Stardew Valley SWITCH: Known Issues & Fixes (Patch 1)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. maidofaspects

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    Playing Switch version in Docked mode on patch 1.2.36 and I'm having controller input lag. I've noticed button input lag, especially when fishing (missing bites while line is cast and erratic movement of green bar during fishing mini-game) and also joystick input lag while walking (not able to change directions quickly, character continuing to move after letting go of joystick, etc.) Only happens in Docked mode, not in handheld mode (even with Joy-Cons detached).
    • digirhys

      digirhys Orbital Explorer

      IMG_20180303_112909.jpg IMG_20180303_092620.jpg On the most recent patch, I've noticed that certain things don't fit within the bounds of the screen in handheld mode (I never play docked so I don't know if it's an issue then)

      During the fishing minigame during the Stardew Fair, the instructions and such jut off the right hand side of the screen. Similarly, when entering Pierre's shop, his longer text bubbles will get cut off by the left hand side of the screen when I approach the counter.
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      • Jowen

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        I'm on Day 28 of Winter, Year 1 and have played 39 hours on the Switch (v1.2.36). I woke up in the morning and played until about 11:00am (game time) and realized I had brought the wrong type of metal bar to Clint to upgrade my pickaxe. I didn't want to waste the day walking back to the farm to get the right kind so I exited to the title page and reloaded my game. Once the game loaded, I woke up and went out to my furnace only to discover that my 2 furnaces and charcoal kiln had disappeared completely. I had them near the entrance of my farm behind the shipping container. I exited again and reloaded several times/ways but my items are just gone. I have no idea what happened.

        I looked around online and found this discussion on steam about player's storage chests and all their stored items (as well as other things) disappearing as well:

        Is this a known bug or is there an in-game explanation for this? Is there a way to get my items back? This is a huge bummer and honestly, I'm feeling pretty disinclined to continue playing for fear of my items randomly vanishing.
        • Sarahcjackson

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          So at the risk of sounding stupid for missing some obvious step in the process...

          I can't buy the Mermaid Pendant.

          I have repaired the bridge, worked my way up in friendship hearts, gave the bouquet to Harvey and he's listed as my boyfriend. I also have enough money.

          But I still get the response from the Old Mariner that I'm not ready to buy it.

          Am I missing something? Or is it the game?
          • Ku-rai

            Ku-rai Seal Broken

            I can't fish.

            When I cast my line and wait I get the "!" But then nothing happens. I press all the button except for square but nothing happens. No gauge or anything. When I do press square it just removes the line from the water.

            I'm on ps4.
            • GardenTiger

              GardenTiger Space Hobo

              I had the exact same problem multiple times on the Switch. The first time this happened, my character didn't go to bed but the clock kept on counting way past 2.00 a.m. so I had to reset the game. The second time it happened, curiously the character went to bed 2.00 automatically and the next day, it was all back to normal so didn't lose any progress.
              • Sparklink

                Sparklink Pangalactic Porcupine

                So I have encountered this odd bug with children.

                The first day the new child was no where to be seen.

                The second day the child was sitting beyond the top left corner of the house.

                The third day the child was still in the top left corner.

                The fourth day the child seemed to have reached stage three (Children grow up so fast these days.)

                The fifth through seventh day were the same.

                After the seventh day I found the child resting in the crib in the first stage as if nothing had happened. I have encountered this bug at the release of the Switch version up to today; and it has happened every time.
                • summerdoors17

                  summerdoors17 Space Hobo

                  Have you upgraded your house yet if not then you need to do that first.
                  • atkailash

                    atkailash Space Hobo

                    I’m on Day 20of Spring, and I swear I did the adopt thing for the cat before, but it never showed. Today the lady showed with the cat again, no big deal, but if I say “yes” it will loop and replaces the name for the cat with “the farm” in her speech. If I say “no” the game will continue as expected but without the pet (technically still expected since I chose “no”). I have tried all sorts of names and times of day and cannot get “yes” to progress as expected.
                    • Razgildai

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                      Good afternoon!

                      Faced such a problem. On version 1.26.36, relations with animals are not improving, with anyone except for cows. Nobody knows the solution to the problem?

                      The latest version, Switch. Russian game client.
                      • Estela715

                        Estela715 Aquatic Astronaut

                        Hello, I just got a bug while playing tonight. I am in Spring year 2, when I tried to plant Parsnip seeds on already tilled soil, both fertilized and not, on a rainy day, I heard the little “planted” sound but the seed did not plant. It did disappear from my inventory though, as if it had planted.

                        I saved that night, quit the game, did a needed software update and went back in. Same problem happened with Rhubard purchased in the desert. This time I tried to till new soil and it was a sunny day, didn’t matter. Still heard the sound and the seed disappeared from my backpack.

                        The Rhubard seed did plant in the greenhouse just fine.

                        It’s been 3 in game days and still doing it. I’m afraid to plant other seeds and losing money. What can I do to help solve this bug? It really sucks!!!

                        Btw, I was on handheld mode. Thanks.
                        • AnxiousWater

                          AnxiousWater Space Hobo

                          I'm on the 26th day of Summer, year 1, and I'm getting the save/sleeping crash. I've checked and I am in version 1.2.36. I've tried multiple times, and have tried emptying my fridge and removing/adding an item to my chests.

                          I spend the day fishing at the ocean, lake, and level 20 in the mine, completing a 2 red snapper fetch quest for Will you (when I check the journal after catching the snappers it lists the recipient as "StardewValleyCharacterCat" instead of Willy) getting the 6 heart event for Alex, adding fish to bundles, and managing my farm. I've tried a few times without talking to Alex, and without turning i the fetch quest, but every time I sleep the game crashes.

                          Edit: tried redownloading and not turning in bundles and it saved.
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                          • ZincoDrone

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                          • dezeerae

                            dezeerae Space Hobo

                            My switch installed updates recently and now when I get mail “quests” they don’t show up in my journal. If i try to give the person the item, they just take it and no acknowledgment they asked for if. (Lost a battery and iridium bar)
                            • eudy91

                              eudy91 Space Spelunker

                              Hi I am really frustrated by the fact when the I get to Abigail 8 heart event and it crashes right at the moment the spirit board says 'U'. The update seems to make the game crash more. There was an inconsistency in the speech when I gave her 30 woods for help wanted. And she replied with thanks for the stone, but did not take the wood. ?o?
                              • RascalXI

                                RascalXI Intergalactic Tourist

                                My game crashed randomly all the time. Usually it's during dialogue moments. Right now I finished the community center bundles but when I get the cutscence with the town in the center the game crashed while Pierre talks. It crashes every single time. I can't contiune my game since this scene plays once you go into town.

                                Also, the quest to give Clint an iron bar crashes once the dialogue comes up after giving him the bar. It crashes every single time.

                                I love this game but its basically unplayable now.
                                • dezeerae

                                  dezeerae Space Hobo

                                  My quest thing solved itself but now I can’t place any items on the lower two shelves in the museum so I can’t donate new items I find in order to finish out the museum.
                                  • GeezerRoy

                                    GeezerRoy Orbital Explorer

                                    I’ve seen this also.
                                    • Greywing

                                      Greywing Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Bug Report: So recently just bought Stardew on the switch and having a few game crashing bugs. It started first with Abigail. When I tried talking with her at certain in her house the game would then crash. Its now happening to Leah first at the dance festival and it just happened during her four heart event. I am using the name item creating glitch would that cause the problems?
                                      • Ambulan

                                        Ambulan Space Hobo

                                        So does anyone know when the next patch going to be submitted to Nintendo? I hope it's before the multiplayer support is coming, as not being able to finish the collections in the library is getting a bit annoying..

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