Announcement Stardew Valley on PS Vita Out Now on EU & US PS Store!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by superconsole, May 24, 2018.

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  1. superconsole

    superconsole Queen of Chickens Chucklefish

    As the title says, the PS Vita version is now available on both the EU & US PS Store, as a cross-buy bundle with digital PS4 copies.

    EU players, thanks for waiting patiently for the past two days and hope you took the opportunity to pick up the game whilst it was on sale :)

    If you encounter any issues, or have any questions, reach out to us on the forums and we'll be keeping a close watch over the next few weeks.

    Happy portable farming! :party:

    EU PS store:
    US PS store:

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    • Deadybears

      Deadybears Aquatic Astronaut

      The port is a little rough right now so I’m hoping for a patch soon. The main problems I’ve had are the framerate being pretty bad in rain and on a messier farm (lots of weeds, grass, rocks) and the notification for catching a fish is basically silent.
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      • SSShakuras

        SSShakuras Big Damn Hero

        The framerate drop are strong with this one when there's many thing on screen.
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        • teyavatch

          teyavatch Astral Cartographer

          At least a few people are finding this port completely unplayable due to crashes with fishing/total income earned. (Some smart person theorizes it’s got something to do with trophies/having already earned trophies on the PS4 version.)

          I hope there’s a patch announced soon because I loved playing this on my Vita right up until I hit the crash-wall, framerates be damned.

          I wouldn’t be so frustrated if I weren’t so psyched.
          • Moochoo112

            Moochoo112 Space Hobo

            I agree with the comments mentioned above, playing on the vita i experienced framerate drops when it’s raining. Been getting multiple crashes as well everytime i go fishing in the lake. I think it’s certain fishes that make it crash i don’t know why. Only got up to the 4th day of Spring, Year 1 and i’ve stopped playing already. Needs a patch before i can continue playing :(
            Pretty annoying but hopefully a patch fix comes out asap.
            • superconsole

              superconsole Queen of Chickens Chucklefish

              Hey all, just wanted to add that we've seen your messages above and are flagging the issues. Hope to give you an update on this soon!
              • teyavatch

                teyavatch Astral Cartographer

                Same on all counts, so you aren’t the only one. I just chalked the framerate issues up to the Vita itself though. Maybe that was foolish of me, but it wasn’t game breaking like the other stuff so it didn’t really bug me. (Pardon the pun.)

                As I said in the other thread, thanks for letting us know that you fine folks are on the case! I can’t wait. :)
                • clvalicenti

                  clvalicenti Aquatic Astronaut

                  Hi,my game keeps erroring on Spring 13,year one.I check the mail and an error box shows up and sends me back to the title screen.This is on Vita.

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                  • Commander-Ducks

                    Commander-Ducks Void-Bound Voyager

                    Loving it on the Vita! Got all the way into Summer and whenever I fish it just crashes. I’ve tried it loads of different ways, places to see if I could get a fix until the update. Nothing worked unfortunately.
                    It was relieving my studying stress but I guess I need to wait on an update. Fingers crossed it is soon.
                    • Josaro

                      Josaro Void-Bound Voyager

                      Loving it so far, but I"m in Winter now and every time I try to make items except from chest or basic wood fence, the game quits out with a (c2-12828-1) error.

                      Edit: playing on the EU version
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                      • teyavatch

                        teyavatch Astral Cartographer

                        I’m assuming this is the thread to watch re: patch updates, but if there’s a better spot to check, hopefully somebody will let me/us know.
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                        • Catwah

                          Catwah Tentacle Wrangler

                          This has been mentioned elsewhere but I thought I'd bring it up here too; some of us have found that our character's eye colour defaults to brown/black when we load up our save file for the first time (after starting a new game).

                          E.g. my character's eyes remained green for my first play session of a new game, then when I went to load up my save file the following morning, they were brown/black :(
                          • plattym3

                            plattym3 Aquatic Astronaut

                            Framerate drops in rain and Fall windy/leafy days, yes.

                            Those are some odd crashes though. I've done all of them and experienced no crashes on that.

                            I have had 2 crashes total on the newer, thinner Vita.

                            1. Immediately after watching the cutscene with the kids at the sewer.

                            2. While it was saving overnight some late Spring day.

                            Summer and the 1/3 of Fall has been crash free. 20+ hours in and I'm enjoying it!
                            • plattym3

                              plattym3 Aquatic Astronaut

                              Here's an interesting one. Every time I talk to a tourist (non townsfolk) at the Fall festival, my person just keeps running in whatever direction I'm pointed in. Only happens to tourists.
                              • Wisz

                                Wisz Void-Bound Voyager

                                Any plan for psn asia region coming out?
                                • plattym3

                                  plattym3 Aquatic Astronaut

                                  Ugh, long mine journey and a crash during saving wiped it out. 2nd time in 80 game days it's happened.

                                  Sent the report via the Vita & Sony too. [​IMG]
                                  • Cloudps1

                                    Cloudps1 Space Hobo

                                    When is this problem going to be fixed? If they aren't going to fix it in a timely manner, can they at the very least start issuing refunds since the Vita version is simply unplayable?
                                    • Alex79uk

                                      Alex79uk Orbital Explorer

                                      Hi there, I've signed up here for two reasons.

                                      Firstly, to thank you for the Vita port. I've been looking forward to this for so long and I was so pleased it finally made it out, so thanks for that. I'm sure all of us Vita owners really appreciate the support for what is essentially a dead system at this point.

                                      Secondly, I'm really sorry I'm posting this, but it fundamentally does not work. I know other people have posted, but I'm just adding my voice to the concerns. In only five hours of play the game has totally crashed for me over 20 times. This is crushingly disappointing. It is literally unplayable. I'm only on day 15 of Spring, but I've deleted it from my Vita for now, it just doesn't work. It crashes when I'm fishing, when I'm foraging, basically just all the time. It's heart breaking to spend a full day harvesting crops, mining for ore and then going to bed having made about 4k in gold, got about 20 copper ores and then the game crashes after all that work. And early game, 4k and 20 ores is a great haul for the day!

                                      I've seen lots of talk about the brokenness of the Vita port online, but not seen any kind of response from the developer at all - is there any official word on a patch or and kind of feedback towards the community at all, because at this point I feel like people kind of deserve at least some sort of statement..?

                                      Again, sorry for the post, and genuinely thank you for the game. It just needs fixing... :(
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                                      • superconsole

                                        superconsole Queen of Chickens Chucklefish

                                        Hey all, I've messaged above, and know Katzeus has also posted in a separate Vita bugs thread. But we're currently working with our porting team on a patch to fix the issues reported - should have specifics for you when we're back in the office next week.

                                        I know getting these crashes can be disappointing, but your reports have been very helpful in narrowing down where the majority of problems are associated with issuing PS Trophies, where a clash exists between the PS4 and Vita trophy systems.

                                        So thanks again for supporting the Vita version of the game, it's so lovely to see everyone's photos playing SDV out and about - especially the ones of people doing the odd bit of farming in their local pub!
                                        Will update you all as soon as we can on a specific patch date.
                                        • Alex79uk

                                          Alex79uk Orbital Explorer

                                          Thanks for the update, if the bugs can be ironed out this game will destroy my life!
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