Stardew Valley Xbox One + PS4: Known Issues/Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Typhoon

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    We could do with an update from the devs on these bugs - have they identified the causes? Have they perhaps fixed them and are now testing? etc.
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    • Foxy352

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      Playing on XBox, didn't exit to menu, now my save is completely unplayable. I have tried multiple times and it just resets the to the intro screen.
      • GrayFox200187

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        I love the Game on ps4 but i found an issue that makes that Game very hard to Play for me :(

        The issue is when i go to sleep an the purchase screen is coming My mouse Cursor are going invisible an cannot click the okay that solves in a restart the Game and my hard work for the are Crash :(

        I Hope for a quick Patch that can i enjoy the Game

        Friendly greetings
        • GoodOl'Brad

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          This has become one of my favorite games of all time, but now I'm sad....

          I'm playing on the Xbox One, I'm 32 hours in and I'm on the 28th of winter and it's impossible to make it to year 2 because it crashes every single time I got to bed. I've literally tried 20+ times and I've even tried just passing out. I've never had any trouble with crashing until just now and it's very disappointing because I basically can't play the game anymore until this is fixed.
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          • Typhoon

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            Very sorry to hear about your problem, I've seen this bug reported by players on other forums and on Reddit. This console release really wasn't properly tested was it?
            • Goblobsters

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              It doesn't look that way. Saving the game and basic game progress should have been tested. It looks like the porting developer didnt even bother to play through the game after porting.
              • Goblobsters

                Goblobsters Hey, You!

                You may want update the Op molygos. I am seeing the winter 28 crash everywhere on the web. I reached to 2 of my other friends on xbox with the game and no one we have found can get past winter 28. I think that bug may be for everyone.

                Has anyone o here been able to get to year 2 on xbox?
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                • OminousJackal

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                  Just posting to say that along with the seemingly random save crashes I posted about earlier, I also can't get past winter 28. Crashes every single time.
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                  • Chunkeh

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                    They most certainly USED to but a looooong time ago. It's been roughly three years since they abolished the charges to publish a patch.

                    One of many sources:
                    • Elkx25

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                      I'm on Xbox one on the last day of winter first year and it keeps crashing when I sleep meaning I can't continue my game until this is fixed.
                      • unassuminglocalguy

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                      • vanx0

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                        I can second this. I just unistalled this game until they fix it... really sad because I really wanted to play it!
                        • Chrisy

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                          Yep! Same thing happens to me. It is disappointing, I was really looking forward to relaxing with this game and as soon as the problem is fixed I definitely will have a Stardew marathon!
                          I wonder if the patch that is being worked on right now will also address this issue?
                          • Typhoon

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                            That's really excellent news - CA is an absolute star for posting this info. As it was Sickhead Games who carried out the console ports I guess CA was helping them out to fix the bugs, but those who worked on the fixes all deserve a medal.

                            Edit: I see no mention of the PS4 Pro specific issues, I wonder if those will be fixed too?
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                            • unassuminglocalguy

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                              Agreed, can't wait till it goes live!
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                              • Elite49

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                                Pretty sure the pay for patch thing isn't true and hasn't been since last gen on 360. I see the patch notes, any word from someone at dev team on Pro issues?
                                • Typhoon

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                                • Typhoon

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                                  Regarding the newly released patch notes here (note: pastches not live yet!):


                                  I see no mention of the sound issues that some have reported - music suddenly cutting out, some sounds missing at times, etc.

                                  I hope that they will also be fixed, although they aren't game-breaking. Maybe they'll be fixed in a later patch?
                                  • Mikek

                                    Mikek Tentacle Wrangler

                                    I really do hope they will fix the music issues, since this is the first bug that every player encounters. It only needs you to play game for 30 seconds to occur. :) And music is really great.... if it plays.
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                                    • Typhoon

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                                      Remember that the music isn't supposed to play all of the time, BUT it shouldn't just abruptly cut off unexpectecly when you're in an area.

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