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Should there be new Updates/aditions after 5 months without updates

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  1. smashyalts

    smashyalts Space Hobo

    It has been nearly 5 months since the last update to The Switch and other devices including pc? We want some more update additon, please Chuckle Fish. Just give us some new crops npc or anything
    • Jack Of Shades

      Jack Of Shades Pangalactic Porcupine

      There is an upcoming update 1.4 that should add more fun things. But I understand the frustration. I'm a console player and we still haven't received update 1.3 for PS4 or X1. However, chuckle fish isn't really involved anymore, I believe. One thing I learned, patience is key. It's annoying, but there isn't much we can do. :/
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      • SSShakuras

        SSShakuras Big Damn Hero

        .... really ? you complain about a 5 month with no update when your version is the most up to date ?
        1.3 content has been first released on Aug 2018 and you have it on Switch / phone.
        to this day, PS4/XBox/Vita version are still stuck in 1.2. the Vita version, despite being very soon ONE YEAR OLD is still to this day a crashing mess filled with glitch that has been ignored while the 1.3 version was released on swithc/phone.

        don't complain about the phone/switch version when those are definitely the only CA really gives a care about. please.
        • MaloHD

          MaloHD Intergalactic Tourist

          CF is just a publisher mate. CA is the one who actual created the game and makes updates
          • UnexpectedParole

            UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

            and yet, I'm pretty sure all of the ports to other set-ups than PC were handled by 3rd parties.

            So you are are correct that chucklefish isn't on the hook for new content concernedape is.

            But as to the newest versions being on ps4/Xbox/Vita or any of that, is out of CA's hands.
            I hear it is rubbish on the Vita. I really believe that and feel bad for folks who paid for a great game and got trash.
            But, let's be honest and realistic about where the fault lies and who's priorities are what.

            CA is a developer and programmer. And while now he is hiring staff to help him do other things, it's pretty much been a one man band.
            I'm not a lawyer so the terminology here isn't going to be perfect But I can be certain there are contracts and legalities to go through as to who owns the rights to the game on Vita and who's responsibility it is to fix that and what constitutes "working on it".
            Expecting CA to work full time to resolve that and ignore what he does best which is develop and code isn't realistic. I trust he's doing what he can in that regard, and mean-while he's also turning out new content.
            • SSShakuras

              SSShakuras Big Damn Hero

              It's in CA's hand, actually :
              CA explicitely said himself that HE bore 100 % of the responsability for these platform.
              AS i've said elsewhere in probably different words, I could understand a reasonnable delay if there were other more pressing issue elsewhere or things that could put the update on wait.
              the keyword being REASONNABLE. as in several weeks or even a few months. but ONE FULL YEAR is NOT a reasonnable delay.
              it's an insult to those who BOUGHT the game. I can't think of a single valable excuse/reason to justify A WHOLE YEAR of leaving a release as a crash fest.
              • Jack Of Shades

                Jack Of Shades Pangalactic Porcupine

                He did mention in a tweet, that I read on an article, that he predicted this month the update for consoles would be released. He said predicted, so I assumed he would be off. But I just really would like an update. As he said this around mid to late April and it's May 22nd now. I don't mind it's not out yet, but any sign of an update would be really nice.
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                • UnexpectedParole

                  UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

                  I missed that post. Fair enough. I was wrong.
                  And yeah, a year is a stupid long time for that.
                  Best of luck.

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