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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by creeper22, May 26, 2016.

  1. creeper22

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    I have not seen a thread like this so here it is you can put screenshots of cool randomly generated mobs,
    if you want you can name it, describe it and so on.
    so basically a StarBound Pokedex.

    to kick it of i have the ferocious Lagos or evil rabbit.
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  2. Ludovic

    Ludovic Giant Laser Beams

    Personally, I'd LOVE something like a Starbound "Monster Codex" allowing us to register procedural monsters into.

    Heck, I'd just love procedural monsters to get some more love again. And not even new bodyparts or special attacks.
    But stuff like an updated UI displaying pregenerated monsters names over or under their healtbar.... and even include the likes of a "procedural monsters" name generator. With the likes already existing for weapons(even if I feel it might require some tweaking <.< ) and NPCs, it wouldn't be that hard to implement one for monsters as well I imagine.

    It might help to see something like "Necrolis Brazentstabber" for one damage-dealing monster, with potentially fire damage regular/special attack, possibly named in part after the "Necrolis" Star system it's from.
    It might grow old semi-quickly, but certainly would already be more personable than "nameless randomized monster #142".

    Actually, as mentionned by "fire damage", I'd just like something like a "Monster Traits" system.
    Something that would not just generate attack patterns or "special ranged attack" for monsters, but also indirect traits.
    Stuff like "Blazing" giving them an aura of small flames and making all their damages deal burning debuffs. Or higher than normal speed or defense(a defense buff might come with a defense debuff).
    Maybe a "Rage" trait causing a monster to temporarily turn invulnerable at half-health and then deal increased damages from then on with increased movement and attack speed.

    Or even stuff that's not directly combat related!
    Stuff like a "Bioluminescent" trait making them glow at night the same way Novakids already do in Nightly, or an "Apex Predator" trait which does increases their stats to make them stronger than the average monsters species of the planet.... but in turn they also attack any other monsters out there and not just the player.

    I mean, I don't know if it would be hard to implement.
    But just giving actual "names" to monsters, alongside a "traits" system that would cover more than "this monster spits poison"VS"this monster vomits acid blood" would go a long way to making the game feel more unique I feel.

    In fact, considering how long it's been since I've encountered any enemy that even still used special attacks even in Nightly, I'm starting to wonder if the devs have given up on the idea of procedural monsters as more than just "random generic "try to run headfirst in you" melee attackers" :X

    I do hope that is just an impression though as I would love to see those buggers shine again so if anybody can confirm procedural monsters able to use abilities again,I'd be very happy.

    I do love the handcrafted ones, but ultimately them being found on almost -all- planets ultimately brings back the same issue than before almost :(
  3. creeper22

    creeper22 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    yah that would be cool and i suggest you put this in the suggestion forum it sounds really cool.

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