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Stardew Valley Switch Multiplayer: Known Issues & Fixes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. Unitoast

    Unitoast Space Spelunker

    Certain symbols such as [ ] { } no longer appear in your name or any other object you can name, Comcerned Ape said he wouldn't patch out the item glitch, so was this on purpose?
    • sashoom

      sashoom Master Chief

      I played a bit more last weekend and noticed some odd stuff at the Mines and at the end of the day screen.


      So, suddenly the enemies can attack me by either attaching themselves to me, doing continuous damage AND they can run through me, doing damage every time when doing so. The attaching thing happens with all enemies except bats and the running through happens with all enemies, especially with slimes. I'm used to that the dust thingies attach themselves to you but not the other enemies.

      Attaching: the enemy sticks to you, doing constant damage.
      Running past: the enemy runs through you (not just at you) and even though you're swinging your sword, you re not able to deal any damage or block the attack. The enemy then hits you again after having gone through you, dealing yet more damage.

      Also: trying to consume food or changing weapons in the Mines is sometimes glitching. Either the controls didn't respond at all (until I walked away a bit) or my character was just holding the food and nothing happened. A couple of times I got the notice saying "your inventory is full" even though I wasn't trying to add anything to the inventory, just trying to use stuff.

      Also, when changing floors, the screen freezes for a couple of seconds before going black and it takes a bit more time than before to go from black screen to the new floor.

      END OF DAY

      There is a longer pause when you go to sleep before you get the level ups and the money earned during the day. Sometimes I get the sound that I have leveled up but then it takes up to 20 seconds before I can see what has happened. Also, sometimes when this happens, the next day starts by "it's getting late" or "you're feeling exhausted" even though the energy levels are completely replenished during the night.

      More info:
      This is a new save that I started after downloading the newest version. I also did a several days' test run on Xbox (because it does not have the version 1.3) and did not have any of these problems.
      • thesunisjustfine

        thesunisjustfine Void-Bound Voyager

        No idea if this is new to this patch or not since I just got this item for the first time- the iridium rod softlocks my game. I just bought the rod from Willie and as soon as I cast it, one thing became obvious: the player animations were not playing as expected (female farmer, if it makes any difference). However, this was just a minor annoyance in comparison to the real issue: When casting the rod in a direction in which it'll hit land, whether it be thrown too far across a river or just goofing off and throwing at the beach, the game will proceed to behave as if the rod was successful in hitting water. It will not, however, have a bobber that can be reeled in and the normal fishing interface will not pop up, effectively locking the player where they stand until the end of eternity. Or the day ends, whichever happens first.

        Is this a new issue? Am I forced to restart my day, wiser in the knowledge that the iridium rod is a weapon of power and destruction?
        edit: forgot to mention, this is an exclusively singleplayer save !
        • Ric3ca3k

          Ric3ca3k Space Hobo

          My husband and I came across two bugs last night. I was hosting the farm and he joined. We noticed that when it started getting dark, he still had lighted portions of his screen in handheld mode as mentioned above. Picture here: https://twitter.com/ric3ca3k/status/1074492489506140160?s=19
          Also noticed that when his character had the bamboo fishing rod selected, on my screen his character appeared to be casting the rod and floating instead of walking. This only happened on my screen, not his. Video here: https://twitter.com/ric3ca3k/status/1074491755376984064?s=19
          • Katzeus

            Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

            Good morning everyone, we've got an update on some of the framerate issues. We're still collecting details - so continued reports would still be very helpful.

            There are a couple factors we identified which can cause slowdowns. We have fixes in progress to address both these causes, but until we have the update ready players might be able to work around with some small adjustments.

            1. Light sources - Having a VERY large number (like hundreds) of light sources (torches, furnaces, etc) can slow things down. A number of the reports we got about lagging we noticed the farms had lots of torches, and were able to replicate internally by placing a large number on the map - removing them temporarily could help!

            2. Animals Outside - There are also some issues triggered when there are an extremely large number of animals outside. If players with perf issues try locking their barn/coop doors and keep their animals inside that may help as well!​

            Neither of these are permanent solutions, but may provide some relief to allow players smoother play. We're working to have a patch ready to address these asap.

            If you're having framerate slowdowns and you don't have outdoor animals/lights, or have addressed these but the issue continues after cleaning up your lights/animals - please report with as many details as possible! There may be other factors at play, and we want to make sure we can include fixes in the patch we're working on.

            Thanks everyone for your reports - they've been invaluable in narrowing down what we've identified so far! Keep them coming!
            • sashoom

              sashoom Master Chief

              I didn't have any animals or light sources when I started experiencing the framerate issues but my farm had a lot of automatically spawned trees, rubble and grass. I started the farm after the 1.3 update so it wasn't an existing save. The framerate still drops if I walk through any area that has a lot of spawned items (the farm and Cindersap Forest especially) and sometimes the screen freezes when I walk past my crops. The framerate also slows down a bit (but rarely and less dramatically) in the mines (especially if there are a lot of enemies and rocks around). Haven't noticed it happening in the areas with torches, though.

              I hope this information helps and thank you for keep us posted!
              • Yakra

                Yakra Space Hobo

                Here's what I experienced on 12/14. It was a new farm, I was host, and the two players connecting did so online. We all were using handheld mode.

                • One player frequently found themselves unable to pick up chopped wood, and other dropped items. We were playing in the same room, so I compared our screens - her player didn't appear on my screen, but I could see the trees/rocks break when she chopped them - and then I was able to pick them up.
                • Both other players, when transitioning to a different map, would get the loading screen with the controllers. It lasted several minutes (including after 2:00am came and went) - which is presumably longer than the loading screen should be present. Whenever they did eventually force close the game and rejoin, they had lost items and/or didn't earn XP for the day. On my screen (the host) I saw the character on the map they were trying to transition from.
                • The two guests were some nights able to sleep in the same bed, and on other nights not. On the nights we didn't, one of us showed as 3/3 players in bed, and the other two of us (host included) showed at 2/3 players in bed.
                • The shader bug in the evening, which I think was well documented elsewhere.

                We're all super pumped to play together once these issues are worked out - thank you for taking the time to read!
                • Katzeus

                  Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                  Thanks for these details. There definitely may be other factors outside those two triggers, reports like this are helpful so we can focus in and identify them asap.
                  • dys194

                    dys194 Intergalactic Tourist

                    I found 4 bugs so far on my save I started before the update
                    • I was talking to Jodi who I had 2 hearts with and suddenly I got the achievement for getting to 5 hearts with someone because talking to Jodi somehow made Leah go from 4 to 5
                    • There were 2 of lewis purple pants stacked on each other, i picked them both up, completed the quest and now I cant get rid of the other one
                    • Treasure chests in the mine respawn
                    • Sometimes when givingthe 2nd gift of the week instead of a reply ill get the message that I already gave 2 gifts that week, but the gift is consumed and friendship points are added, the gift-reply shows up when I normally talk to that person afterwards
                    and a minor one where I would get the "its getting late" textbox after i wake up

                    Oh and I also sometimes have small stutters in different places of the game, in the forest area south of your farm and on my farm mostly
                    also often no music, im not sure if this is a bug
                      Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
                    • Spiderg1rl

                      Spiderg1rl Intergalactic Tourist

                      I started a new forest farm after the update came out. Ive experienced tbe frame rate problem but also haf one not reported yet.

                      In the farming area below the house and between the lakes I have some crops. Every morning when trying to water them I experience different things usually when trying to water crops near a scarecrow.

                      For example when trying to water some wheat earlier it told me how many scarecrow it had scared off which was weird as it was wheat and the scarecrow was 4 tiles away.

                      When a crop was behind the scarecrow instead of watering it or checking the scarecrow it opened my chest near my house, about 5 squares away. If I moved a little it opened the box next to it. Needless to say I lost those crops. A very strange bug that keeps happening on different tiles forcing me to give it up.
                      • G1VEN

                        G1VEN Space Hobo

                        Hello Team,

                        Thank you for taking our feedback and consideration. I am an infrastructure engineer for cloud services and also a part time game software tester. Stardew is life so all of the issues I will list below occurred over the course of a 20+ hour binge of attempting to play 4 player Stardew Multiplayer over the past weekend. I've highlighted the single issue below as this was the primary issue that has made the game close to unplayable with more than 2 players on a farm.
                        • (Investigating) Frame-rate issues on farm
                        1. During the course of our play time, we had 2 players on the same network + 3rd/4th player connected Online to the same farm. Over the course of our play experience, we primarily had '3' players connected at most times. The lag/fps issue is experienced when 3+ players were connected mainly in highly intensive resource areas, like tons of grass/hay, tons of crops growing in one area, or all players in one area. (I have experienced resource intensive issues in other titles such as Ark: Survival Evolved where building a mega base in on small location will affect framerate/playability which appears very similar to whats happening now in Stardew Multiplayer)
                        2. This experience can be replicated quite easily but for additional testing, adding 4 total players on the map alongside resource intensive farms in singular locations cause more then just the frame rate issue in which we were receiving multiple what we dubbed, "Loading Screen of death" issues (will post screenshots asap) which forced us to force quit the game repeatedly. (This usually occurs during "Rain" as more resources are consumed which results in tons of different loading/fps issues.)
                        • querycrossing

                          querycrossing Aquatic Astronaut

                          haven't found any mentions of this one yet, got a multiplayer chat bar while playing single player.
                          During Year 4 Luau in a single-player-only farm, I was talking to everybody when it gave me a text input screen near Robin and Demetrius. I exited without typing anything in and tried again to talk to Robin and it gave me another text input, so I typed [72] just in case it would spawn a diamond (rip spawn cheat) and it brought up what I imagine is the chat bar from multiplayer? it made a chicken emote out of [72] and I spent some time clicking around on the luau dance floor and it kept giving me chat bar text input in certain hotspots near Robin and Demetrius and Emily. Reset the day to try recreating it but it didn't work a second time. Here's a screenshot.
                          • JawneeWin

                            JawneeWin Space Hobo

                            I started a new multiplayer farm with two other people and again, I was unable to pick up items at times. I just seem to walk across them and they're still on the ground. There was also an instance where I was unable to open a chest but the other two were able to.
                            • b(.)(.)b

                              b(.)(.)b Intergalactic Tourist

                              I found a bug on lewis' purple pants quest. When I picked up the pants, it appeared that there's another one on the ground, so my dumb self picked it up again and now I couldn't get rid of it. I tried to delete it using the trash icon, didn't work. tried to give it to lewis again, didn't work; it just keep saying that i am giving it to the wrong person. then, I tried to may be drop it on the ground but still didn't work. so now i'm stuck with this stupid pants in my inventory. Also, frame rate still dropping and lags like hell even though my farm looks like crap. I don't even use the multiplayer yet. if only i could downgrade back to version 2.4. version 1.3.2 sucks. I miss the spawn glitch. the game is a mess right now.
                              • Black Market Beagle

                                Black Market Beagle Tentacle Wrangler

                                This is pretty trivial compared to some of the reports you're getting, but it seems like some of the 1.3 items are missing.

                                During the Egg Hunt, you should be able to purchase Lawn Flamingos and various Seasonal Plants from Pierre's booth, but he only had Strawberries and the Plush Bunny. I'm not sure of the other places I should be seeing the Seasonal Plants, and it could be that they're in game but not in his inventory. I haven't gotten to the Night Market yet to check there.

                                Ah - and edited to add: It's not possible to set barn animals to not breed. The udder is there, but you can't click on it.
                                  Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
                                • clubcooljon

                                  clubcooljon Space Hobo

                                  I also have issue with the music, my favorite part of the game. :(

                                  Music starts when I first load my file, but after some time it stops playing completely and I’m left to farm with no music. Sometimes the music plays again when I leave the farm.

                                  When mining in the desert mine, the music will also cut out, sometimes it cuts back in, but then it will stop again.

                                  Very sad. :(
                                  • leah33

                                    leah33 Void-Bound Voyager

                                    To add to the reports, I've also encountered the lag issues. When the patch first arrived I was in the middle of winter of year 1, with 4 chickens and 4 cows, and only a few of the winter seeds planted, and I had no issues (aside from the occasional brief stuttering that has happened ever since I bought the game about 3 weeks ago). Yesterday I hit spring of year 2, and once I let my 8 animals out of their buildings and started planting my approximately 220 crops, there's been some lag. The lag seems to be the worst while on my horse, and there's no lag inside my house or outside of my farm area. The game is still playable so far with the lag, but it's definitely noticeable.

                                    ETA: Forgot to mention, this is all in single player.
                                      Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
                                    • Gillarcade

                                      Gillarcade Space Hobo

                                      Me and my wife have seen minor framerate and animation bugs. But the main thing is when she is hosting, no monsters get knocked back when attacked on my game. So I’m completely unable to do skull cavern because the flying monsters kill me very quickly
                                      • Hurtigpelikan

                                        Hurtigpelikan Intergalactic Tourist

                                        Im having framerate and jarring issues as well. Nothing mayor but it is a bit annoying when it was running smoothly before the patch.

                                        Farm details:
                                        Year 1, Fall 14
                                        Standard farm, 1 shed, 1 coop, 1 barn. Two field (40 crops in each) of cranberry and corn and a lot of grass. I only experience the framerate drops when near the crops and the grass, nowhere else. The framerate drops even without animals and lights.
                                        • DrunkenGizmo69

                                          DrunkenGizmo69 Space Hobo

                                          Adding to the framerate issues...I experience it when running through 400+ cranberry field with sprinklers. Does not happen when in an area of the farm with no crops. All animal are in the barn. When winter came and all my crops died, the framerate returned to normal even with sprinklers still there. I suspect a massive amount of crops is at least part of the issue. Also started a new farm with minimal crops and had no framerate issues
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