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Stardew Valley Save Editor

  1. MidgetMan

    MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

    Did you try to remove and add the recipe back?
    • SweetShad

      SweetShad Space Hobo

      yes, i removed it, moved it back, removed all recipes back and forth, but only that one recipe doesn't show ingame as learned xD

      adding the recipe manually in the savefile didn't work either.

      EDIT: after raising the friendship lvl even more, I now got the letter with the recipe. still makes me wonder why it didn't work manually with the mod since other recipes did, but in the end I got it.
      Still, thanks for replying :)
        Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
      • MidgetMan

        MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

        Not a problem, would you mind sending a copy of your save to me to see what Have been the cause of the error the begin with though? it could be something simple, or something more complex.
        • Jsan

          Jsan Void-Bound Voyager

          Thank you so much I tried so hard for over 2 years in game just finding all of artifacts and Dinosour Eggs
          Now I can have them ><
          • Jgrimes

            Jgrimes Yeah, You!

            I keep on crashing every time i edit my save file why? i don't rise them up to high though. using Windows 10 Enterprise edition x64
            • MidgetMan

              MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

              Has it been stats? if so I think I know the problem...
              • Jgrimes

                Jgrimes Yeah, You!

                • Cathy

                  Cathy Void-Bound Voyager

                  Since the beta was changed with the language settings, the save editor is not correct any more ... is that fixed anyway?
                  • gpandaman

                    gpandaman Space Hobo

                    Whenever I attempt to run Save Editor 2, Norton detects a virus wanting to be installed. Don't know if it's Norton or not, but when I ran V0.4.0 it ran like a charm. Any ideas?

                    Edit: It says the same thing about Chicklet's, so it's probably Norton.
                      Last edited: Feb 27, 2017
                    • MidgetMan

                      MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

                    • slmklc

                      slmklc Space Spelunker

                      problem with changing "storage" it says nothing selected.How can I select one of my chests ?

                      • MidgetMan

                        MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

                      • tiffy961

                        tiffy961 Pangalactic Porcupine

                        Every time I click the Blue Chicken to start the program I get a little window saying "verifying requirements" and then nothing happens.
                        Any idea how I can fix this?
                        • black death

                          black death Space Hobo

                          Hallo alle zusammen
                          wollte den Mod herunterladen (Stardew Valley Save Editor, aber nur eine leere Seite bekommen, ist der Link unten oder warum kann ich nichts herunterladen? Sag Danke für deine Antwort.

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