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Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. Spunjerr

    Spunjerr Void-Bound Voyager

    Constructing and immediately destructing a cabin crashes the game.
    • brl25

      brl25 Void-Bound Voyager

      Hello all.

      Main issue since the update is that no music plays while I'm on my farm. This starts to happen on the second day in a gaming session - meaning, I'll boot up the game on Switch, load a file (playing solo, I haven't even tried multiplayer yet, but looking forward!), play an in-game day in which music plays on the farm, go to bed, start a second day - and no music. It doesn't start late or play intermittently, there's just no music at all. There will be music in the town and elsewhere, though.

      Relatedly, I've noticed the rooster crows later, as others have mentioned. Before he crowed as the screen faded from the tally screen, now it crows only after the scene for the new day has fully loaded and I'm looking at the inside of my house. Not sure if it's related to the no-music-on-the-farm thing.

      Also, I've noticed that when I buy animals from Marnie now, she'll say the usual "I'll send little so-and-so to her new home right away blah blah" but against a black background. Usually she says it while the screen shows the inside of her shop and I see how much money is being depleted, but not anymore.

      Thank you!
      • pbr0ck3r

        pbr0ck3r Space Hobo

        Cut scene playing video game with Abigail.

        Crashes when you play the game (only for the person in the cut scene).
        • pbr0ck3r

          pbr0ck3r Space Hobo

          Can confirm this. Host tried playing game when two other players where playing other games and game and everyone's game crashed.
          • pbr0ck3r

            pbr0ck3r Space Hobo

            When Pierre comes to congratulate you on your first year. Tell you about new seeds. Only two of the three players in the game got the cuts scene on the farm. Definitely a bug.
            • ajeanyoung

              ajeanyoung Space Hobo

              We are experiencing a crashing issue. My boyfriend and I play together in online mode. Whenever we go into the desert mines together when spirits are in a good mood for both of us, our games crash while in the mines. If we both go together and one of us has spirits in a good mood but for the other one they are neutral or in a bad mood, we don't encounter this crashing problem. This has happened to us multiple times.
              EDIT: Editing to add that we were both on different floors each time this happened. We are using two switches in the same house if that helps. In online mode. We seem to be okay if we are on different modes as long as one of us is having a neutral or bad day for the spirits
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              • sashoom

                sashoom Master Chief

                I've further noticed with my game that I started after the update that

                1) when the bus leaves Stardew Valley, Pam no longer climbs on board the bus. My character will board the bus but Pam is left standing by the curb. In the previous versions my characters would follow Pam to the bus. This does not affect the game play but is a bit weird.
                2) when the bus arrives to the desert, the screen goes black before the character is able to exit the bus. When my character is finally able to move, 5-10 minutes are deducted from the game clock (this did not happen before).
                • Nazty Fox

                  Nazty Fox Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  I have a single large pixel that keeps flickering black. It doesn't go away. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and starting a new save. Its present even at the title screen. This only happens in this game on my switch so it's not an issue with the switch itself.
                  • MasterSaturday

                    MasterSaturday Phantasmal Quasar

                    I know the "music not playing on farm" bug has been reported several times, but I have a detail to add: I've noticed that if I wait long enough on the farm, even without leaving, the music eventually does play. My suspicion is that because the song repeats, for some reason it's only the very first loop that fails to play, and once that first loop finishes "playing", things go back to normal.

                    I have another bug to report as well: It appears that blackberries aren't growing when they are supposed to in my file. I'm not sure about salmonberries as I haven't reached that point again yet.
                    • SchokoBob

                      SchokoBob Space Hobo


                      What happend:

                      Multiplayer two players

                      - switch from 28. winter of 2nd year to 1. Spring of third year
                      - host did receive the grandfather ghost cut scene
                      - guest player married Penny at 1. Spring and had the ceremony cut scene at 1. spring
                      - Game told guest player to wait for 2nd player to catch up in a pop up message
                      - host (2nd player from above) did not receive such message
                      - host player was able to continue playing
                      - guest player used alt+F4
                      - after direct reconnect the guest player wears the groom suite (not what he choose in the first place)
                      - no grandfather ghost cut scene for the guestplayer
                      - no candle at the shrine where lit

                      regards BoB
                      • Katzeus

                        Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                        Good morning all.

                        The bugfix update is now available for Switch - version 1.3.33. Here are the changes;
                        • Improved performance in locations with lots of light sources (e.g. torches).
                        • Improved performance on farms with lots of animals.
                        • Tweaked new "H" health icon.
                        • Fixed multiplayer visual glitch when another player uses a tool and then starts moving in a new direction.
                        • Fixed "fishing stance" visual glitches in multiplayer.
                        I'm going to start a new thread to track issues for another update to make it easier to parse out what's fixed and what's still pending in 1.3.33. If you're reporting a new issue please make sure you've update to 1.3.33 to ensure it hasn't already been fixed! Thank you all for your patience!!

                        Here's a link to the new thread - please report any issues in 1.3.33 there. I'll lock this thread to reduce confusion.
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