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Stardew Valley SWITCH: Known Issues & Fixes (Patch 1)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Honey Buddha

    Honey Buddha Space Hobo

  2. dupo

    dupo Void-Bound Voyager

    I’m having some issues with conversations on the switch version and was wondering if it’s something unique to the switch, or if it happens in all versions. Sometimes conversations are really awkward and almost seem like there was a part that didn’t display. One I can think off the top of my head is Alex saying he has a question for you, then the next box he’s saying something about how you’ll know him when he goes pro. Earlier I had one where I talked to Haley and she just said “but don’t tell her that”. One more I can think of is sometimes you talk to robin and Demetrius and they give those same lines they gave after that argument heart event (“I wish he’d open up to me more” etc.)

    Another issue I have is sometimes the dialogue won’t display at all. You’ll hear a slight sound like it opened and closed really quick. It seems to happens a lot talking to my spouse in bed at night. Sometimes I’ll also talk to her and nothing happens, then the next time you click it does the embrace thing.

    Was just wondering if these happen to anyone else, since I didn’t see it in the list on the first page
    • Raiden1998

      Raiden1998 Space Hobo

      When giving gifts to npcs instead of getting their usually "thank you" type dialog, I'll either get the "You've already given (name) a present today" or the "You've already given (name) 2 presents this week". Talking to the person again will give the "thank you" dialog. Not a big issue but fairly annoying and it does this with everyone on and off randomly. Also a bug with the Ice Fishing event where I cast the fishing rod too far and the pole hovered over my characters head and froze him like that and I wasn't able to do the event without restarting the game.
      • Sorainthy

        Sorainthy Void-Bound Voyager

        Just as I see some more reports on the last pages:
        As it is possible to reproduce will we get an update after 60days? (Start post was edited end of nov/17)

        For me it seems bugs will be fixed when the next content patch is incoming. To be honest: If so this should not the way to go as new content could bring new bugs...

        Switch Player who feels a bit unloved at the moment.
        • gbutters19

          gbutters19 Space Spelunker

          Having this exact same issue on my end. No corrupted software found, and I'm using the latest version. Not sure what details I could provide that would be useful, as it's just a cutscene. I was marrying Penny on the 10th of Spring in Year 5. That's all I've got lol
          • luna-moonbug

            luna-moonbug Lucky Number 13

            i just bought nintendo switch yesterday and only found 2 games i wanted to play which is stardew and overcooked but i'm still hesitating opening the box lol...stardew animation seems old fashion...i wish it's like animal crossing new leaf animation..
            • Katzeus

              Katzeus Community Manager Chucklefish

              I'll pass this along as well - and follow up if the devs need specifics about anything
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              • LordRayden

                LordRayden Void-Bound Voyager

                So you can’t continue your playthrough? If so, I’m avoiding any marriage on the switch until it got figured out. ^^
                • Sorainthy

                  Sorainthy Void-Bound Voyager

                  Well I am married (2nd Year) without any issue on the switch.
                  • healerabc

                    healerabc Intergalactic Tourist

                    I have problem incubating eggs!!!:facepalm:

                    I put a chicken egg into the incubator at the end of spring when all my coops were full.

                    Then I built a new coop a couple of days later to make room for it.

                    And now it is the end of summer and the egg is still incubating.

                    Please help to solve it. Thanks.
                    • Dark8Mega

                      Dark8Mega Space Hobo

                      I am having issues with accessing the community center button instead of having to go to the community center. If I use "X" button, it is not an option to access regardless of which tab I'm on, but if I use the "B" Button to access inventory, then I can only access it on that inventory tab.

                      Maybe it would be just better to have it as its own tab and accessible through "X" and "B". Just a weird way to set up access to it.

                      Hope this can be a fix for the next patch.
                      • Cdn_shua

                        Cdn_shua Space Hobo

                        Two different save files on the switch.
                        When first child is born , the child is not in the crib but in the top upper left just outside the wall of the inside the house and is inaccessible, once sleeping and starting the next day the child is in the crib.
                        • Shiratzu

                          Shiratzu Space Hobo

                          Actually had this happen in the PS4 version as well, but it seems that the age of the child changes at random the next day. I could see my child looking out over what should've been the crib in the upper left corner outside my house's walls, and the next day when I woke up he was crawling around the house. In other words, on his second day he's already at stage 3.
                          • bassguy

                            bassguy Void-Bound Voyager

                            I sent this to the support email, but I figured I'd put it here too if anyone else has anything to add:

                            I’m playing Stardew Valley (Software version: 1.2.36) on the Nintendo Switch (OS version: 4.1.0).

                            I am on Day 5 of Winter, Year 1. I recently got married, noticed that my spouse was not showing up in my home properly, quit out of the game, and now the game crashes every time I try to load my game.

                            I have rebooted. I tried loading docked and undocked. I checked the install for corruption. I deleted the software and re-downloaded it. Nothing seems to work.

                            Is there any additional info I can provide to help troubleshoot?
                            • Shiratzu

                              Shiratzu Space Hobo

                              Had to reupdate, after 14 days he's in his crib. Possibly a self-correcting glitch, but still important to note.
                              • Zunga23

                                Zunga23 Space Hobo

                                Hi! I'm having an issue with random crashes while playing the prairie king arcade in the saloon, I can't seem to be able to pinpoint the exact trigger of the crash, but the game just freezes (although sound/music continues just fine), it's happened on multiple days/seasons, I'm currently at day 27 summer year 1 if it helps. It has also happened on spring year 1, playing on a digital copy. thanks in advance!
                                • HyperJ

                                  HyperJ Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I really feel bad for all you people suffering issues. The support for this game on all platforms is beyond atrocious. How many months has it been since release and there has been only ONE patch fixing only the most obvious gamebreaking bugs. The game is still not optimised for console controls years after launch on consoles and the Switch bugs list hasn't been updated since the game launched. It's disgusting and there's no defending it.

                                  Countless tiny indie published games with 1% of the sales of Stardew Valley have received constant and timely support post launch and their devs continue to engage with customers, yet for whatever reason, Chucklefish/Eric Barone can't manage it.
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                                  • cbf04450

                                    cbf04450 Space Hobo

                                    I play this game in Japanese.
                                    The 10 heart scenes with shane, he speak in English.
                                    Shane usually speaks in Japanese.
                                    • Simmili

                                      Simmili Void-Bound Voyager

                                      The game is still totally unplayable for me.... what are we supposed to do??? Just stop playing? : /
                                      • TangoWithMango

                                        TangoWithMango Space Hobo

                                        Every single time I break a magma geode it will exclusively give me Jasper. This happens even after switching to other games and coming back multiple real life and in-game days later. I'm tired of Jasper.

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