Stardew Valley Xbox One + PS4: Known Issues/Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Chrislocalboy

    Chrislocalboy Seal Broken

    Thats it, I'm done... Its crashing every other day for me now so I lose an entire day or progress every 2 days.

    Considering thw save system this game has I honestly cant think of a worse problem.

    What a mess.
    • Typhoon

      Typhoon Giant Laser Beams

      Sorry to hear that, that's a real shame. Come on devs, fix this pronto please or you're going to give yourselves and the game a bad name.
      • Bexylou94

        Bexylou94 Seal Broken

        i managed to make it all the way to the end of winter with a few various bugs crashes less then perfect optimisation but now it wont let me proceed to the second year keeps crashing and making a horrible sound gutted really.
        • MikesDemise

          MikesDemise Lucky Number 13

          Can not progress to year 2, crashes when I go to bed . I must have tried it a dozen times now. Xbox one edition.
          • Elite49

            Elite49 Star Wrangler

            Never had the issue with DOOM and it's the first time hearing about it (as it doesn't have Pro support) but as I see more and more people post about this issue, it all but confirms that this game is completely broken on the Pro. Someone messed up and changed some settings designed for Pro users where it affects the console at an OS level which is worrying. Games need Pro OS level support in order for them to use any additional power so someone must of goofed. Looks like I'm done playing until it's fixed and HOPEFULLY it's priority along with the crash bug.
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            • Bysol

              Bysol Space Hobo

              ps4 pro user here.

              After closing the game properly, it's IMPOSSIBLE to load any other game of my library, unless you completely turns off the console, or put it in "rest mode".
              Never seen anything like that.

              Please fix it as soon as possible!
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              • Mikek

                Mikek Tentacle Wrangler

                I also find it quite strange, that saving after each day takes relatively long time (like 7-10 seconds). I have PS4PRO with one of the fastest SSD drives and I cannot imagine any other game where saving would take so long. And this is just a 150MB game so I would not expect that. Could any1 who played this on PC tell me how long does the saving take there?
                • Kallra

                  Kallra Space Hobo

                  Watch Dogs 2 does the same thing. It might be a playstation thing or a feature developers use to promote their title.
                  • Typhoon

                    Typhoon Giant Laser Beams

                    Saves take a second or two on the PC. I too was wondering about the long save times on the PS4.
                    • Timedye

                      Timedye Starship Captain

                      The long save times confuse me, as well. It takes my computer less than two seconds to save, and it's only marginally more powerful than my PS4 (it's in desperate need of upgrading). I've wondered if the long save time is somehow indicative of the problem the game experiences while saving (my mouse cursor flashes distortion just to the right as the game saves, and sometimes the rooster call sounds like its in slow motion).

                      I've also wondered about save size. Why in God's name is a Stardew Valley save almost 70 MB with a single character on PS4? Anything above 30 MB is getting into Skyrim save sizes, and I'm surprised anyone would want to e-mail a save that big off to the developer when asked. My PC save games are usually under 2 MB in size. I've wondered if the PS4 version is experiencing save bloat, or if it's just something about the nature of how PS4 saves work.
                      • Mikek

                        Mikek Tentacle Wrangler

                        wow, whole game has 150MB and save has 70MB. What on earth is happening here.
                        • Timedye

                          Timedye Starship Captain

                          To be fair, PS4 save files do tend to be large -- I don't think any of my saves are smaller than 10 MB -- but I'm just surprised by how large the Stardew Valley save is. It's really hefty when you consider that the PC version is only 2 MB and consists of a bunch of meta data in a glorified .txt file.
                          • Eej003

                            Eej003 Poptop Tamer

                            ConcernedApe has been great on the PC version and making sure that things get fixed properly. I know he's not responsible for the console edition ports, so whoever is needs to fix these issues or take the game down for purchase and refund everybody. This game might be the most buggy thing I've ever experienced on consoles, and not only is it affecting this game, it's also extending into my other media via having to manually change the TV screen resolution back and forth. Plus now it's also interfering with everything on my PS4 with the new bug that you have to completely reboot your system after playing to get other applications to launch. This console fiasco is permanently tarnishing the brand and original developer.
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                            • Norville

                              Norville Space Hobo

                              I am currently playing in the xbox one. I experienced some stuttering and slow down and now my saved game will not load either. The game restarts to the title screen shortly after clicking on my save. I did not quit to title this morning I just turned off my xbox after sleeping to a save state. I believe this is the reason it wont load now.
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                              • Elite49

                                Elite49 Star Wrangler

                                You've never played Kerbal Space Program on PS4 then.

                                I have faith that the porting team will actually be doing something to help, they just need to keep acknowledging all the issues on here we've posted (which they have for most) then just interact with the community. It's also been out for 3 days so we need to give them some amount of time.
                                • Typhoon

                                  Typhoon Giant Laser Beams

                                  Exactly. There's certainly something screwy going on with such large save files on the consoles, presumably either some weird bug or just plain bad coding.
                                  • Goblobsters

                                    Goblobsters Hey, You!

                                    I have been waiting for this game for over a year to arrive on xb1. I am very dismayed at the quality of the product.

                                    It crashes during save often and I loose a whole day of progress. It did this 3 times during Spring and it has now done it twice in Summer. The game also hiccups and freezes for up to 4 to 5 seconds at a time, this is very noticeable when it rains in summer. (It also seems to save crash pretty much every time it rains as well).

                                    My game is in english. I am hoping for a timely fix. If that is not an option, then I would like to have a refund. But I would rather have a working game. I waited so long....
                                    • Chrislocalboy

                                      Chrislocalboy Seal Broken

                                      Now I'm also getting random crashes back to my xbox home screen, no error or anything.....
                                      • Timedye

                                        Timedye Starship Captain

                                        The real problem is the cost of patching things on console.

                                        On PC, they can just release a patch whenever. On console, the patch has to go through cert and there is a fee (last I heard, it cost around $30,000 to patch a game on a Sony platform). This is part of the reason that the console version of certain games might not be updated until months after the PC version (Terraria does this. It takes six months sometimes for new features to come to the console version, so that multiple patches can be rolled into one.)

                                        They're going to need to make damn sure the first patch does the trick, because I'm not sure they can afford to release multiple patches over and over again.
                                        • LazyMinion

                                          LazyMinion Space Hobo

                                          The game is crashing whenever I try to move to the left side of the farm. its like there is a line from the north exit all the way across the farm. Xbox One spring 1 day 20, no other major problems but not being able access half the farm is annoying.

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