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  1. tandpastatester

    tandpastatester Poptop Tamer

    Unfortunately my save file with the giant crop was overwritten by investigating the cause. I assumed the editor made a backup, but apparently it didn't make one because of the error. Maybe you could change this by prioritizing the backup before any loading issues can appear? Anyway, I'll make sure to make a manual backup of my save next time a giant crop appears and send it to you :)
    • starsong

      starsong Tentacle Wrangler

    • tandpastatester

      tandpastatester Poptop Tamer

      Can't beat RNG, but I've had a giant crop to spawn in my field again. A pumpkin this time, but the same issue when I tried to open it with the save editor. Here's a copy if you need it :)

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      • Blaaguuu

        Blaaguuu Space Hobo

        Just so you know... One thing that I wanted to change was my 'skills'... the bonuses that you get at level 5 and 10 for each category - Foraging, Farming, Fishing, Combat, and Mining.

        I checked your editor, and didn't immediately see an option for it - so I opened up the save file myself to see if I could figure it out. The format for how those are saved are less straightforward than most of the data, but with a little trial and error, I got it mostly figured out. If you are interested in adding that feature to your editor, I'd be happy to shared what I learned.
        • juwanglean

          juwanglean Space Hobo

          What is the function of :
          1.JacksonSoft.CustomTabControl.dll ?
          2.MapEditor.dll ?
          3.StardewPanel.dll ?
          • MidgetMan

            MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

            The Tabcontrol is the Tabs that you see on the panel.
            MapEditor.DLL is the map editor functions Class
            StardewPanel.dll is the Class to produce the look of the forms.
            • archy name

              archy name Space Hobo

              it say Stardew Valley Save Editor2.exe is not a valid Win32 application when I open it
              Someones help me plz!!!!
              • MidgetMan

                MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

                Make sure you extracted the whole folder.
                • juwanglean

                  juwanglean Space Hobo

                  Should I use them all?
                  • MidgetMan

                    MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

                    They have to be in the same folder as the Actual EXE or it will crash the editor, since they are the main classes for the program
                    • Olorado

                      Olorado Big Damn Hero

                      Hey, I love your editor it works fine, I think I just messed something up..
                      Now everytime I try to load the game it keeps saying : "Begin cannot be called again until End has been successfully called" over and over in the console
                      Tried to use earlier saves but these seem corrupted now too.. any ideas on how to fix it?
                      • rerare

                        rerare Space Hobo

                        crashes when selecting character.
                        • Arthemise

                          Arthemise Tentacle Wrangler

                          Can it help with a recipe that's bugged and I just can't get?
                          • VerteNinja

                            VerteNinja Void-Bound Voyager

                            I can't seem to find the watering cans. Are they available?
                            • MidgetMan

                              MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

                              Sadly not when I did the last patch, Hopefully etsmj has a new update this week.
                              • MidgetMan

                                MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

                              • MidgetMan

                                MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

                              • Sarahfiren

                                Sarahfiren Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                needs update not compatible with latest Stardew Valley update ..
                                • MidgetMan

                                  MidgetMan Big Damn Hero

                                • SweetShad

                                  SweetShad Space Hobo

                                  Hello, I've been looking for a way to restore a recipe (Cranberry Sauce) I should have gotten from Gus in a letter after I reach Lvl3 friendship with him (according to the wiki). I didn't realise it until 100 hours of gametime that I don't have the recipe (maybe the letter was bugged, idk), and with the mod it's the ONLY recipe I can't restore (I'm still missing some). In the Savefile it's among the learned recipes, but not ingame..

                                  I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the savegame is so bugged it can't be fixed D:

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