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Discussion in 'Support' started by ThatGirl26, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. ThatGirl26

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    hi everyone .
    im playing stardrew valley that i downloaded from steam . im updating it all the time .
    i know that after you finish the community center , when you go to robins house you have a new option for community upgrades where you can build pam a new house .

    well i finished the community center (and did that 3 time to check this error) and still i dont have that new option .
    i trying to look for it in the internet but i didnt fined anyone with the same problem that i have .

    do any of you know something about that ? why is it happenening ?

    thank you ,
    have a nice day .
    • Iris Blanche

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      Moved to Stardew Valles support. Please not that Starbound support is NOT for Stardew Valley related issues.
      Please make sure to post in the right section next time.
      • margotbean

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        You have to completely upgrade the farmhouse and finish the community center before the option appears in robin's menu. Have a nice day too!

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