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Stardew Valley Xbox One + PS4: Known Issues/Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Eerie

    Eerie Void-Bound Voyager

    I mean this with the upmost sincerity. Thank you thank you thank you. I have played this game almost 12 hours a night since release. Been stuck on the December crash and very disheartened. Woke up this morning to see this and literally jumped out of bed. This is great news!
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    • Eerie

      Eerie Void-Bound Voyager

      Oh the music is absolutely fantastic and sets the mood so well. It's entrancing and somehow just really sets the mood and tone to make you feel almost there. Quality stuff.
      • MikesDemise

        MikesDemise Lucky Number 13

        Awesome, can't wait to get stuck back in!
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        • Typhoon

          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

          I guess the only possible fly in the ointment is Microsoft's and Sony's certification process, something which all patches need to go through. With Christmas fast approaching I guess that could delay the releases of the console patches?
          • skrams55

            skrams55 Space Hobo

            @mollygos Greetings, I have experienced four crashes at sleep time, two of which froze the screen at the point of saving, after my goods were tallied and the other two and most recent (spring 18, which has crashed twice in a row) instantly takes me to the title screen once the rooster crows. The only common denominator that I can share is that I always deposit goods in the shipping box prior to laying down. Especially fish. Hope this helps. Xbox One
            • drkylec

              drkylec Space Hobo

              Xbox One S. Already using English settings. Game stutters/hangs for me a few times each day. Have had the game crash while saving twice on different days. Both of which were after a big crop harvest leading to about 5k in gold. Also had multiple level ups on those days that would cause it. Can not remember which days it happend on, but they where both in the spring time so far.
              • Dk74

                Dk74 Space Hobo

                I'm not sure if this is the game freezing issue but several times now I've not had the mouse pointer appear after goods have been tallied up at bedtime. Therefore it is impossible to click on the OK box to advance to the next day. It means everything I've done that day is lost as I gave to quit the game on PS4 and restart it.

                It's a shame because this is one of the best games I've played in over 30 years of gaming. I wish I could have gone for the PC version on Steam but I'm computer-less at the moment.
                • Timedye

                  Timedye Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  In general I'd probably agree, but I consider it pretty game breaking when I kill one of those maggot flies in the dungeon but its buzzing sound effect continues to play forever (which is a sound glitch I hit last night). I was forced to reload my game to make it go away, as there was no way I was going to risk sleeping and saving the game with that going on forever.

                  I'll be uploading video of that into the General Sound Issue thread later today.
                  • Timedye

                    Timedye Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Nor should it break the rest of the sound effects when it does suddenly cut out -- which is how my sound effects get all messed up -- and it shouldn't suddenly cause the sound effects slider to adjust the game's music volume.

                    Last night I also ran into an issue where the music will begin to play, and after around three or four seconds it starts over from the beginning.
                    • Timedye

                      Timedye Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      Reading the patch notes, there are some seriously welcome changes, like being able to hold down square menus to auto repeat (something that could be done with the mouse on PC, but not with the controller, which made shopping in bulk a nightmare), and the game looking for items on the tile directly beneath the player when harvesting. Getting the cursor to stop interacting with things when it is invisible is another big deal (I had my character enter his house when I was nowhere near it while I was harvesting, and I'm pretty sure it's because the invisible mouse cursor was floating over the house door). The invisible cursor has been the bane of my existence on PS4.

                      Being able to use L2 and R2 to go through buildings when at the carpenter is also nice, as is circle button going back one menu instead of just closing things out. I hope more quality of life fixes like this are on the way.

                      However, as was pointed out, nothing has been mentioned in the patch notes about the myriad sound issues. Hopefully that'll come in later patch (glad to know Sony and Microsoft have stopped charging so much for developers to patch their titles). There's also nothing about PS4 Pro-specific issues, so hopefully those are just rolled in quietly.

                      Overall, it looks like a real good patch.
                      • Timedye

                        Timedye Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Maybe Microsoft abolished it three years ago, but Sony cert was still charging for patches as recently as a year and a half ago if employees at IGN are to be believed (it could be they were still charging AAA developers but not Indie developers).

                        Regardless, if they really have both stopped charging for patches now, that'll explain why so many games this generation have been released in a state of complete chaos with Day One patches dropped on our doorstep.
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                        • unassuminglocalguy

                          unassuminglocalguy Lucky Number 13

                          Hahaha! I'm excited too! I'm gonna cross my fingers that the patch is released as soon as humanly possible! :)
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                          • orx24

                            orx24 Intergalactic Tourist

                            I'm playing on Xbox and in English as an FWY.

                            Bugs I've found:
                            • Game freezes occasionally when playing normally, but then fixes after a few seconds.
                            • Occasionally when going to bed the game will freeze before saving, resulting in a crash and having to redo the whole last day.
                            • Occasionally the mouse Icon while disappear when going into a menu (doesn't happen in inventory screen) though you can fix it by exiting and reopening the menu.
                            Now this last one just happened an hour ago and requires more of an explanation.

                            I'm on the last day of Year 1 (28th of Winter) finishing up prep for spring. When I went to bed that night it froze, resulting in a crash (keep in mind that it hadn't frozen since the begging of winter) and so I thought "Oh that sucks let me just restart" so I do. I go through the day again and get in bed and the same thing happens. I try a thirs time and go to bed before 12 hoping that was the reason like maybe there was a prompt coming up at the same time, same result.

                            So it seems like there is a bug when the year turns over where it keeps crashing, so that sucks after all the work I put in, though at least it is not corrupted.

                            Please fix, I have really gotten into the game and it sucks so much to not be able to move forward.

                            I opened the game and then closed it manually (pressing start on the game and going to quit after pressing the Xbox button) and am going to try again because I know other game that would freeze or never stop loading to be fixed by this. Though since this is different I doubt it will help.

                            Please like this so it can be seen if you wouldn't mind.

                            Happy Farming
                            Evan A.
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                            • Eerie

                              Eerie Void-Bound Voyager

                              Appreciate the effort in writing all that, though if you read above or through this thread everyone is having the same issue and it has already been addressed and a patch is all set and awaiting to pass so it may be updated.

                              Some secrete sauce for ya: http://stardewvalley.net/upcoming-xbox-and-ps4-patch/

                              Now it's just a waiting game.
                              • orx24

                                orx24 Intergalactic Tourist

                                Thank you for letting me know. Sorry I only read the first page like usual, and I wasn't sure anyone had gotten as far as I did since it's only been out for like 2 days. Glad it is because I was really disappointed.

                                Thanks again,

                                P.S. Read the patch notes, amazing how fast and diligent they are, unlike other companies *cough* *cough* Overkill Console Team *cough* *cough* They even fixed small things that i forgot about like my Mine level indicator that is cut off a bit.
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                                • hurricane1092

                                  hurricane1092 Space Hobo

                                  The game crashes before I save. The screen goes black and then it crashes.
                                  Loading up the file and attempting to save again results in another crash before the game attempts to save.
                                  I've tried not putting anything into the shipping bin, along with putting items in. It always crashes.
                                  I purchased the kitchen upgrade and completed bundles, but not on the day of the crash. No Joja membership.
                                  No freezing/hitching on the specific day of the crash, although it has happened on other days.
                                  I've used the Exit to Title option to quit out of the game.

                                  I'm on Xbox One. I'm on the last day of Winter, Year One. It will not let me save. This specific crash makes the game entirely unplayable.
                                  • UltraFRS

                                    UltraFRS Space Hobo

                                    Hi folks and players of Stardew Valley

                                    I have been streaming Stardew Valley since release on Xbox One and I have finally reached the end of Year One (also reached the bottom of the mine on the last day of the year) but for some reason whenever I go to bed and try to progress to Year Two the game crashes every time forcing me to redo the entire day all over again. I wouldn't mind but I am digging through 15 floors in the mine on this last day and feeding 8 cows and chickens. Gets monotonous if your repeating the same day over and over trying to stream the content over and over having to re-broadcast every 10 - 12 minutes because the game crashes to the dashboard.

                                    Not sure if this is an issue with the game or with my xbox, I have tried hard resetting, clearing my cache, persistant storage, removing account and downloading it again and a full power cycle reboot but to no avail still crashes on the final day of year one.

                                    Was anyone able to get past this point?
                                    • hurricane1092

                                      hurricane1092 Space Hobo

                                      A good amount of Xbox One players have posted that they simply cannot enter year two without the game crashing. I personally haven't gotten past the final day of year one.


                                      Luckily there's a patch to fix this in the works, but who knows when it's going to release, especially with the holiday season coming up.
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                                      • Fallengamer87

                                        Fallengamer87 Yeah, You!

                                        Been having some of the same issues! Love the game so far and am incredibly impressed with how fun it is. My game crashed on last day of year 1 and continues to crash on save, I've reset the game multiple times and tried reinstalling I just really don't wanna lose my save! I'm glad to know that this was put out so early so we know what's ahead.
                                        Playing on Xbox One
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                                        • orx24

                                          orx24 Intergalactic Tourist

                                          I'm glad I'm not the only person to reach that far, makes me feel a liitle less like a no life. But yes they are just waiting for patch approval, then we'll have it.
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