WIP StarDOPE VALLEY: adding CANNABIS as a mod to SDV. update: 5/4

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    I'd previously worked on implementing a waaaay less complicated version of this. I got permission to use the sprites from this mod, but basically all im implementing is growing them. My fall break just started, so hopefully I'll have the time to finalize the mod and release it
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      I just found this today but I love the idea and I hope I can play with this mod soon!
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        *raises this thread from the dead*

        With permission from the OP, ProjectPopulateJsonAssets is taking over StarDOPE Valley development.
        Here's where we are without doing any work on the mod so far (from the Ideas Section)
        • Crops are made, but product + seed packages need done (from OP)
        • Honey Oil Extractor (Enhanced Oil Maker will cover this)
        • CBD/Essential Oils Extractor (Alembic)
        • Balm Making Tub (Wax Barrel?)
        • Butter Churn (Butter Churn)
        • Cloth Machine (Enhanced Spinning Wheel)
        • Some food is already made as well as some craftables
        Things PPJA are unlikely to implement:
        • CustomNPC + Building
        • Taxes
        • Sungrown vs Indoor
        • Tobacco (may be a final additional)
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        • ADD_Booknerd

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          Is there a working version of this mod (that has different strains and such)?
          • paradigmnomad

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            We just took over development less than 24 hours ago, so not yet. Give it at minimum a week.
            • paradigmnomad

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              [​IMG] [​IMG]
              Some slight edits were made to Ivy's sprite (mostly to clean it up a bit) as well as a first draft of her character sheet. Some work in progress dialogue:

              //Introduction Welcome! Oh! I haven't seen you before! Names Ivy, nice to meet you.$0
              //spring_19 Do you know what tomorrow is? I'll give you a hint,$2 it's my birthday! Oh, that wasn't much of a subtle hint was it?
              //spring_2 Isn't spring wonderful? I can finally put some of the plants outdoors rather than keeping them in the greenhouse.$1
              //spring_23 The flower dance is tomorrow isn't it? Maybe Mayor Lewis will let me set up a stand.#2Liven up that boring festival for a change.#4
              //spring_12 Abigail told me how she used to always win the Egg Hunt, even as an adult.#b#Why doesn't she let Jas or Vincent win for a change?#3
              //loveItemDialogue I love this! @, thank you so much.$1
              //likeItemDialogue This is a nice gift. Thank you, @.$3
              //dislikeItemDialogue This is some kinda of joke right, @?$2
              //hateItemDialogue What ever made you think I would like this! This is horrible.$5
              //neutralItemDialogue This is pretty nice, I guess.$0

              Added objects
              [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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              • asja10

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                Really excited for this, if can help in any way, hmu (can't really program tho but could do artwork n stuff in ps)
                • paradigmnomad

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                  Anybody is welcome to contribute! Right now we need:
                  • Seed packages (preferably how trellis crop seeds look)
                  • Better product sprites. Currently they look like this: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Which are just recolors of the hop sprite. It's hard to tell the differences at 100x
                  • Balm & food sprites (we already have honey stick & brownie)
                  • (Possibly) a rolling station machine sprite
                  People are free to make different crops as well but please try to keep them in the same style as the ones on the front page.
                  • caomicc

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                    Will you guys be posting this on nexus mods? Super excited! I made my own version based on this mod a while ago and I've been using that one with the content patcher.
                    • paradigmnomad

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                      Ideally this is going to be merged with Cannabis Kit, which is already on Nexus.
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                          I didn't realize Stardew Valley could be played at skating parks.
                          • mehtare lingolien

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                            Have downloaded the mod, and am really enjoying it. So far can only grow hemp and white widow. No machines to make ANYTHING, and missing other crops (cannabis, northern lights, etc.) Got a few recipes from Krobus, but again, can't make NOTHING.

                            Will I get more stuff in time, or......?

                            ETA: was able to change some coding from "Harvey" to "Pierre", but am now still waiting on the machines to make the hemp cloth, butter, etc. etc.
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                              can you install this mod or what i think its discontinued
                              • SpiffyDragon13

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                                So far I haven't had any issues with it in 1.5. I think as long as all the requirement mods are updated it should be fine.
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                                  Hey gang! I came across this on nexus and I can conform that it does still work, at least on Android. BUT... it changes the extruder to only make shatter when you give it honey. So I can't get beeswax anymore, which was the original function. I'm not a coder... is there a way to fix this? If someone can walk me through it, I can try to just fix it myself.

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