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Stardew Valley Xbox One + PS4: Known Issues/Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by mollygos, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Elite49

    Elite49 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Playing on a PS4 Pro and the problem I'm having is that it actually makes my PS4 have trouble turning off as well as crashing the OS itself.
    • I quit to the game menu when done playing
    • I close the application through PS4 menu
    • I turn off the PS4, the PS4 will take a long time to actually shut off and when it finally does it will beep and then turn off
    The beeping then turning off means that the PS4 is closing applications that have been left open. I've been able to repeat this twice so far by playing for an hour or two the last two days of release. Other games do not do this.

    EDIT: So it seems that it's an issue with PS4 Pro users and it's much worse. I'll post something a user on NeoGAF posted but it's pretty much the same issue's I and others are having.

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    • Relaxed_Farmer

      Relaxed_Farmer Space Hobo

      I'm playing on PS4 and for me the only issue I have that's bugging me is, it doesn't display properly. I have a LG TV that's not that old like a couple of years, but I can only see a slither of my energy bar. I can't do anything with my TV to fix it so please fix asap. Oh and I see you guys rolled out an update this morning which I was hoping was the fix for this, but sadly no :(
      • Timedye

        Timedye Subatomic Cosmonaut

        I think the garbled sound effects/music issue is caused by sleeping/saving at the end of the day. I've noticed that they only seem to manifest after I've gone to sleep at night, and it is usually preceded by what sounds like a significantly slowed down version of the rooster call that plays before morning (I don't remember ever hearing the really slow version of this rooster call in the PC version).

        Typically after sleeping/saving, the music will cut out very early in the morning. See attached clip:

        And then even re-loading doesn't seem to help. Here's a clip of my game after reloading. Notice that not only are the sound effects not reporting correctly (even the sound of money adding to your account in the morning is playing incorrectly), but the sound sliders in the menu have gotten twisted. When the game plays as intended, the "Music" slider adjusts music volume and the "Sound" slider adjusts sound effects. But after the game glitches, the "Sound" slider now brings down the volume of the music. Every other sound effect doesn't play correctly (listen to the watering can when I turn down the music, and clicking through the items menu):

        Now, just for contrast, here's everything working as intended after a hard reboot of the game:

        Something weird is clearly going on with the sound in the game. I basically have to shut the game down and boot it back up after every couple of saves to sort it out.
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        • Pixelpaj

          Pixelpaj Space Hobo

          The thing described on neogaf about party invite is exactly what happens to me too. If I get one or try to send one during a session of Stardew Valley the whole system will crash and go to a report problem Screen. It is however possible to turn off the console through the overlay menu once that report Screen is up so DO NOT pull the cord on your PS4 if this happens.

          Also I want to add to what I wrote before about streaming to clarify now that I have looked further into it. It seems that when I start a stream through the PS4 it works fine for a minute or so until the stream freezes for the viewers. If I then try to turn off the broadcast it is unable to actually stop it at all. Which then result in me being unable to go into other menus such as the party chat one.
          • Timedye

            Timedye Subatomic Cosmonaut

            I wonder if the obnoxious "watermark" they've added to Stardew Valley clips on PS4 (see the ones I provided) have anything to do with causing issues with streaming? I don't know why they felt the need to put a big ol' opaque logo for the game in the top left corner of recorded clips, but perhaps that's causing some sort of issue with streaming? That's just a guess.
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            • Typhoon

              Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

              Just noticed a recent post on Neogaf on this issue:

              "I have a pro and experiencing the same issue. I also had the same thing happen with DOOM. Seems to be some weird bug with pro consoles."

              So perhaps it's some weird interaction between some games and the Pro?
              • Typhoon

                Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                Just seen a very useful post of the Stardew Valley Reddit on this issue - basically, disable Overscan on your TV. Full details here:

                • RaincoatHermit

                  RaincoatHermit Space Hobo

                  I'm not sure if this is just something I've not discovered yet or is not in the game.
                  But I've noticed the ability to change the direction of your cast in mid air while fishing isn't possible on my XBox One version.

                  I've got a lot of just out of reach fish laughing at me over here.
                  • Timedye

                    Timedye Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    The problem is that not every HD TV has the ability to disable overscan (which, in my opinion, should be an option on ALL HD TV sets). The 2009 Sony TV we've got in the bedroom has Full PIxel Mode (which essentially just turns off overscan), but the 2008 Vizio Plasma out in the living room lacks any such features. It can't even pick an aspect ratio for watching things that aren't shot in 16:9, so any game that suffers image loss due to over scan is basically up a creek without a paddle when I play out there.
                    • Typhoon

                      Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                      I see, useful to know. Even so it's worth knowing about disabling Overscan so that affected players can check if their TV supports it.
                      • sampura

                        sampura Space Hobo

                        I have played Stardew valley on my Ps4. Game crashes when I try to go sleep and save on spring year 1 day 10. It crashes no matter what you do on that day. I have set my language to english and it still does it.
                        • mollygos

                          mollygos Former Staff

                          Hello! I'm sorry about that. :(
                          It would be very very useful if you could please copy your save onto a USB and email us your save files at contact@chucklefish.org. You can find instructions for copying PS4 saves onto a USB here: http://manuals.playstation.net/document/gb/ps4/settings/data_system.html
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                          • MicrobioPS

                            MicrobioPS Seal Broken

                            Really? Error saving game? What? I'm from Spain, i dont put my system language to english.

                            Solve this quickly or refund.

                            I love the game, but this is frustrating.
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                            • Tayn

                              Tayn Intergalactic Tourist

                              I have the save problem, game crash at day 3 and my console is a PS4 PRO in French. :facepalm:

                              I sended you a mail with my savegame.
                              • Tayn

                                Tayn Intergalactic Tourist

                                I switched the PS4 in English and the save was OK.
                                I switched the PS4 in French and I cannot load my save. :cry:

                                I must wait the next patch for play game, too dangerous for save to continue in this state.

                                Thx for patch.
                                • wesker1972

                                  wesker1972 Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I can provide some info on this....

                                  I played yesterday for a good 15 hours on the Xbox One, leaving off just before the finish of Summer year 1. I experienced 5 crashes during the course of the day, each time happening at save. As in, the word Saving... with the ellipsis progress meter appeared in the lower left and froze. These crashes happen after level-ups are described, sales in the bin are totalled, and after the date moves to the middle of the screen and increments.

                                  EDIT: My console is in English...has only every been in English.

                                  All the crashes happened just before the green text that indicates a successful save; in each case, the day's progress was lost but the save file was otherwise fine. On one crash, it crashed right in the middle of the rooster crow sound, which became loud/continuous.

                                  I know one crash occurred when I had stuff in the bin; I can't say if that happened for all of them. I almost always have stuff in the bin, though.

                                  In my case, there were no building/house upgrades, nor did I buy a Joja membership. One or two of the crashes occurred on a day I completed a bundle, but not all. (I know because I then had to re-submit the bundle.)

                                  The freezing/hitching is pretty common, unfortunately. It doesn't always precede a crash. I had plenty of freezing/hitching last night just before I finished, and there was no crash then.

                                  I only used Exit to Title once, just before I finished last night, because my only other experience leaving the game was via a crash.
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                                  • Chrislocalboy

                                    Chrislocalboy Seal Broken

                                    This game is so broken at the moment for me its not worth playing. One more crash when I go to bed/before it saves and its getting binned off.

                                    Its not just crashing on day 3 at all... Its crashing in whatever day it feels like it.... Currently just crashed on the 8th (about the 5th time its happened so far on various days) but whats really annoyed me this time is I had a excellent run in the mine, cleared 20 floors, 2 new rings dropped, new sword drop, over 100 ore, multiple gems and its
                                    all just been lost, I'm furious.... Seriously how was this not tested by the people doing the console port?

                                    I'm also getting the stuttering issue.

                                    On xbox one by the way.
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                                    • Yuria

                                      Yuria Space Hobo

                                      I play on ps4 pro, too, and I have the same issue: ps4 takes a long time to shut off and beeps 3 times before turning off, as closing something left open. It happens only after playing Stardew Valley, no problems with other games or applications.
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                                      • Jakemick13

                                        Jakemick13 Space Hobo

                                        My saved game won't open on Xbox one, file begins load sequence then the game starts over and I'm back at the start menu...
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                                        • RaySkirvin

                                          RaySkirvin Space Hobo

                                          I have the PS4 version. It worked fine on Tuesday when I downloaded it. Yesterday I tried to play it and when I load the game, it kicks me out of PSN, logs me out of my account, and sends me back to the start up menu. I've deleted the application twice, re-installed and updated it twice, and I still can't get Stardew Valley to start without being thrown back to the Playstation Start Screen.

                                          Edit: I also have that screen issue with the stamina bar, but it doesn't matter as I can't even start the game.
                                          I'm playing on a PS4 in the US with US English as the language. I hope this helps to figure out a fix. It's a fun addictive game otherwise from what little I did get to play.
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