Stardew Valley's Next Ambitious Massive Update Suggestion

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    First of all i played Stardew Valley to the point where i think had did everything.
    i look at the game as a very simple yet very wide and unpredictable until now when i visit my farm from time to time i find new things to do with the game. May i suggest the following.
    i would love to come with me in my Next ambitious Massive Update suggestions (imagination is required)

    More to Married life: i would love to start with this suggestions because as a lonely gamer i tend to overly attached on my virtual character. i even get worried when my husband (in game) is nowhere to be found when i woke up. i would like my husband to ask me to go to the store with him, have a picnic where you have to choose if you have to picnic or water your plants! i would like him to go with me in saloon and it will be a yes or a no answer... sometimes your husband will ask something that you need to answer what was your first gift. sometimes she will say yes sometimes no. i would like my husband to have his own channel in the television or a new game in his snes where we play and he gets sad because i beat him or be happy i let him win. i would love to see my husband to ask me to stay in bed all day. where you have to choose your husband or your chores. sometimes she will want to go to the movies. its always more fun seeing us do task together (joining contest, watching tv, having a picnic etc.). different partner = different attitudes = different problems.

    More to Pet option:
    capturing a wild eagle and training it to catch fish would be nice. Breeding 4 Eagles and making your self a birdhouse for your eagles and training it to attack monsters. imagine it 4 eagles are swooping the sky attacking random monsters. participating on contests, having new puppies and kittens would be so adorable to watch running in my farm (or in my house) bringing them on a hunting trip (yes i would like to see a herd of dogs running or my house filled with cats. training a puppy is much easier to train rather than a big dog. i would like a fish farm where i see them swimming around and breed them. lifting pets might come in handy. <3

    more to Crafting: making more crafting options tend to make players wonder what to do next while pooping. no what i mean is where its almost impossible to think all what you can do in game. like wind mill etc.

    More Contest: Pet show. Pet Tricks, Cooking contest, horse race, biggest pumpkin. the new contest can be merged with the existing festivals, a two person contest where your friend (or husband or boyfriend) will do certain task and it will be fun to watch you guys lose because of him >.< like a sack race.

    More Villagers:
    Its always better to have more friends. different friends make different benefits where when you have lots of friends, you have lots of gifts, sometimes a discount on the workshop maybe they can lend you a hand with your farm chores. this means more marriage candidates. The more Villagers there are, the more unpredictable the game will be.
    the more friends you have the more enemies you have also. Enemies will try to make your day bad. in lots of ways.. like trashing your farm or talking none sense about you.

    More to the Combat/Battle: more dungeons, magic skills etc, add bosses would be fun. i would like mini bosses, season bosses, yearly bosses, and bosses that are big.. where villagers need to help you literally. some villagers heal, some villagers water your crops sometimes, some villagers give you free food randomly, some friends will be your tank while battling and retreat if 50% life.

    Couple Trouble: i would love to see my partner to be with me in the dungeon killing monsters having his/her own inventory destroying rocks (optional) and we beating a boss. if a partner has 0% life you have to help your partner to the hospital.

    More to Guilds: when you have enough friends you can go defeat bosses. where you can see your friends hitting a mob of monster and at the back you can see the boss. imagine it.. your 20 friends are there in the dungeon front of you hitting monsters. healing each others and you realized that they need your help.. so you jump in and join the rumble. all the loot will be divided. as you sacrifice your farm to join and help your guild have more armor

    Bigger farm:
    You would be able to purchase an expansion of your farm(the bigger the farm the longer the player will occupy all of it)

    new television channels: drama/sports (certain wife/husband want to watch this so don't disturb him/her) , shopping online (where you can buy rare and cool stuff)

    New features: Hiring Villagers to do farming chores where you have to post on the bulletin that you are in need of help. hiring villagers includes Feeding animals, Feeding pet(s) watering crops, planting new crops, harvesting crops and cleaning the farm etc.
    i would sometimes like to go to the forest and catch a butterfly or a firefly. then give it to my hubby. after i gave it to my hubby it will be wonderful scene.. not just "thank you i really loved this" where slow motion and a kissing scene would be nice. (i would love to see 30 butterflies escaping my jar while my hubby and i watch it as it fly through the wind..

    The time in-game is SO FAST. (but its fair)
    -i can water around 20 crops in 30min. -1 hour (ingame time) using a normal watering can.
    -maybe try 10 seconds (real life) per 10 minutes (in game)

    maybe a selling price decrease? this will make the game slower and longer to play with

    Even if none of this would be in the future.. i really loved imagining that i'm playing my ambitious massive update ^_^ <3
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      :kitten2:I hope these are all in the 1.1 update
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        I strongly suspect a lot of this will be in the 1.1 update, but I still like them all.
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