Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer Patch #1: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Jan 21, 2019.

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    Same problem with physical copy of collectors edition Hope it gets fixed soon
    • earthjake

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      I'm also getting random crashes while playing Prairie King. Game freezes and only quitting Stardew completely from the Switch home menu unfreezes it, but then obviously I lost that days progress. Can't offer more details other than I have gotten it multiple times (I'm trying to beat Prairie King), I'm too busy shooting the bad guys to know if there is anything in common to the freezes.
      • My game does not currently allow me to add apostrophes or quotes to names anymore. This includes the names of the farmer, farm, and animals. I'm playing a digital version of the game in single player mode.
        • misses

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          My boyfriend and I have the same issue!! Basically, one of us can host and play the game just fine over local co-op BUT if we open that same save over the internet the farm is only visible to the host. It sucks because our internet is not very reliable and drops connection often and we can't play together.

          The other issue we have is when one of us or both of us are in the mines and go down stairs the other player experiences really bad lag where ever they are on the map. If we're both fighting in the mines usually someone gets hit and dies because of the lag.
          • Saihara

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            In multiplayer, after the final step of the Mysterious Mr Qi quest I collected the club card and completed the quest. Later during the same day I lost connection to the server due to my internet and upon reconnecting I did not have the club card, the quest is gone and I am unable to get a new one or enter the casino. Because by that point the day had changed and saved we are unable to restart the day so I am now stuck without a club card
            • sashoom

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              @Katzeus Is anyone acknowledging the reports compiled in this thread? The bug list on the first page has not been updated once and currently there are almost four full pages of messages on the framerate, the disappearing music, problems with quests and other issues.
              • Shubeans

                Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

                I am! I'm here! I'm helping!
                Sorta. Give me a day or two to catch up with everything, and I'll respond to people as and when. If I don't respond to you, please don't take that to mean I haven't seen your issue, it might be one we know about already, or you've provided enough info for me not to need to chase you up for anything :)

                I'm sorry for the lack of support you've been having on SDV, I'm ploughing my way in and hopefully will be able to keep on top it all from here out.

                (please note that I am SDV Mobile primarily, any PC/Console problems I won't be able to help with, but please throw Switch issues at me.)
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                • mk_68

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                  I mean you may be here and care but it really doesn't seem like Chucklefish cares about the state of the Switch Co-op. It's an absolute disaster. You can't go a few days of in-game play without some type of issue. Whether it's non-host players getting stuck on a loading screen or them losing their tools that they cant get back at all. For some reason Winter is the buggiest season in the game, or at least that's how my group felt. We lost 6 or 7 essential tools we can't retrieve in any other fashion, and I've looked online and tried every ridiculous option. The mines cause issues for non-host players almost every single time you go in them, usually resulting in players getting stuck in a loading screen. The mine in the Oasis is unplayable because of the loading screen or some problem with going to sleep leading to non-host players having to quit the game.

                  That last problem happens randomly as well. In order for night to progress into the new day certain non-host players or all of them have to quit so the game saves. This is just some of the problems I can recall off the top of my head because only I had all of the tools so it was pointless to continue. It's ridiculous, quite frankly, that this is the state of the co-op almost 5 months after release. We had one update and that's it. There were so many issues from the first thread on bugs that were ultimately ignored. If there are people working on the Switch version, I don't know what they are doing but it doesn't seem like their job is it. My group shouldn't have to consider getting the PC version just so we can have a working Co-op mode.

                  I'm not trying to be a jerk, because you can only do so much. It's just frustrating that those in charge of the Switch version don't seem to care. I've tried hitting up Chucklefish's twitter account on multiple occasions and nothing. This was the next best thing.
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                  • sashoom

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                    Good! Because we have been reporting these problems after and before the Multiplayer patch #1 and Chucklefish has been reading all our reports, could you please tell the release date for patch #2 and also which issues will be corrected by it?
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                    • NorthSong

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                      I'm having the 'getting the same item repeatedly from magma geodes' issue on my Switch :C anyone know any workaround in the meantime?

                      wonder why it's not in the known issues list, I know a lot of people have reported it :<
                      • mk_68

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                        Just accept it as part of the game. Been there since the beginning I think. It's not a multiplayer glitch, but a glitch in the Switch version itself. I think it was also on the Xbox 1 version as well, but I don't think it was fixed considering a thread from 2016 was bumped 2 months ago about this problem.
                        • laurasakha

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                          while playing together on the map number 4, monsters suddenly appeared at night. We did not include them. And lost 4 boxes with all the things that stood on the street. In the game, both wives offer to have children. After consent, children do not appear. The partner had already 2 sentences on the children’s account. What could it be?
                          • limlark

                            limlark Big Damn Hero

                            My multiplayer file has never offered the quest that opens the casino.

                            In both single and multiplayer, there's an issue with completing the community center. (This post seems like it might be the same thing.) Details:
                            - After adding the last item (truffle in SP/3 apples in MP), the entire interior of the building is already restored during the 'crowd of Junimos suddenly appears' stage.
                            - The 'farewell message on cloudy background' screen appears as normal.
                            - After this, you're just free to walk around the place while the victory music plays. Nothing else happens. The scene with the camera panning, smaller crowd of Junimos saying bye, the hut disappearing (it's just already gone), the text box about returning to the spirit world, and the last star over the fireplace - all missing. If you go to the kitchen area you can see a single Junimo bouncing in the black void at the top left corner.
                            - Upon leaving, the exterior of the building looks the same as always. When you go back inside, the last star is in place and the town music continues playing from outside.

                            At this point I always quit and start the day over, so I don't know what happens after that. Anybody who knows how to fix these things, or a better place to submit them, please post!
                            • mk_68

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                              Yeah this thread is pointless. This Switch version of multiplayer is gonna stay broken because chucklefish doesn't care. Oh well.
                              • Captain Nadine

                                Captain Nadine Aquatic Astronaut

                                Just started playing multiplayer more frequently with friends and found these issues throughout the play sessions. It looks like the update stuff is dead, but figured it's still worth posting to see also if anyone else is having these issues

                                Multiplayer with myself as host:
                                * A portion of the screen would show a different lighting than what is reflected in the game day/night - occurred for both myself and one of my friends
                                * Villagers would keep walking for a second after talking to them
                                * Latency issues
                                * Random jolting of the screen when moving or friend moving - possibly related to latency, it's hard to describe, but imagine a pokemon battle and you use a certain move that makes the screen shake
                                * Delays in picking up items drops from rocks in the mines

                                Multiplayer with friend as host:
                                * Latency going to different areas of the map
                                * Villagers would keep walking for a second after talking to them
                                * Sometimes the trees would be extremely green, even the trunks when walking through the path from your farm up to the mountains
                                * Latency with friends' actions on my screen, sometimes player would appear to 'float'
                                * Random jolting of the screen when moving or friend moving - possibly related to latency, it's hard to describe, but imagine a pokemon battle and you use a certain move that makes the screen shake
                                * A portion of the screen would show a different lighting than what is reflected in the game day/night
                                * Animals would not move upon walking into them, would have to wait until they moved to keep walking
                                * Delays in picking up items drops from rocks in the mines
                                * High amounts of lag in the mines, game would frequently have a noticeable lag anytime either of us went down the ladders
                                * Issues with ladders spawning right where I'm standing, therefore getting stuck and only able to go down to the next floor to fix the issue

                                Single player:
                                * Latency issues - game looks like it's going to possibly crash because it freezes before continuing
                                * Going to bed there is a stall with it getting to the save/profits screen
                                * Lag when doing actions, screen jumps and no action has been done as a result - example during watering plants while walking, uses the button to water while walking, skips and jumps ahead a couple steps and action was not completed
                                * A portion of the screen would show a different lighting than what is reflected in the game day/night
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                                • davez

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                                  I have already read that this is an issue so I just wanted to post my particular story so hopefully this issue gets addressed sooner rather than later.

                                  I am well into the game (Day 17 of Summer, Year 7) and my goal since completing the rest of the game is to create a massive diamond farm and work my way up to one billion over the years. I know this will take a very long time but I already have a diamond quarry, a diamond shed, and 2 diamond deluxe barns that give me somewhere around 660 diamonds every few days. Now I am just waiting for more batteries to come from more lightning storms before I work on my next diamond deluxe barn and while I await those I still have a fully filled iridium sprinkler field that I only use to produce strawberries, starfruit, and pumpkins through their respective seasons in order to maximize profits through wine and juice. In order to do that I also spent the time building up 8 deluxe barns filled with kegs and a basement filled with casks to age the starfruit wine. The rest of the house is also filled with preserve jars and some planting pots (there is also a deluxe barn full of these where I am currently working on amassing enough sweet gem berry seeds to eventually do a couple full fall seasons of a full crop of them). I also have 3 7x7 bee house sections in order to make that honey money. My intention was to slowly phase out the honey sections first as I got enough batteries to fill new deluxe barns with crystalariums and then slowly phase out my crop spaces and keg warehouses accordingly. However, I can get no farther.

                                  Apparently, my ambition is a little too grand at the moment because of a technical issue that someone else has described far better than I could. Here is a link to that reddit why_my_switch_stardew_valley_save_is_literally. I had also started to build up a maple syrup farm in the desert while I was waiting on new batteries and with as many items as I have apparently I hit the 10MB mark and the game crashes as I have no gaps in any chest or inventory which seems to be another issues that causes this and I have checked.

                                  I could start destroying my work in the desert but I would hit the limit soon anyway by adding one or two more diamond deluxe barns. So, I am really hoping that this issue could be addressed so that I could go back to enjoying building up my diamond empire.

                                  If more people are having this issue please post so it will get addressed.
                                  • Chalo90

                                    Chalo90 Space Hobo

                                    So me and 3 friends are on switch,local play, with a farm, we spent the 1st spring with no issues, but once we got to summer (no idea if this is relevant) about the day 10 , we started having lag issues, when changing a load place, the game can get stuck on loading, items not be picked up, and what ever we are doing not be shown on the others , either just standing idle, or just no be there. Sometimes it solves after a bit , where everything ther others do goes speed up and seems like the game catches up. Other time, we just get stuck on loading, there doesnt seem to be a trigger for it, we can be in the farm, early or late in the day, or in the town, and just get a loading screen when moving to other part of the town.

                                    As issue #2 but i do belive this is on our side, if we try to go online mode with the same farm we cant connect to each other seems like due to NAT transversal error, we all have NAT b and dinamic IP, i attempted to make the changes that solve the issue for some people but probably some isp setting is not letting us host, but i have no issues for most games, like smash and rocket league, any chance this can get fixed?
                                    • mk_68

                                      mk_68 Master Chief

                                      This lack of attention to our problems is a disgrace. Guess I'll just have to hit up Chucklefish's and ConcernedApe's twitter and tweet at them once a day about these issues.
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                                      • Shubeans

                                        Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

                                        Hello everyone!

                                        I just want to update you all quickly, due to Katzeus being away and working hard on the many other projects I'm going to be more active in the Mobile and Switch support threads.
                                        Please accept my apologies for the lack of communication over the last few weeks (Months? Years?) It's been incredibly hectic over here. We are only a small team and there's been a lot slipping through the cracks, I'm hoping to rectify that in the following days.

                                        For now please know that your issues are being read and gathered. I've started up a public spreadsheet (for those who play Wargroove you'll know that I've been managing one similar over there and I personally think it works great :D)
                                        You can check out everything here:

                                        If your bug isn't on there please let me know; either reply here or send me a DM. I'm always (during UK work hours) available on Discord, Email or on here. I might have just missed it, or forgotten to add it.
                                        Please also note that I am *only* QA, I do not know the Marketing or Publishing side of things, I'll not be able to answer any updates or release questions but anything support and bug related I'm your Gal :)

                                        The Spreadsheet:
                                        Switch is a bit harder for me, personally, than Mobile as I've not actually worked on it, so please bare with me as I get my bearings and update the spreadsheet with everyone's issues. Please please pester me and poke me if I'm not updating your issues or I'm missing important ones. We do have an internal database of bugs that I need to sort through for known Switch issues and cross reference with all the user reports as well.

                                        At the moment it's in it's base form. I'm only entering the issues as I see them on this Forum and Emails sent to without looking too deeply into them. As you can tell almost all of them are completely blank, this just means that I've copy and pasted and am preparing to cross-reference. It will take me a few days, maybe even weeks before everything is properly organised (I am only one person, and I manage a few other projects too..and there are a lot of user reports to add ^^; )

                                        I'm hoping with your help we can get most of them looked into and fixed, so please please please let me know if you have any extra info on a 'Need more info' or 'cannot reproduce' bugs. Also let me know if you see an issue on there that is actually fixed but I've not written it as such! I intend to spend today and tomorrow solidly updating, organise and logging everything I can find, honestly any help is greatly appreciated.

                                        Thank you every one, both for continuing to report issues and for being patient with us.
                                        • INQUE54

                                          INQUE54 Yeah, You!


                                          Thanks for chiming in. Although a bit disappointing that you guys have been radio silent for the past few months, nevertheless, thank you for the communication.

                                          I'm reposting my issue that I sent in a few pages back in this thread since I don't see it on the spreadsheet:

                                          Just wanted to report that I'm not able to connect to a local coop game hosted by my wife's Switch. Online play is fine we can connect no problem, but when it goes to local / lan connection, and I can't find her game.

                                          Some trouble shooting steps I've done:
                                          Remove SSID of our current wifi and restarted the game
                                          Rebooted both switches
                                          Both Switches are on current Firmware versions. Games are also both updated to latest release version

                                          Hoping this issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

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