Stardew Valley Xbox One + PS4: Known Issues/Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Spykat31

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    I had 90 hours I just lost!
    • Voidxfox

      Voidxfox Space Hobo

      Hello. Im writing about a bug that is happening on my verision on the ps4. When making a new farm after the second one when I unlocked the mine the elevator would be unlocked right away and have all 120 floors open. Looking farther into it. No matter what i cant get the floor rewards thus losing out on the star drop on tge 100th floor. Please look into this.
      • Oscarrah

        Oscarrah Seal Broken

        My first save game wasn't able load , a week later I decided not to wait for a patch and started a new game.

        I used the same ritual every time I quit...
        Wake up ,
        Go outside,
        Wait another 20 seconds,
        Exit to title...

        I thought this would help but now 80hrs in on game 2 and now it won't load .,

        It doesn't matter how careful you are when exiting,
        • NerdyNazgul

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          I play on ps4 and I've encountered a possible bug. I bought a duck feather from the travelling cart and I can't put it in the dye bundle. Now I was able to put stuff in previously. The top row is full of stuff. But I can't access the bottom row. I push down on the dpad but it doesn't go down it just stays there. And I can just drop the feather on the top row cause it's full. Not sure what to do.
          • NerdyNazgul

            NerdyNazgul Space Hobo

            Ha... Disregard my previous post. Just found out how it works. I feel stupid now! Haha

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