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Stardew Valley SWITCH: Known Issues & Fixes (Patch 1)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katzeus, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Aeladya

    Aeladya Star Wrangler

    I am having a bug where if I am in a dark area the screen will get brighter when interacting or in a cutscene and a dialogue box is, but it darkens when the text box is missing or you are finished interacting (like it will get lighter when picking up an item in the dark). I don’t see this in the PC version, in fact the brighter part is how it’s supposed to be in the PC version. Kinda hard to explain and I’m still a bit out of it because I just had surgery today. I will try to upload some pictures to explain.

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    • madeline89

      madeline89 Aquatic Astronaut

      I'm getting the error after sleeping as well. It only seems to happen when I try to upgrade my tools to gold. This started in winter year 1, though I didn't try upgrading in fall.
      • Techdude594

        Techdude594 Void-Bound Voyager

        One bug I noticed in dock mode is that the UI (energy bar and day/gold counter) are not flush with the edge of the screen. The UI is flush in handheld mode, but I think a scaling issue from handheld to docked makes it so that the UI isn't flush when docked. Also, regarding music looping. I have experienced this issue in BOTH handheld, and docked. This issue involves a track of the day (based on your season) looping over and over. This is usually only interrupted when you head to the beach, sewers, or mines. If you stay on your farm, and then head into town, the same track will keep on looping, potentially up until night time. Also, an issue somewhat related to this is that the indoor rain ambiance will continue to play, even when outdoors, when the rain would normally get louder on the PC version. One last bug I'd like to touch on is that the inventory shifts around while you are donating to the museum. If you try to donate items that are obscured by the UI, the UI will shift upwards, and then jump back down, in a jerky manner. I have also noticed that you cannot re-arrange donated items once you place them on the displays. Hope this extra info helps, this version is already really great! Also, I don't know if this is a bug, but it would be great if we could see the name of the items that need to be donated to the community center. That is currently not an option.
        • Dgray

          Dgray Space Hobo

          Is it just me or has anyone else had the game crash with “The software was closed because an error occurred” only when trying to sleep after a long day? If I sleep right after waking up it doesn’t crash, but after doing stuff all day and trying to sleep, it crashes. Only started to crash on 1st and now 2nd day of winter, year 1. This is on Switch btw. Feels like I’m playing groundhog’s day.
          • ktwo

            ktwo Space Hobo

            I face the problem in the Stardew Valley which is the“crash when saving/sleeping”I stucked in the 12th of autumn,when I finish my farm work and plan to archive,it would appear the error page said“the software was closed because an error occurred”.Then it would close the game and turn to the home page.I reloaded the game and found that it was fail to archive.The file which is forever yesterday.
            Some clues of my condition:
            1.The very beginning,the game was saving in the storage card,after occurred the problem that I mentioned.I pulled out the storage card and insert it,then I saving the record succeed ,but next time it was failed.After that,I no longer use the storage card to saving the game .I saved in the machine directly,but it still the same problem.
            2.I begin a new file now,it can save the file normally.But the thing is that the old file stucked in the forever 12th of autumn.I still want to get my old file back,so please fix this bug....THX!!!
            • ktwo

              ktwo Space Hobo

              I face the same problem like yours,but even I put all ores in the chest before bed,it won't help
              • wallegee3

                wallegee3 Intergalactic Tourist

                "Joycon controllers become unresponsive"

                this only happens to me if i play in dock mode with pro controller and switch to tabletmode while the pro crontroller is still on
                after "kicking" out the pro controller it works fine. I hope this helps you
                • Typhoon

                  Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                  Here's a bug that isn't on the list on the first page of this thread:

                  "I can only get 3 items from the Frozen Geode, and it's always in the same order. Kyanite, Ancient Drum then Opal, rinse and repeat. The wiki only states that I can get gold ore from the geode after Mine level 75. Is this happening to someone else?"


                  and this:

                  I've never had an issue with magma geodes when I played on the PS4. Now on the Switch it's like every time I bring in magma geodes to Clint I'm getting repeat gems or minerals. I had like ten tigers eyes the other day. It's happened several times, usually whatever gem breaks first, the rest will just be repeats.

                  Is there a way to fix this that isn't breaking one geode a day or taking multiple trips to Clint?


                  (there are other reports in the above thread).

                  This too:

                  • Typhoon

                    Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                    You're not alone, it's listed in the bullet points (first post of this thread):

                    • (Need more Details) Crash when saving/sleeping
                    There's a large thread with many gamer's reports on the matter:

                    • Typhoon

                      Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                    • Typhoon

                      Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                      "Two bugs I've noticed.

                      One: when I left the farm from the south, and returned to it, it spawned me inside of a mid-growth sappling. I couldn't chop my way out, and had to reload the save. This was during the winter, though I'd imagine it could happen in any season if a tree is growing in that spot.

                      Two: I bought wallpaper from Pierre's the first time, no problem. Spring of year two's wallpaper (around the 15th) does not get deposited into my inventory, no matter how many times I purchase it. The money is withdrawn for it, however.

                      Of course, I've experienced a few of the other buys, namely sound crackling, but it's been mentioned enough and responded to by the devs, so yep."

                      • Typhoon

                        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                      • Typhoon

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                      • Typhoon

                        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                      • Typhoon

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                      • Typhoon

                        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                        Presumably the following is related to the random naming issues, but just in case it's not:

                        "One bug I've had is when I cracked open a rock and it dropped both a (my first) Geode and a Stone. Instead of getting a pop-up telling me "You got a Geode. <something about taking it to the Blacksmith>" as I normally do I got a popup saying "You got a Stone" and the game continued.

                        This was the second time I'd played that day (I restarted the day for some reason I don't recall) and I found a Geode the first time and got the message correctly, so maybe that's related.

                        Anyone had a similar issue?"

                        • Typhoon

                          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                        • MuhGnu

                          MuhGnu Space Hobo

                          I noticed 2 other bugs. When you remove crafted scarecrows and put them somewhere else (at least my first one), they won't count crows. Yet you can still talk to the empty field where the scarecrow has been standing and it continues to counts crows.

                          Also I placed my first crafted lighning rod on the woodland map on the top right field of the top right lake and it disappeared after the first thunderstorm.
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                          • Katzeus

                            Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                            Could players who have reported this bug help out with some specific details;
                            • (Need more Details) Crash when saving/sleeping
                            We're trying to determine if the crash is happening before or after the shipping tally screen. Also, have players who have had this happen shipped items on the day they crashed (which would trigger the tally screen).

                            These details could be helpful for us to nail down exactly what's happening. Please share anything you recall about when exactly the crash happens after selecting to sleep or any shipped item details. When reporting crashes, any screenshots of the pages inside your pause menus may be helpful too - they could help us better replicate the same stats/crafting recipes/collections that are in place for that character.

                            Including if the crash is happening while playing handheld vs docked could be helpful for reproducing as well.

                            I also want to add - based on reports of this crash, we don't have reason to believe these save files have been damaged. We do understand the frustration when encountering a crash, and really appreciate the support helping us shake out these bugs. Please keep the reports coming, and we'll keep working to fix these outstanding issues.
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                            • FitzChiv

                              FitzChiv Space Hobo


                              Tally screen does not get a chance to appear. It happens literally as you click 'Yes' to sleeping whilst in the bed. I had shipments, but nothing I hadn't shipped a dozen times or more already. Eggs, mayo, milk, cheese, fish, mead, mushrooms, various pieces of trash, fruit, & maple.
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