WIP StarDOPE VALLEY: adding CANNABIS as a mod to SDV. update: 5/4

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    This is not to offend, this is to be a contact zone to those interested in adding marijuana to Stardew Valley. I mean, because people everyday here are coming with creative ideas and try to put together mods that they suits their character the best they can. Also, marijuana is crops like any other and to apply it to such would be fun. They also seem to be a fun hobby for people in RL and is a new booming attribute to its economy where it is legal.

    I will politely mention this (shouldn't have to, but): If you're going to try to discuss your personal views against MJ in general in a way that does not contribute to the mod, this is not the place for it. Not that we don't understand or refuse to understand where you're coming from, but it is deterrent to the matter at hand. Especially since this is optional and you are not forced to participate in the discussion or download it.

    Hey there!

    When the game initially took off and the forums were happening with people, a lot of people took interest in the idea of adding marijuana to the game. However like everyone new, didn't know what to do about it. And it was a mess and there wasn't a cohesive enough idea to be a jumping point off of to actually get the ball moving.

    Since people have made substantial advancement in creating new items/creating new machines/food/crops/etc.

    VAPE PENS by @Delta9
    • weed recolors, originally created by @Delta9 , recolored by me:
    View attachment 150500
    ^^^(hemp, sativa, indica and hybrid, respectfully)

    close up of indica and hybrid here:




    05/04/2016 -
    • WE NEED PIXEL ART - this is slowly getting done! but there's still much to be done!
    • This is slowly getting more and more fleshed out. There is a lot at hand, but I think at the pace that we're going at least it will be fleshed out. Almost have the "universally accepted crops/drug free" ready to be shipped over to @Killerbotto to be implemented into his MCM out of the way because some people are OK w/ the "utility" uses, over the...other one.
    • @Delta9 created some cool looking vape pens tools that we hope to get in there.
    • Coming up with requirements as to when farmer is able to grow weed. E.g. second year, and has greenhouse unlocked.
    • More volunteers!
    • Added glasses onto NanameYetNPC
    • (Prior to this date I also did recolors to some of the weed plants)
    • WE NEED PIXEL ART - this is slowly getting done! but there's still much to be done!
    • @Delta9 has made some crops on trellis so far! Of: Sativa, Indica and Hemp!
      • "I'll volunteer for nugs, the rolling station (which may lead to me picking up the joints/blunts/spliffs), and the CBD ointments. :confirm:"
    • WE NEED PIXEL ART. @kitsunespirit kindly offered to make stuff. Still need contributors though!
    • Updated in main post of what to do with CBD (prior though of making its own crop)
    • Added first concept art of our new NPC to Stardope Valley ;D /
      • she is nameless for now
        • : mrrr.png
    • not enough to warrant a fleshed out new update tab for, but added resource material to front page to give a graphical view of what cannabinoids and its affect on different illnesses. (4/13)

    04/10/2016 -
    • WE NEED PIXEL ART. Slowly people are getting on board that can actually get this onto SMAPI, but can't without some sweet-ass drawings.
    Follow some of our discussion about this here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/145AqD2pZht5QcJVnlgSvR4TRrwlY4RW9ZRbNnivbevk/edit
    (note: in order to see comments on the doc (but wasn't made on the document itself) on the computer and it will be on the left-hand side. it will be in yellow on mobile.

    IDEAS [understandable if undoable, take them off as we go along]:
    • 5 different crop types: INDICA, SATIVA, HYBRID, HEMP (& maybe tobacco for spliffs)
    • However, tons of different variations of the crops with the crazy ass names (My favorite name is Grapefruit Romulan) and different colors.
    • OBV: the silver and gold star system applies here. Determines from grade A,B,C, = how much THC and trichomes (crystals) it has. (IN CBD's case how much healing properties it has)
    • UNIQUE: Another price and growth factor determines if it was sungrown or grown in the greenhouse (indoors)
      • Honey Oil extractor (or add third use to oil machine) (=oil + weed crop)
      • /Concentrate processor (honey oil x1 or x2 to make wax),
      • CBD/Essential oils extractor & balm-making tub (can add water + either sativa /indica/hybrid x2 AND add water or weed crop(1) + a regular crop + water to make different balms) -- Balms specifically for only healing and made from only from CBD.
      • butter churner (can make weed butter (crop and milk) and regular butter (x2 milk),
      • add hemp to CLOTH MACHINE to make HEMP CLOTH)
      • a rolling station: joint (SATIVA/HYBRID x2), blunt (INDICA x2), cigarette (if you add tobacco x2), spliff (SATIVA/INDICA/HYBRID x1 + tobacco)
      • HASH, WAX, BUTTER, BALM, OIL, HEMP CLOTH, HEMP ROPE FENCES (made from hemp cloth)
      • BROWNIES, CANDIES, EH. BASICALLY ANYTHING. (Can take twice as much damage being hurt and more lucky, but slower?, etc)
    • PROPERTY AND MEDICINAL MARIJUANA GROWING TAXES. Because be a good civilian and help toward the success of your community!
    RESOURCES, because knowledge is power:
    1. http://sclabs.com/images/cannabinoids/SC Labs Cannabinoid Ailment Guide.pdf
    2. http://sclabs.com/learn/learn-cannabinoids.html
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    • Nurio

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      I have no real opinion whatsoever concerning drugs. I am okay with them but don't use them myself.
      I am simply here to point out I thought you were referring to adding Michael Jackson to the game
      • taintedwheat

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        hahaha, fair enough. :)

        i'll edit it to, marijuana. thanks for your insight though!
        EDIT: nvm, I cannot.

        EDIT 4/11: i'm stupid and someone showed me how to change it.
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        • Jigain

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          I, too, came here expecting a heated debate whether or not Michael Jackson should be an NPC. I was disappointed.

          Still, for drugs of any kind, I personally do not condone them in any way save for strictly medical purposes, and even then only in emergency cases.

          That said, the beauty of modding is that you can pick and choose what to download and what not to download. I would not download a mod including drugs, but I fully support its existence.
          • ClxS

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            Haha, I only skimmed the disclaimer so thought the same. I laughed at "I will politely mention this (shouldn't have to, but): If you're going to try to discuss your personal views against MJ in general in a way that does not contribute to the mod, this is not the place for it. " when I thought it was still about Jackson. :)

            But yeah, no real opinion on it. Now someone has made a (brilliant) mod adding extra machines, and new crop mods already exist, it should be doable.
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            • taintedwheat

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              My husband wanted me to be off-color and be like: "YEAH, WE'RE GONNA REPLACE PENNY WITH MJ."

              I think its doable, but I have no idea when it comes to any coding. I have some art background that I can help with the pixel art, but I was trying to get this cohesive enough for people to see it.

              @Jigain , Thank you for your input and I respect your opinion! My only quibble is that alcohol (and tobacco) in a philosophized sense a legalized drug, but the effects from them can supercede even this mildest of controlled substances, like marijuana.
              I know a lot of people who feel the same as you, but they're still civil enough to deal with me anyway :3
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              • taintedwheat

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                I also believe if we can do this well enough, it would be even easier (because game media is easier to deal with contact/inquiry (yet they don't always have everything you learn in college about journalism)/ to get coverage on the work put forth making this!
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                • sunbean

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                  I also thought this was about Michael Jackson, am somewhat disappointed.

                  This is a neat idea, and one I think I can work on in the future. Right now I'm trying to create new npc's but I think I can make some of the sprites for this if anyone ends up doing it. :)
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                  • taintedwheat

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                    Thanks! Keep in check! Im seriously trying to get this going.

                    Lolololol I cannot change the title xD
                    But if someone wants to make Michael Jackson, let the hilarity ensue
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                    • katgirl28888

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                      This is wonderful! My boyfriend and I bought this game expressly because we figured at some point there'd be a mod like this. We even called our first farm Weed Farm :cool: These are some good ideas, and that doc is a smart way to keep everything somewhat together. I can't wait for something to come of this!
                      • taintedwheat

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                        Thanks! I'm glad I'm finally getting people willing to help me put this together.

                        The concepts are good thus far, but we also need a bunch of unique sprites for it.

                        I may check online looking for freeware pixel plants that look closest to weed and edit closer. Really need another artist or two to help out <or whomever>
                        • Ghostly Fox

                          Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                          It might help if you gave some examples of the kind of work you need. Both so people considering submitting art know if what you are looking for is in their skill range, and so that they can try to match the style. It'd also help if you mentioned what, if any, pieces/sets have been claimed so that you don't get two people working for however long on the same thing. Somewhere people can submit work they might have done that isn't on a public forum might help too, in case anyone who is willing to work on the mod has something done, but it too nervous to post it where everyone can see.
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                          • taintedwheat

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                            Thankies! All good things to consider. So far there hasnt been any allocation of work distributed or done, so everything is pretty fair game.

                            I might do some concept art sketches for how I want the machines and what not in pencil o:

                            So far, its me, Igorious and Killerbotto on board. The more farm hands, the merrier!
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                            • Superior_s

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                              I'm not sure if it's been posted on the doc, but maybe there should be a buff depending on what you smoke? Possibly the buff you get when you drink and maybe slow from the slimes as well lol.
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                              • taintedwheat

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                                No! But that's good! Because I didn't think about the buffs/debuffs from actually inhaling it bawahaha. Let's think about it now! Then we can put that shit in there :3

                                So far we discussed that food would probably give you like less speed lolol, but higher luck and defence? And I really strictly like the idea of CBD being for only healing HP and nothing more. A gift for all the old people in town too. :3
                                • Superior_s

                                  Superior_s Sandwich Man

                                  I'm not saying all strains need those particular buffs, at least one strain with them would be fine.

                                  I'm not really sure what other buffs should be used. I do like the luck idea, defense not so much. I really like the luck one. Lol
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                                  • taintedwheat

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                                    Well, brah help me out maynee. Half-assing between history online class stuff and this.

                                    I agree, not every strain needs its own unique thing -- just the craftable type. I think I might want two sets though -- another for being some special elite (like ancient berries) set of strains. You know. That top shelf stuff.

                                    Hmm. Well, I think the parameters are only luck, speed, farming, mining, defense and attack. I might be missing one.
                                    • Superior_s

                                      Superior_s Sandwich Man

                                      Hmmm, any of the buffs could work if we really wanted it to, lol. While reading your response my immediate thought was a speed up buff from really good shit. My thoughts went straight to matrix for that whole speed up.
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                                      • taintedwheat

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                                        Duuuude. Yeah, omg that's awesome. n___n; join in on the posting fun and add it in there <3

                                        I have a 40 question quiz at 11:59 pst x.x;;;

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