Stardew Valley Xbox One + PS4: Known Issues & Fixes (Patch 1)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Aidan-QM

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    Trying to purchase a blue chicken crashed my game! (PS4)

    After watching Shane's 8-heart event, I went to Marnie's, and I tried to purchase a chicken, and it immediately crashed Stardew Valley! I was able to purchase a brown chicken from her, but I assume that it was the addition of the new blue chickens that made the app crash--it's disappointing.
    • Spykat31

      Spykat31 Intergalactic Tourist

      I was on season 3 summer, had 1million money spent, 200,000 saved. Tried o load the game this morning and it will not load. Keeps bouncing to the opening screen from the load/save title. I am on Xbox one. Please tell me I haven't lost everything!??
      • shb9579

        shb9579 Space Hobo

        Afraid you have. Nah only kidding. Upcoming patch due early February should fix the save and allow it to load.
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        • hkfrith

          hkfrith Poptop Tamer

          I hate to say it because I was super into this game, but after putting 120+ hours into this game and having the game break twice, I have officially lost interest in this game. I bought a PS4 and another copy of the game there, and I can't even find the motivation to play it anymore. However, I do hope you fix it and somehow repay the people who do care and invested into your Xbox one beta of a game. Seriously, just have a beta next time...or ya know...test the game before release. Js.
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          • SwinnyCostello

            SwinnyCostello Poptop Tamer

            Would it be possible to have an updated timeframe for the Xbox One load issue? Stardew was the only game I was able to afford for a few months due to income issues, and not being able to play it beyond a few days after purchase is incredibly frustrating.
            • MuscledBlock68

              MuscledBlock68 Intergalactic Tourist

              They are saying early February.
              • Kriwalander

                Kriwalander Space Hobo

                I was going to start up my game again when clicking my save file just brought me back to the title screen. It kept doing it over and over again no matter how many times I tried. This just happened around 5:30pm UTC Amsterdam, Berlin time zone. I had been playing for some hours before, took a break and shut the Xbox off, after an hour maybe I tried to start it, but it couldn't get my save file. Is the whole save file corrupted/broken or will I be able to continue playing once the new patch is here? I really hope it can be fixed >.<
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                • Badwolf4216

                  Badwolf4216 Seal Broken

                  My file won't load on xbox one it continues to send me back to the home screen. This happened at first 1/21/17 around 9 pm est. Before that I had only a couple of times that the game froze on me. But now won't load at all. Have 97+ hours into it and am on year 5. Have tried restarting game, xbox, clearing saved data and everything else I could think of. Glad to hear there is a patch coming that should fix this. I miss my farm.
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                  • Causticbrew

                    Causticbrew Space Hobo

                    need help with my game file in stardew valley.

                    My game fails to load my save file and kicks me back to the title screen every time. 22nd day of Winter year 1 time 31:45 not sure what to do kinda annoying.

                    I play on xbox one console
                    Started about 2 pm Pacific time
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                    • DazzyAlmighty85

                      DazzyAlmighty85 Intergalactic Tourist

                      I can't understand why ppl are still bitching about the game yeah it sucks we cant play our save files until early feb but listen i have this game on my xbone, pc and ps4 dont regret buying it 3 times at all, on my pc ive modded the shiznit out of the game and honestly its way more fun being able to speed run everywhere and have more time to enjoy each day ive just recently started a brand new game on my xbone the way i see it is i had 137 hours on my save i cant load just now but i can easily rack that up on my new file before the patch comes out plus i can put everything ive learned on that original save to good use probably saving hours so what im trying to say is its not as if you cant play the game at all just start a new game play it up until the patch comes out and if by that time your new save is better than the original then no harm no foul.
                      • rmartin979

                        rmartin979 Starship Captain

                        The problem might partly be that not everybody has copious amounts of time to dump into a game and continue to restart the game over and over again. Some of us might be lucky to finish year 1 any time soon. Odd comment.
                        • Calinks

                          Calinks Poptop Tamer

                          Yep its easy to say that from you perspective Dazzy but people have lots of reasons to be upset. Many do not have time to continually start over or play the game on multiple different saves. Some ay have the time but no desire to do so, they want their one play through and to keep playing it. Some don't want to buy other copies, some don't have the money, some don't have or care to play on PC, some only play this game at this point in their life. Etc.

                          I am a big gamer, and even though I am very disappointed I can't play this game on my xbox I have plenty of other games I need to get to in the interim. After about a month of not being able to play my desire to do so has died down a lot. I am sure i will hop back on when the patch comes through but I lose the "fever" I had for this game during the last several weeks.
                          • Trev9316

                            Trev9316 Tentacle Wrangler

                            Some people can't start a new game because it won't even go to loading screen like me it just crashes looking for saves. Even if I start a new file it does this. They said patch coming early February and I've been patiently waiting while playing other games. I know it's frustrating but their working on it. I haven't been able to play since 23rd of December.
                            • Goonyan

                              Goonyan Poptop Tamer

                              So you Need my Gamertag to fix this? My Gamertag is "Scissor XIII" !!!!! THANKS !!!!
                              • tccoxon

                                tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                                The patch is going according to plan so far. It should be available approximately Feb 1st if our testing over the next few days goes smoothly.

                                Thanks for sending in your gamertags to help with reproducing the XB1 save file load failure issue. We no longer need any more. :)

                                In the end we were able to obtain access to just enough save files to pinpoint the issue. To test the fix, we've been creating and artificially corrupting our own save files in the same way the game has been doing. While the fix has been able to repair almost all the saves we've tried it on, we can't reply to individual people to let them know whether their saves work, because we don't have access to all of them.

                                Here's the changelog for the upcoming 1.14 patch:

                                Xbox One & PS4
                                • Fixed potential loss of item in cursor slot when clicking the bundles tab in the pause menu.
                                • Fixed crash when hatching / buying baby blue chickens.
                                • Fixed crashes that sometimes occur when clearing quests out of the quest log.
                                • Petting a fully-happy animal no longer wraps happiness around to 0.
                                • Animals with a deluxe product no longer produce less at higher happiness.
                                • Fixed a golden pumpkin duplication exploit.
                                • Fixed 'Exit to Title' causing some values and bits of world state to be 'carried over' between games. This affected, among other things, the availability of chests in the mines.
                                • Fixed crashes while saving.
                                • Possible fix for fertilizer boxes being placed instead of fertilizer.
                                • Missing heart characters have been fixed.
                                Xbox One
                                • The bug that causes crashes while looking for save files has been fixed.
                                • Most saves that couldn't be loaded before should now load. In some cases there may be lingering minor graphical issues in save files that previously couldn't be loaded.
                                The following issues are also fixed by the above, but may continue to affect save files they're already present in:
                                • Crash when speaking to Gunther.
                                • Incorrect item / object graphics.
                                • Objects that should be interactive not being interactive.
                                • Crashes when walking into specific parts of the farm.
                                • Crashes while harvesting specific crop tiles.
                                • Crashes while hovering over specific items in your inventory.
                                • Crashes while shipping specific items.
                                • Share overlay image in PS4 streams has been removed.
                                We've reproduced the issues affecting PS4 Pro users (causing problems shutting down, resting and running other apps), however a fix in this patch seems unlikely. At the moment, we're trying to determine where the fault lies.

                                I can reproduce this on PC as well. It's not a new bug, but I'll make sure it's in our issue tracker for fixing in future updates. There's an easier workaround, which is to click the skip button in the bottom-left corner to skip the cutscene.

                                We'll be sharing more info about multiplayer on the blog over the coming months.
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                                • JephistheMAN

                                  JephistheMAN Tentacle Wrangler

                                  I've found another minor problem in my game on Xbox one. Sometimes when I give gifts to people, or even when I just try to talk to them, it will completely skip the dialog box. It's almost as if I've pressed the 'A' button twice to skip through the text, but I only press it once. Not gamebreaking in any way, but just something to maybe look into.
                                  • Retro Edge

                                    Retro Edge Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Yeah sure, good that you're absolutely confident about that while you still have no idea why this is happening. That doesn't makes sense.
                                    You just try to pull the head out of the loop here but i don't accept that.

                                    After you play it on the Pro you can't start any other game it loads forever, if you try to shut the console down, it hard resets/ hard shut offs. No matter what you say, that CAN'T be healthy for the console and that a game, that f*cks so unbelievable with the OS of the system, something that never happened before with any other game, is still on sale in the online store is just ridiculous and like i said before, if my console would break in the time while this bug is around, i would definitely blame you for it, because you have a game still on sale that f*cks with the whole OS of the console. And who knows what it really does with the console or the OS.
                                    • Eldachleich

                                      Eldachleich Master Chief

                                      I guess I'll drop this here.

                                      I'm on ps4 and I can't progress on my file.

                                      I'm in year three and I agreed to adopt a baby.

                                      But when I go to sleep for the night, and the adoption agency drops the baby off and I get the option to name it, the cursor freezes.

                                      I cannot progress past that night no matter what I do. My cursor freezes, I can't type a name in, and I'm forced to close out the game.
                                      • kylecis

                                        kylecis Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I don't have this problem but I'm sure people will be asking- The issues that will persist on the bad Xbox saves even after the Feb 1 patch, will you be working to fix those as well or are those issues going to persist on the affected save permanently?
                                        • tccoxon

                                          tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                                          Some users will find these issues resolved; some will find they continue to affect their save files permanently. Due to the nature of the underlying bug, it's hard to say precisely what all the possible effects are, and whether all of those effects will stop once the save file is repaired.

                                          Could you copy your save file to a USB disk and email it to Thanks :)

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