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Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer Patch #1: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Capnmarcy

    Capnmarcy Intergalactic Tourist

    All crashes observed latest version on the switch.

    Crash when playing multiplayer and the 2nd player attempts to do Abigail's second heart event where you play the prairie king. Either just before or just after loading into the the game it crashes.

    Crash when playing multiplayer, at the festival with all the carnival games going into the slingshot carnival game crashes the game.
    • sashoom

      sashoom Master Chief

      Still frame rate issues, even more than before. Now it also happens even if the crops haven't matured yet.

      The mummies in the Skull Cavern can attack you even if you have just bashed them with the sword: they rise up and when you try to hit them, it says "miss" but they are still dealing damage to the character (like 80+ points per swipe).

      Still a problem with the bus: once it arrives to the desert, the screen goes black and once you regain control of the character, 5-10 minutes of game time are gone. Also, Pam doesn't enter the bus when it leaves from Stardew Valley and when you get to the Valley at night (after 12), Pam doesn't exit the bus anymore.

      During Sam's two heart event, Sebastian's top of the head disappears.

      Hayley's dialogues start normally but go blank after the first prompt.
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      • Yamorama

        Yamorama Space Hobo

        When my two friends and I played online together before 1.3.33 we got a handful of bugs/crashes and stopped playing. When 1.3.33 dropped we tried again on February 1st, 2019. I hosted our farm, and my two friends joined. We had none of the previous bugs/crashes EXCEPT the following:

        All 3 players in game got into bed around 12:00 AM. Each of us only saw "2/3 Waiting on players." Exiting the beds and re-entering yielded the same result. The only way we could progress was completely exiting the game and rejoining, meaning we had to restart that day over because we couldn't reach the save.

        I hope that's detailed enough. We have been discouraged from playing since it seems our progress can randomly mean nothing once we get to night. Thank you.
        • 1313e

          1313e Orbital Explorer

          It seems that since the multiplayer update, having many crops on screen that are NOT matured, causes an insane amount of lag.
          It does not really matter at what stage the crops are, as long as they have not fully matured yet.
          Moving them off-screen does seem to fix the issue, and I do not encounter it inside the greenhouse (probably because one cannot fit enough crops there to cause the frame drops to happen).

          Also, probably because of the frame drops, having a large field of crop seeds and scrolling the screen can really hurt your eyes when looking at it.
          I have a feeling that this is because of the frame drops, where the field starts to become a bit of a blur instead of moving smoothly.
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          • 1313e

            1313e Orbital Explorer

            Somebody can correct me if I am wrong, but if I am not mistaken, the "problem" with the bus is not actually a problem, but an actual bug fix where it previously was possible for Pam to vanish from the game forever.
            I did however also notice the problem where the keyboard overlaps with the top of Sebastian's head during Sam's two heart event.
            • GlowingOrb

              GlowingOrb Space Hobo

              I have an issue that was already reported by another user in the other thread, but I have some more details on it:

              When playing Journey of the Prairie King and using the buttons to shoot (more precisely, the down/b button) it will keep shooting down, even if now button is pressed. When this happens it;s impossible to shoot straight left or right.
              This can only be stopped by shooting down using the right joystick. Once the b button is pressed again though, it will continue shooting in autofire. This happens regardless of used joycon/controller, both in handheld mode as well as disconnected.

              Looking at reddit, there seem to be some other people besides me and the poster in the other thread, having this issue:
              • unanimad

                unanimad Space Hobo

                Hi there! Me and a friend are trying to host our first online game.
                On online game list, one can see the server that the other is hosting, but when we try to connect to game, it appears the nintendo switch error code 2618-0513.

                Nintendo Switch site says to try again, or check the NAT type, both type B, download and upload speed (both more than 100Mbps to download and 10Mbps to upload).

                We did try to change the region, still no success.
                We begin trying for more than 1 hour but no success.
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                • empw21

                  empw21 Space Hobo

                  Have the recent patch/update for Switch, but have not attempted to play multiplayer yet. I'm running into an issue where I have leveled up to Level 6 in Farming but the items did not unlock and won't show up in the crafting menu (Quality Sprinkler, Cheese Press, Hardwood Fence). I've tried restarting the game, restarting my Switch, checking for updates for both the game and my Switch...After looking elsewhere online, it seems there are possible fixes for PC/console for this bug, but perhaps not yet for Switch?
                  • jeremy.skeels

                    jeremy.skeels Space Hobo

                    We have 6 Nintendo Switch's in our house and 3 have the download version of SDV. I purchased a copy of the physical collectors edition so the other 3 could share it to play multiplayer.

                    However the physical version has no multiplayer at all. I have tried updating and it says I have the current version however it's only on 1.27.xx I even tried to do a local update from the other Switch Consoles but it can't see them attached all.

                    Is there a fix coming for this issue?

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                    • voorhees_13

                      voorhees_13 Tentacle Wrangler

                      I’m in Year 3 spring and I’ve noticed that there’s sometimes no music anymore when I get into the actual game (there’s still the title screen music) I don’t know why this is happening but it seemed to have started with the most current update. I’m kinda bummed that the music doesn’t always come on. Sometimes it’ll come on like normal during the day but other days it’ll be silence. Some sound effects will also be delayed or just not play at all sometimes. My version is 1.3.33. (I was recommended to post this message here instead of the normal support thread)
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                      • sashoom

                        sashoom Master Chief

                        The frame rate issue has not disappeared with the patch. My screen was stuttering and blinking like no tomorrow when I was playing this weekend (so much so that I started feeling nauseous). I have around 8 iridium sprinklers and animals outside. I'm playing a single-player game started after the initial 1.3 update. I have the newest version (1.3.33).

                        Also can confirm that the music is patchy: around 80 % of the time the music doesn't play on my farm and sometimes not at all, even if I go to the town. However, the music sometimes starts playing during heart events.
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                        • tvaz

                          tvaz Space Hobo

                          I have had an issue with local multiplayer that has persisted since the previous update- when I create a Host with Local connection selected, it does not populate on other Switches that are nearby and connected to the same router. Online connection will populate and works pretty okay, but due to various connection issues that can arise (this thread being an example of a lot of them), I have been hoping to figure out how to get Local connection to work.

                          There is no instructions or troubleshooting on the wiki or any other documentation, and Nintendo only provides instructions on how to use wired LAN connections. I couldn't find any indication that wired LAN is required for stardew multiplayer, but please advise before I go get myself a set of LAN adapters and ethernet cables.
                          • RestlessFish

                            RestlessFish Space Hobo

                            I have had an issue with local Co-op on the switch aswell, I've tried on numerous occasion to host a game and connect to it through local Co-op. Every time I host a game and click to join on the second switch, the second switch takes itself back to the home screen and doesn't connect. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
                            Both switchs are up to date and both games are updated but still doesn't connect, both bought of the eshop.
                            • INQUE54

                              INQUE54 Yeah, You!

                              Just wanted to report that I'm not able to connect to a local coop game hosted by my wife's Switch. Online play is fine we can connect no problem, but when it goes to local / lan connection, and I can't find her game.

                              Some trouble shooting steps I've done:
                              Remove SSID of our current wifi and restarted the game
                              Rebooted both switches
                              Both Switches are on current Firmware versions. Games are also both updated to latest release version

                              Strangely enough, this started happening when we decided to try Online play, because previously we were playing purely local only. Not if this was the cause.
                              • allhailpi

                                allhailpi Void-Bound Voyager

                                This isn't so much an issue, mostly just dont know where to put it, but I've been trying the item spawn name "glitch" on my switch all day, thinking the numbers or symbols were the issue and tried almost every ID just to find out it got patched only on switch, and I was wondering if that would ever be reimplemented with a fix because I just found out about this and wanted to use it to test some items and such, just to find out it got patched not even a month ago. It really would be great to implement, and if it's because of a multiplayer issue, maybe even just to singleplayer or something. I don't know, I'm not the dev at all, obviously, just figured I'd see if there really was any plan to (hopefully) reimplement it.
                                • cookiemoon

                                  cookiemoon Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Whenever I click local multiplayer, it takes me back to the main menu immediately. Game updated, doing nothing else except opening the game and trying to access local multiplayer. Online works fine.
                                  • Bantum

                                    Bantum Yeah, You!

                                    My friend and I constantly get disconnected from the server messages when playing co-op regardless of who is hosting. we have tried various invite methods such as through steam, invite code, join game, etc. and all result in at least daily (in game) disconnections. The guest is always the player who gets disconnected from the server. This happens at random times including but not limited to: loading from one zone to another, cutting trees down on our farm, fishing, walking across a zone (from market to black smith), fighting in mines, mining, etc. We have restarted our computers, verified the integrity of files on steam, uninstalled and reinstalled, and attempted to use LAN through Hamachi - all of which have failed. Please provide any guidance! We are also now having an issue where the guest gets disconnected each night when the game goes through a summary screening and the host gets stuck on "waiting for other players". This is where we have to both close our games and restart.
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                                    • CursedSeasons

                                      CursedSeasons Space Hobo

                                      When attempting to play local multiplayer with two Switch consoles, the host's farm doesn't show up in the join list. Local connection worked fine the first time, then after closing and restarting the game the host never shows up again. New farm was made to test and connected fine then failed to show up again on rebooting. Online multiplayer worked fine with the original farm that was previously connected to locally.
                                      • Deamonz

                                        Deamonz Space Hobo

                                        I look at this and feel late to the party seeing when this was last updated but i have to address something that continues happening to my friends and I on Stardew Valley for the Switch. (If this is looked at I guess) So I'm guessing whats happening with my friends and I is connections and our internet not responding or something. But whatever here's the problem we keep having. My friends and I will be playing on our farm and more often than not we are stuck on the loading screen when leaving for another area or anything involving a loading screen. It has happened more than we'd like it to and when it does happen we have to close our game and join back. Another problem we have is when all are in bed it will not end the day and will make us close our games for the owner of the farm to be the last one and save it for us. This has happened occasionally but it would be nice to have it fixed. Also another problem we have is just opening the farm and having to join. When we join, if someone tries to open a chest as people are trying to get in they won't be able to open the chest and the player trying to join will have to close there game and try and get in again. I hope you've read this and I also hope I put this report in the right area. Thanks for reading and hopefully taking into consideration.
                                        • jessemillar

                                          jessemillar Intergalactic Tourist

                                          I have experienced all these issues when playing with my wife and two brothers via online play. We all have version 1.3.33 installed on our Switches. We haven't played in three weeks because we're tired of playing through a whole Stardew Valley day and then having the game not save or get stuck on an infinite load screen. Our last play session was so bad that we played the same day six times in a row without being able to save because of a mix of the issues mentioned by Daemonz.

                                          In our save file, the issues really started manifesting once I had planted a grove of about 100 trees on the south side of our Wilderness Farm. I assumed that the growth rate of the trees was somehow the problem so we chopped every one of them down but the issue is still prevalent.

                                          Update: I discovered last night that putting my Switch in the DMZ in my WiFi router's firewall configuration breaks "Online" multiplayer. I would receive "One or more consoles are not responding" errors when trying to join my wife's farm (which is a different save file than the one I described above). When I configured my Switch with normal firewall parameters on my WiFi router, multiplayer resumed working normally. Upon noticing the effect of the custom DMZ configuration, I remembered that I had long ago changed the MTU setting in my Switch's network configuration to 1500 from the default 1400. I haven't tested my theory yet, but if DMZ breaks Stardew multiplayer, I wonder if the custom MTU value could have been a factor in the issues I described above. I've changed my MTU back to 1400 and will report back on whether it improved things if I ever get my brothers to play with me again.
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