Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer Patch #1: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. SirGalahad1O1

    SirGalahad1O1 Space Hobo

    I am having trouble changing the flooring and wallpaper in my house, when I place new wallpapers but the doorway/corridor stays the default wallpaper this also happens with the flooring
    • DocteurA

      DocteurA Aquatic Astronaut

      Hello all,
      I got a problem for saving, the game crash. I'm on Day 2 of spring on my year 8.
      I got a totally full farm, 40 animal, à quarry with 300 kegs, 100 jar near marnie, 120 crystalarium on the tunnel, 100 recycle machines near the bus, 1000 crab pots everywhere, and it was after I plant 600 ancient fruit seeds, as I was doing before the update.
      It happens 2 times (after my whole Day hoeing and planting...), so I tried to plant less corps.
      First night, it works, I only plant almost 200 ancien seeds.
      Second night, it works too, with 200 more.
      Third night,crash after 200 crops more...
      Help me !!!!! I m so sad !
      I can say my farm is approximatively the same before the update, and i had only play on winter until now, so it's my first planting season

      I play on portable mode

      I tried the fridge thing, sleep on my guest house (I dont play online but Just build one house), go to bed immédiatly, remove all my lamp fire, not open my barn. . . And now it always crash on that same night...

      I saw an interlude with Vincent and jas about spring onion on that Day, but didnt solve the problem

      Edit 2:
      I remove 500 crab pots and I could pass two nights....
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      • choppin

        choppin Space Hobo

        While trying to join game on switch, the join tab is empty with no options available. While hosting the game on switch there is no way to invite people into the game. I have the latest update installed. I've tried reinstalling the game and restarting the switch. Switch is up to date as well.

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        • sdswitch

          sdswitch Intergalactic Tourist

          Hi. I have considerable FPS issues even with the latest patch. No crashes, but the game is incredibly slow on my farm. I have 1 barn with 8 animals, and 2 coops, and a few plots of crops, but otherwise my farm is not so large. Inside the greenhouse and elsewhere in the world, no issues. Just on the farm. Very slow sometimes. In Fall, with the leaves falling, it can stutter to the point where it skips a few frames. Before getting back into the game, I had no issues like this. I tried closing the animals in, but the farm is still extremely slow.
          • minibeast01

            minibeast01 Big Damn Hero

            Hi, I noticed that on the switch whenever you use a tool for the first time when starting a new save the controller will not vibrate. (But only the first use of the tool)
            • sdswitch

              sdswitch Intergalactic Tourist

              Update: Winter ran quite smoothly on my farm, for whatever reason, even when snowing. There were occasional stutters, but overall, much better in winter. Come Spring, went back to slow-moving screens and character, even when it was raining and all animals were indoors.
              • earthjake

                earthjake Intergalactic Tourist

                Frame rate issues: Slows down when large amounts of grass at beginning of game. Also frame rate issues when I razed that grass and planted 50-ish potatoes and parsnips. Also it appeared marginally worse when it was raining.

                I'm also getting the bug where music doesn't always play at the start of the day when I go outside.

                Finally, a bug that is sort of helpful but is still a bug. Often when giving gifts it won't "give" them the gift. It will remain over my head (and in my inventory) and I won't get a dialogue with the person. If I try to give them the gift again, however, it says I already gave them a gift that day and can't again. I've for sure had this happen with Penny and Demetrius, and probably others as well as I didn't keep good track.
                • cremedelacutie

                  cremedelacutie Void-Bound Voyager

                  I'm now about to hit Fall in my first year (new start on a forest farm on my switch), and up to this point I've noticed:

                  1. Crops aren't growing even when watered (or when it rains) randomly. I've noticed during this past summer that my hops didn't grow every day after reaching maturity, or that one of my hot peppers stopped producing on the same day as all the rest. I've had fully grown plants (RIP corn) wither because they somehow didn't get watered. This occurred more than once with a plant under a sprinkler (take THAT game; I may not be the perfect plant parent, but I know I'm at least a good one!)

                  2. Music starts in the morning only on a fresh day after booting up the game. After that, no music starts upon waking up and I have to either wait until noon on my farm map, or walk out of the farm and back in. A shortcut I've been able to use to deal with this is to quickly go out of the house, back in, and then back out again. Works most of the time then. Note: restarting the game does make the music come back for that first morning, but it stops the same way the following morning
                  • jessemillar

                    jessemillar Intergalactic Tourist

                    Had an issue with my horse last night. My wife and I are using the latest Switch and Stardew updates on a Forest Farm. We have one stable with one horse named Travis. Travis was wearing the Cone Hat from the Night Market ( I rode Travis to the Feast of the Winter Star event in year 1. The next day, Travis was not wearing a hat (which was quite upsetting considering the Cone Hat is a special item from a limited event). When my wife went to put a new hat on Travis, the game asked her to name the horse as if it didn't already have a name. She accidentally pressed "OK" and the randomly-selected name "Grover" was saved. On her Switch, the horse shows as Grover now. It still shows as Travis for me and the Cone Hat is lost to the ether.
                    • earthjake

                      earthjake Intergalactic Tourist

                      I'm also getting a bug in Prairie King where it will get stuck firing the same direction (down). No other control issues in this or other games so it is something with Prairie King.
                      • earthjake

                        earthjake Intergalactic Tourist

                        Update on the Prairie King bug. It is exclusive to if I use the buttons, not the stick to shoot. If I hit "B" to shoot down, it does not stop shooting down. If I use the control stick I don't have the issue.
                        • Tigurxi

                          Tigurxi Space Hobo

                          Hey everyone.

                          We are almost through Spring of year 3 on our multiplayer game and are currently running into issues involving connected users getting stuck on black loading screens. This tends to happen randomly, sometimes multiple times just to get through one day.

                          The only way around it seems to be for them to force close the application and reconnect. It seems to be happening more frequently as our farm has gotten more robust.

                          We also sometimes have issues after all sleeping for the evening and just getting stuck at a black screen between days. Usually it will commence when the connected users force closes their application but not always.

                          The last issue we have been running into is with one of our players items disappearing. We have had his lava katana disappear three times now. His tools had also disappeared but we were able to get his tools back by the host storing all their tools, him grabbing them out of the box. Then the host grabbing the tools out of his drawer while he was not logged in. Not sure how to stop random items from him disappearing though. I did notice his lava katana was in the same spot as the hosts.

                          Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid these situations?
                          • Saramiah

                            Saramiah Space Hobo

                            I'm having the same problem I've seen a couple other people write about - my son and I have a local co-op game we can't play together anymore. Every time I host it, he clicks on the farm to join, and it just goes back to the main menu screen instead of loading the game.
                            • sashoom

                              sashoom Master Chief

                              I just started Spring Year 3 and after a non-stuttering Winter, I started to have framerate problems as soon as I had more than 40 crops planted. This time the stuttering started when I was fertilizing the tilled ground and planting. Hoeing did not cause stuttering but as soon as I started applying the fertilizer, the screen started to blink uncontrollably. At its worst it's making me physically sick to watch the screen.

                              I think we have been very patiently waiting for this issue (and some others that still persist) to be fixed. The first patch came out in January and since this new thread was started, no one is updating the bug reports on the first post of this thread and there has been no news when we will have a new patch. I get that this is an indie game and resources are limited, but it's starting to feel that all of the reports are being ignored.
                              • JeanneD

                                JeanneD Space Hobo

                                I have played Stardew for a few years and decided to come back to it this past weekend. I made sure everything was updated - the version, SMAPI, mods, etc. I logged in to play on multi-player with my son. He was hosting. Everything was fine, except every time I logged onto his farm I had to re-set my settings in terms of what keys on my keyboard translated in what actions. Additionally, every time I logged onto the game I had to readjust the zoom settings for my screen. Annoying, but, okay. On day 3 when Iogged in, the same thing happened, but then, when I physically adjusted my screen before moving out of my bed, the game crashed on my side. Additionally, if I manage to stay in by not doing that, I get all red text on the code, so something is wrong. Occasionally, during game play, I wander off the screen and cannot do anything with my character or leave the place I am. It generally happens when it is i raining and the the rain then looks like it is falling at an angle and dragged out. I am attaching screen shots of login and when my code turns to red (as soon as I join the game in multi-player). Would love a solution to this.

                                Stardew 2.PNG Stardew 1.PNG
                                • amandarose_

                                  amandarose_ Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I just wanted to add my voice to the many posts about the frame rate issues.

                                  I am on Day 1 of Summer, Year 1. I have nothing added more than a coop, about 30 crops, a scarecrow, my cat, and a fence. The frame rate issues are abundant on the farm. I almost never experience issues outside the farm. I have a few save files and they all have the same issue too. I notice that about 6-10 blocks west of the farm house, that sometimes I will experience a complete frame drop (or a few frame even) while crossing through these tiles occasionally. It doesn't seem to be an exact area.

                                  I am on the Nintendo Switch, full updated to 1.3.33.
                                  • Ericlegacy

                                    Ericlegacy Aquatic Astronaut

                                    A couple issues I've noticed.

                                    1. Frame rate is pretty terrible when I have an excess amount of crops on the farm. Actually made me sick at times with how it was struggling.

                                    2. I think this bug only happens on multiplayer. But in the event where you play a video game with Abrigail, the game will crash for the player doing the event. Happened to my friend at first, then when I got the event, my game crashed as well. Only with that event.
                                    • Maxeljulio

                                      Maxeljulio Space Hobo

                                      I’m not sure how to report but I’ve had a small bug when starting a new game on the Switch.

                                      I can’t name a farm with an apostrophe. If I put “Jeff’s” Farm it’ll turn into “Jeff s” with a space where the apostrophe was.

                                      I think this is new cause I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to name farms with apostrophes before.
                                      • avrenor

                                        avrenor Intergalactic Tourist

                                        I've recently had a problem that when in game time it becomes night the whole screen doesn't dim. It only dims partially. I've tried restarting the game and my switch but it didn't help. I took a screenshot of this happening. This only occurs in multiplayer.

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                                        • Estela715

                                          Estela715 Aquatic Astronaut

                                          FRAME RATES ARE SO BAD.

                                          Just wanted to add yet another voice on this. I’m on Switch on latest update both on console and game.

                                          The frame rate issues are so so so terrible I can’t play my game. I haven’t played since December or so when I really grew my farm and the problems started. My farm has almost everything on it except the gold clock. One full barn and one full coop, everything is upgraded to the fullest. Also have flooring everywhere.

                                          It’s even worse if it’s raining or snowing. The issues don’t happen outside the farm.

                                          I know people are posting about this almost on a daily basis. We are so frustrated.

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