Stardew Valley on mobile devices!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Garfss, Apr 23, 2016.


What mobile platforms are you going to add Stardew Valley?

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  1. Android

  2. IOS

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  3. Both

  4. None

  1. Garfss

    Garfss Space Hobo

    Please add it to the android and IOS devices!
    For the people that don't have a PC, console or can't afford one is unfair!
    You should put this awsome game on mobile platforms!:confirm:
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    • ssokolow

      ssokolow Cosmic Narwhal

      Keep in mind that SDV is being developed by a single person. He only has so much time each day and leaving the known bugs un-squashed for the PC players who have already paid would be at least as unfair if not moreso.
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      • Garfss

        Garfss Space Hobo

        He could fix most of the bugs and THEN try and work it out whith the mobile platforms.
        • Mythoss

          Mythoss Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I bet it will eventually find its way to mobile devices. It would be great there if the controls could be worked out.
          • Last_Aeon

            Last_Aeon Void-Bound Voyager

            How many Gigabytes again?
            • Garfss

              Garfss Space Hobo

              1 Gb? Maybe 2 Gb?
              • Last_Aeon

                Last_Aeon Void-Bound Voyager

                My phone will try its hardest to handle it, oh... it broke.
                • trryan5

                  trryan5 Space Hobo

                  This looks like a cool game; I'd love to see an Android version. I own a nice PC, but most of my downtime comes when I'm out of the house. I just can't justify buying the PC version, because I'd never get around to playing it. But if I could play it on my Galaxy Tab...
                  • cathyonk

                    cathyonk Seal Broken

                    Yes, I will play often if this game release for android and IOS..I mean, sometimes I tired to sit front of my computer..hahaha..
                    Anyway, please don't too zoom out or zoom in..and please, we still can customize our farm, like in the computer..really, I loved this game :rofl:

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