionality & new items too. Thought I'd post my ideas in case the team's interested.

    New liquid functionality has a lot of potential for automation. Dams like Kamstew suggested would be really cool, especially on ocean planets. Steam power also has a lot of potential in the new update, wood & coal could be tier one for steam, oil would be tier 2, then geothermal (consume lava and water) would be tier 3. I am imagining a cool system set up on an ocean planet which funnels water all the way down to the core and uses the lava from there to power a high-output steam dynamo.

    Additionally, the new liquid Erichus and Erichus Crystals could be used in a chemical reactor. This would be high-output and quite efficient but need to be supplied with Liquid Erichus, not a renewable fuel.

    Solar has good potential, it could be mid to high tier. High output but is expensive and can only be operated in daytime. It also needs some different arrays rather than just the one that exists in the Enraged Koala version. Low tier arrays could be very small but also cheap, then you'd work your way up to larger arrays, and finally varying sized dish arrays that are more expensive but output more power.

    Bio-Fuel would be neat as well. Mekanism had a neat approach to it. I imagine food could be distilled into a fuel then consumed for power. An imitation of actual bio-petrol would be neat too, where you would grow mushrooms in a vat, then distill them into fossil fuels and petrolium, and burn that as a fuel source.

    Industrial Terraformation could also be a cool feature. Not sure how possible it would be with the current Lua API, but some neat stuff like a block replacer could be done. I imagine a machine much like the Digital Miner from Mekanism which would gradually replace blocks with existing ones at the cost of a lot of power. If you worked with it in the daytime and set up a few top tier solar arrays near it you should be able to power it.

    Actually, it could just be a fully fledged Starbound version of the Digital Miner. Mining any ores or blocks you specify within the loaded chunks. A setting to make it stop mining after it ran out of blocks to replace stuff with (if you were using the replace function) would be nice, the Mek. one doesn't have such an option.

    Finally, some good industrial machinery that does stuff the existing machines can't would be awesome. Again, Mekanism would be good to look at for inspiration. A Crusher/Macerator could turn cobblestone into gravel, and gravel into sand. Something like Thermal Expansion's Magma Crucible, which turns solids into liquids would be nice. A mod was recently released that did this, only I feel as such an idea needs the power consumption for balance, or else it would be too OP, especially in a Starfoundry Environment.

    The new pumps of course would collect liquid, but you'd actually be able to retrieve it in item form now. A boiler which consumes stuff like liquid poison, healing water, and other liquids and turns them into more potent forms would be nice. The poison could be boiled down into highly concentrated throwing flasks, or be used to manufacture poison darts. The concentrated healing water could be used in an analogue for Bacta Tanks, as well as stimpacks.

    Can't really think of much else at the moment, but I'm looking forward to whatever's being worked on, can't wait to get automating!
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  8. MrHat

    MrHat Void-Bound Voyager

    With all of the great suggestions, I would rather have the devs get the mod out soon so they don't feel overwhelmed with all of these suggestions.
  9. kamstew

    kamstew Astral Cartographer

    good stuff. your comments on the renewability of echrius made me imagine a sort of "meta" between renewable and non-renewable energy sources.
    I've seen one of the guys behind this mod talk about how he doesn't like solar and i can see it's technical impact on the game but I really enjoy passive generation like that so i agree with what you are saying about arrays(i think the modder i brought up also talked about solar arrays)

    the bio-fuel comes down to making this somehow compatible with FF(frackin flora). I fantasized about a sort of modular "science" mod pack. where each mod added a different aspect of science, maybe even with a modded launcher(I'm certainly no coding expert)

    they do have a thing to turn solid --> liquid but once you add modded blocks it all goes downhill. a thing to turn liquid---> solid would be cool though. you could store blocks as liquid or vice versa. maybe make the transmission of each somehow different so that there would be a benefit of reducing things to liquid/solid for before transmitting/storing them.

    The big thing i thought of after posting mine was that there should be more use of numbers because i'm absolutely in love with the logic gates and number-wires. the fact that i can create a door that checks my max HP against a "passcode" HP is pretty much why i play video games. i was thinking it would be really cool if more devices had number input (input number to quarry for setting area, input number to generator for "stay on this many seconds", maybe input number to containers for dispensing that number of items/liquid) though i see how some of that could be done with logic gates, it would save allot of time and space, and maybe even reduce lag some by basically hiding the logic gates inside of the devices. (not actually spawning them inside of it obviously that would be silly.)

    I see what you're saying but if they like anything we say they can just take it down in a notepad of "things to hopefully add one day". i think it's a pretty good strategy for development, crowd sourcing is real.
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  10. Arikhan

    Arikhan Void-Bound Voyager

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    Caused by: (VariantException) No such key in Variant::get("name")
  11. Olxinos

    Olxinos Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Starfoundry is only compatible with enraged koala. You should either uninstall this mod until the upbeat giraffe version (of this mod) is released, or play enraged koala if you still have a non-updated version of starbound somewhere.
  12. Arikhan

    Arikhan Void-Bound Voyager

    okaay :\
  13. Taiine

    Taiine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Really. I mean come on, the mod it's self even says at the very top:

    UPDATE April 26: With the most recent update to the stable branch (Enraged Koala update 8)

    That is kind of clear that the mod is -not- updated.

    Just sit back and wait, a mod this big is sure to take time to update with all the code changes and removed/changed methoods from the last version.
  14. RatixFarrence

    RatixFarrence Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Healthire was working with the CF team on something before the stable release of Starbound, if you have read the official dev blogs. Sounds like it probably was only temporary though. Please be patient everyone.
  15. LittleMikey

    LittleMikey Void-Bound Voyager

    This looks amazing, can't wait till I can play it!
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  16. RatixFarrence

    RatixFarrence Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    It is amazing. I enjoyed every minute of this nerdy game mechanic-palooza
  17. Juxtor

    Juxtor Phantasmal Quasar

    I am not playing Starbound much these days (kinda waiting for official release) but I LOVED the functionality Starfoundry brought to the game.

    I love being able to create machines that can interact in various ways resulting in automation of time consuming tasks or other outcomes. Metadept moving to the dev team is something I hoped might lead to official integration of many of Starfoundry's features but I am not sure if this hope will be fulfilled. I would love to see energy generation and power systems a part of the game. I would prefer to have some sort of physical wiring over the current energy node/wireless system used by this mod however. Piping to transfer items, fluids, etc is an AMAZING feature. So many enjoyable things could be brought to life using methods introduced in this mod.

    However, in their attempts to streamline the game (apparently), some of the devs ideas have put quite a damper on SF's future in the game (or even the possibility of official incorporation of such features). Perhaps most notable would be the elimination for sequential smelting of ores. Since it is no longer a "tedious" process to smelt ores into bars, but you simply "craft" bars from ores at an appropriate station, the need for an automated process immediately vanishes. Taking with it a huge part of the fun in creating wired systems automating the steps to perform this task efficiently. Setting up a power source, powering furnaces, piping in ores, filtering bars output to storage. No longer needed, really, by changing that one process.

    For Starbound to truly shine in my eyes, it must allow us to build interesting and useful contraptions using the wiring system (or what purpose is there in having such a system). But, in the current state of the game, there is no need to create automated smelting because it happens instantly (as I mentioned before). There is no need to make complex farms and harvesting equipment (because we don't have to eat anymore). There is no need to have powered heat sources for our structures (because there is no danger from cold or heat). There is no need for complex plumbing to move liquids (because the Matter Manipulator does it without effort). Many more possibilities likely exist that have become irrelevant due to "streamlined" approaches currently in place.

    In fairness, I've been away from SB for quite some time and haven't kept up on future plans as much as I used to. For example, I'm aware the devs have mentioned they plan on re-implementing some of the features currently absent (namely some or all of those that made SB a survival game of any sort). Many of the things I had hoped would find their way into the game may still take place (especially if Meta gets to do some of the things he began with this mod).

    I will, of course, continue to monitor progress on this game awaiting v1.0 and will continue to hope the things that SB deserves to have as part of its game play experience find their way into the game.
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  18. RatixFarrence

    RatixFarrence Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I agree with most of this, but I'm quite sure that there will be even more things to manipulate once the streamlining process is at its end. It is all about the SF team using their noggin like they did when they came up with this game-changing mod. There are still people who wish to live in the world of Starfoundry regardless of what SB team does to the game. It's like getting a 1000 in one electronic project set from Radioshack for Christmas. But then again, we want the same kind of thinking with Starbound itself.
  19. FormalRiceFarmr

    FormalRiceFarmr Big Damn Hero

    if we pray real hard and eat all our veggies, maybe +metadept will add logic to vanilla game one day
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  20. Luthor614

    Luthor614 Cosmic Narwhal

    *fingers crossed*

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